Export and Import Data of Indian Traders - Helping in International Business

There has been an upsurge of companies that provide competitive intelligence reports on export import data India, as this has become an integral part of international business. This export import India data is assembled, arranged and standardized on the basis of shipping bills and import bills and then made available to the companies registered members on the web. This increases the credibility of the firms and enables the businessmen to have a transparent insight in the database.

Traders find India the most embattled market place as it's a vastly populated region and discover an enormous international business here. The possibility of cottage and small scale industries is also elevated. India is well-known for its spices and such spices are in huge demand in the overseas nations. Exporters or Importers get a good approaching on the trade bazaar with a comprehensive import export data portal to help them.

Export import data India offers trade data, updates about the market movements and its rates including details of products and companies so that the information is exchanged effortlessly and ensures smooth functioning of dealing, all the way through the day and night across all nations. Fast access to any sort of export import data India through various portals makes international business a child's play.

Merchants are competing with each other to get space in Indian marketplace for here products are sold at realistic prices unlike other nations where it's very expensive. Resultant of this is boost in the figure of import export data to provide the requirements of Indian manufacturers. Such export import India data will keep you informed with the newest offers or trends of services and products of suppliers and manufacturers as well as Indian service contributors besides buyers from other nations.

The world wide web provides direct Access to import export data giving the Indian supplier continuous and huge business opportunities. It provides the international buyers of Indian products a list of the best exporters available in India and also to locate new exporters. It provides the Indian exporter with plenty of options to export merchandise at the best value. Also, the buyers get to know cultural designs from genuine manufacturers and are able to avoid middlemen. This export import data is useful in analyzing a company's investments and its international value; moreover it gives a true and fair access to its foreign trade data.

The Benefits of Joining an International Business Opportunity

When it comes to finding a good opportunity on the Internet one of the best ones you can get involved in is going to be an international business opportunity. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in because you are going to be exposed to the whole world since it is an international opportunity. Also most of these kind of opportunities are very affordable and can be done from the comfort of your home.

One of the basic benefits of this opportunity as I mentioned before is that you are going to be able to make a descent income from the comfort of your home because you are going to be have access to the whole world from your computer. When you first go on the Internet you are going to encounter many opportunities and programs that offer many great promises of success overnight but of course most of these things are not true.

The main thing that you have to do is find the right opportunity and then go with it. In this case the best opportunity to get started with is going to be an international business opportunity. The one thing that you have to make sure you do it to gather enough information about the service or product that the business has to offer. The reason you want to make sure you gather enough information is because you have to be comfortable with what you promote to other people.

Finding the right business for you to promote is very important and is something that is going to require for you to invest your time. An International business opportunity may be the right business for you or it may not but it sure is worth it a try because there are so many benefits that you can take advantage of.

Writing Guru Top 5 SEO Secrets From the International Business Guru

As a business director, owner or senior manager you may have never heard of a writing guru. However if you or your business has anything to do with an online presence, then you need to get up to speed asap before you miss the boat.

Just as business gurus are no strangers to conventional off line business, a writing guru is key to achieving exponential internet seo (search engine optimisation) natural organic growth.

Many offline businesses fail miserably when making the transition from off-line business to on-line business. Utilising the writing content skills of a conventional sales and marketing writer and proofreading specialist are usually two of the first mistakes made.

It is critical to understand internet seo, what it is, what it isn't, what it's for and what it isn't for before even contemplating writing content for your new online business.

For a number of years internet seo companies and just about every individual tech guru I have ever employed basked in the glory of what conventional business gurus call the Voodoo and black magic of internet seo.

It suited them all to maintain an aura of mystic and elitism about SEO, because it enabled them to charge higher fees and dictate the terms of their retainers.

In reality once you crunch through the waffle and bull**it and employ a number of these seo specialists, it becomes clear and apparent that internet seo is not half as difficult as some specialists would have you believe.

Now it is fair to state that there are obviously a number of very professional and successful seo tech gurus in the online marketplace. The problem is finding them.

As the international business guru my full time occupation is a business growth consultant. I assist many businesses from multiple business sectors and have provided my business support, advice, training and consultation services in 42 different countries.

For the past few years I have been heavily involved in producing alternative complimentary revenue generation streams for offline businesses by placing them online.

This means that I have personally dealt with many web design companies, web developers, programmers and search engine optimisation specialists. When I tell you that I have had to fire 6 major seo companies in the last 2 years it should give you an indication of how poor the service offered by some of the major players is.

All of the seo companies I fired were dismissed because they failed to achieve more that what we could achieve ourselves in-house. They all made lots of promises but all failed to deliver more value than cost.

Whenever I enter a new business that has a desire to make the transition to an online presence, virtually every business owner states that he or she want to achieve first place on Google. I know this is not just something I have come across, as many other business gurus tell me they receive the same feedback.

So Google first position on page one is the bench mark that most business owners have in their minds. Frequently when dealing with most seo companies they will inform you that this mind-set is pre-programmed for failure.

All six of the seo companies I fired insisted when they signed up for their monthly retainer fees,that to achieve a first position listing on Google is a 9 to 18 month task for any new web site. Numerous reasons were given for this, but after you learn about internet seo and how it works, you soon realise this is factually incorrect.

In my experience employing a proven internet seo writing guru can get you high rankings in a relatively short time frame. The problem is finding a proven internet seo writing guru is very difficult because they are frequently snatched up by the larger seo companies.

However with the proliferation of businesses expanding on the internet it is becoming more common place to source a writing guru to produce all your online writing content and internet seo proofreading at a very realistic seo price.

This article is only focussed on natural organic growth positioning from producing written articles for organic search engine positioning.

Writing guru top 5 seo secrets by the international business guru describes how retaining the services of a writing guru to promote your online sales & marketing, or internet seo can help grow your business exponentially at a great seo price.

Business gurus are actively promoting a writing guru for writing content to slay online business competitors at great writing rates. A tech guru doesn't have the internet seo proofreading skills to succeed.

The following top 5 seo secrets are just some areas for consideration.

#1 What Business Clients Want

Most clients want first page Google positioning at a reasonable seo price. Any professional internet seo writing guru or tech guru will advise you that prospective customers are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a company who feature on the left hand natural organic growth side of the search engine page than from companies featuring on the right hand side as PPC or sponsored links.

The first top 5 seo secrets from the international business guru is to employ a proven writing guru who understands how to achieve this by producing clever writing content and keen key word/phrase proofreading skills. A select number of business gurus will be able to point you towards a skilled writing guru who charges reasonable writing rates for your online writing marketing and writing media.

#2 Internet Seo

If you want your business to explode with sales on the internet, then the two most common methods are internet seo sometimes called natural organic growth positioning, which shows up on the left hand side of your screen when you type in a key word or phrase. The second is pay per click, known as PPC, or sponsored links. These typically appear on the right hand side of your screen and sometimes above the organic growth positions.

Natural organic growth positioning requires someone like an internet seo writing guru to write an article about you or your business. All search engines proclaim they exist first and foremost as information directories.

They like to provide informative articles for their online customers. Always check your writing content and proofreading and ensure your tech guru sources all your online writing marketing and writing media at a competitive seo price because the international business guru advises writing rates can vary significantly.

Business gurus advise the idea, is to write an article that is so credible that all the search engines recognise its value to their customers and it places high on the organic growth positioning.

#3 Writing Content

The international business guru suggests the success of writing marketing or writing media articles for internet seo comes down to the quality of the writing content.

Sometimes a writing guru will team up with a tech guru to ensure absolute top quality information is included in the article and that the proofreading is quality as well. Many business gurus foolishly maintain a blinkered approach to the seo price and writing rates when they should be focussing on the quality of the writing content.

#4 Tech Guru Proofreading

One of the top 5 seo secrets that all seo business gurus should be aware of the differences required by a writing guru for proofreading internet seo writing content. Writing internet seo content is very different to conventional business writing marketing or writing media. For example the international business guru states that one of the top 5 seo secrets is that an online writing guru may deliberately instruct the tech guru to allow some key word or key phrase spelling mistakes to remain in the article.

Although this flies in the face of conventional offline marketing, any skilled writing guru will have researched the online search phrases and if enough people key in a search word, or phrase which they spell incorrectly, then the writer will want to capture those search readers.

This is just one of the top 5 seo secrets that dictates a proven writing guru can command good writing rates without charging their clients an extortionate seo price,

#5 Writing Rates

This is the greatest one of the top 5 seo secrets, for which the international business guru advises the following. When you consider internet seo, writing content, writing marketing, writing media, proofreading and writing rates, you will never find a consistency from one writing guru to another.

When considering seo price, it's best to focus on the quality of the article produced for you and the position or positions it has attained in the natural organic growth positioning.

Pursuing Online International Business Degree

In our highly advanced and modern world today, looking for what would give you more convenience is what you would probably choose especially when it comes to education. Higher learning is not only offered in actual school campuses but it is also available on the World Wide Web. It has given equal opportunity for students who want to get a degree at the comfort of your own home. An online business degree is one of the many programs that can be offered online. By just following a simple procedure, you can already start getting a degree related to the field of business.

The first step that you must do before you will go for an online education is to ask yourself what your specific interest is. If you want to manage and own a business, you might need to go for a business management degree. If you want to deal with numbers and a lot of Math, you might want to go for Financing and Accounting. Online international business degree has different types. That is why you must ask yourself what specifically you will get.

The next thing that you must consider is choosing an accredited online business school. It is important that you check whether it is certified to teach so that you will be assured quality education. You will somehow assure yourself that you have paid and invested your money on something very worthy. Not only that, it will also help you in your future employment because large companies will try to see where you got your diploma and whether it is certified by the Department of Education.

Once you have already chosen your online business degree and the school where you will be taking it, you must then inquire about what the requirements are. If it needs some important records like your transcript, then you must comply with it instantly. There are also online schools that will grant different scholarships and financial aids. You can save a lot of your money if you will quality to their assistance program. After you are done filling out forms and submitting all the needed documents, you can now start your online classes.

No matter where you are situated, you can start your classes from the online business school as long as you have a strong internet connection. The school will provide you with the log in information of your database. Through this, you will be able to acquaint yourself with the different modules that you will take. You will be communicating with your instructor and classmates through emails.

You must make sure to squeeze your online classes with your responsibilities at home or with your existing work. Remember that in order to pass and get a diploma from your online international business degree, you must pass the exams and of course submit projects and assignments on time.

This is the simple procedure that you can follow in order to get a degree in the field of business through the internet. With dedication and desire to pursue higher education, you will be able to finish the courses required from you by the online school.

Ardyss International Business Opportunity - Review

By now, you must have heard of the different ways by which you can earn money through network marketing. There are many different companies that are currently offering different opportunities for those who wish to start their own business without having to leave their own home. Just think about it, you get to spend more time with your family and provide for them, all at the same time, through your online business. What could be better? Because of the fact that there are numerous companies offering this opportunity with varying compensation plans, there are also many people who get confused by it. The point is that every person who has ever tried network marketing only wants to earn a significant amount of money. Thus, they look for the ones that have the best compensation. This is where Ardyss International comes in. This small business started back in 1989 in Mexico and is now well known as the company that produces the top weight loss garment, Body Magic. It is one of the older companies that provide top products related to health and wellness.

However, they are not just here to sell their products as they can also provide a person with the means to generate profit. To get started with your own Ardyss business, you would have to become a member, which would cost you around $30. Another option would be the Ardyss autoship wherein you'll be able to purchase Ardyss products at a wholesale price and the items would be automatically shipped to you on a monthly basis. The autoship would cost you around $100 depending on your rank. The third option available to you would be the power pack association, which would cost you around $299 plus tax and the shipping costs for your new distributor kit. One of Ardyss International's most popular products, the LeVive Juice, is an antioxidant, which brings together the powers of the acai berry, goji berry, mangosteen, noni berry and pomegranate. It is one of their top sellers. The best thing about these products is the fact that they are all natural, and thus people are likely to purchase them instead of going for diet pills and other artificial means of weight loss. In fact, you can give it a try to see for yourself just how effective it is. This would help you market what you're trying to sell better.

The business, Ardyss International, has already had a lengthy history and there are certainly great products to be considered. Through this fact, alone, you can already assume that it stands as a great candidate for being one of the most profitable partnerships that you can join. Of course, simply being a part of the company would not guarantee your success as a network marketer because it will take more than that. Ultimately, your success lies in your hands and how well you are able to market their products. Think about it, you already have it easy since people are likely to recognize the brand. It's up to you to get them to actually try and purchase them. Learn more about the different marketing strategies and the business techniques that successful marketers use. In other words, invest as much of your time and effort as you can. You'll surely reap its rewards in the end.

How to Earn Over $1000 Weekly As an International Business Affiliate Marketer

This is one sure way you can join the millionaires club. You can earn a full time income doing a part time business which does not require much money, time and effort. Anyone with interest can successfully venture into this industry and excel like a professional.

It only requires a one-time capital investment of $150, this covers the labor cost of designing, uploading and hosting of your website, including credit and debit cards payment facilities.There are lots of manufacturing companies all over the world that are looking for honest and genuine business partners to do business with.

Take advantage of this to improve your financial status, this industry is large enough to accommodate virtually everyone that may be interested in becoming a key player,. This is different from the conventional way of doing business you are use to.

In international business affiliate program,what you do is quite simple.You sign up as an agent or representative to a foreign company after which you will be given a website (online shop).You will be selling products for foreign companies via the internet and you earn a certain percentage as commissions after each sale that comes through you.That is the whole concept of an international business Affiliate program.

How this system works

The manufacturers design and sets up your online shop,you are at liberty to set your selling prices,for example maybe you buy a product from them at $2.10 and sell at $9.98,the manufacturer will pay you the difference between your buying price and the selling price.In this case your profit will be $7.89 on every single product sold.Picture this happening lots of time each week,you can now see the vast profit potential you have on your website and all of this happening without lifting a finger.

When customers visit your online shop (website) and places an order for products,the manufacturer processes the order on your behalf including credit and debit orders.Some fast selling products for International business affiliate marketers includes;laptops,computers,Home theaters,mobile phones,multimedia projectors,Unisex designer clothes,shoes, jewelries,toys,cars trucks,buses,motorcycles,electronics,etc

Advantages of this program over others.

1. It is easily run from home or office.
2. It takes a few hours of work daily.
3. Easily run alongside existing businesses ,there is no need to alter your lifestyle.
4. Your online shop takes order 24hrs a day,imagine you waking up with more money than when you went to bed,you can achieve up to seven hundred percent.
5. No stocks to hold,all products are sent by the manufacturers to the end customer and product quality comes with 100% warranty.
6. The manufacturer handles all order processing,all payments and even the delivery of the product to your customers doorstep.
7. You get paid weekly on sale made through your website.
8. On your own part , no office ,no risk no inventory ,no staff,no capital,no stress is involved,the entire system is fully automated

Zija International Review - An Outsider Opinion of What Its About

Around the MLM business industry, the Zija international is one of the companies I'm sure you've heard of. More and more people are promoting it, but this review will focus on whether or not it is a worthwhile opportunity or not.

To begin with, I want to first state that I am not a member, nor have I ever been a member of the company at all. This review in particular is from an outsider perspective, from someone who has seen hundreds of companies, compensation plans, and product, and will give you a mile high look at the whole thing.

The company zija international itself sells a smart mix and smart drink, both derived from a super plant called Moringa. To review, this juice makes it a part of the very crowded and super competition filled juice MLM market. However, this should not deter you as the overall health market has grown by leaps and bounds.

A critical review of the zija international payout plan reveals that you do indeed offer eight separate ways that they pay their distributors.

But, if you decide to market either the zija international business or products, I beg you to not fall into the trap of comparing it to other juice companies or products in the industry. Instead focus on what is different and unique and your marketing of it.

In order to really understand what I am talking about in this zija international review, take case full of any of your product and place it in your driveway, does it instantly sell itself? Not at all, the sales come from your marketing of it and your ability to find those who are looking for the benefits of it.

When you learn how to properly market your business, you will be leaps and bounds above others.

Of note, especially in today's market place, if you educate yourself how to market your business on the internet, this gives you tremendous leverage and a very quick way to get leads and profit for your business.

Four Steps to Accelerate International Business Growth

U.S. exports continue to grow, but many American companies lack the international business know-how to capitalize on this potential source of increased sales and profits. Proliferating trade agreements and a weakened U.S. dollar have resulted in one of the most favorable export markets in decades. Foreign importers of U.S. goods report an increasing demand for U.S. products--from popcorn to pet food. The U.S. has enjoyed 11 straight quarters of increasing exports--yet with 95 percent of the world's population residing outside of U.S. borders and an increasingly promising international sales outlook, experts are questioning why only 5 percent of U.S. companies are currently exporting. But how do we initiate and sustain growth in unfamiliar markets?


Tapping into new markets provides the opportunity for increased revenue and profits. However, this initiative needs to be consistent with the company's overall strategy. Inconsistent, sporadic, or unfocused deployment of resources directed toward international growth can result in an underperforming initiative that soaks up limited resources with little return. Barriers to entry (duties, regulatory, and trademark restrictions) need to be identified and addressed. A SWOT analysis detailing the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will identify and help maximize the company's strengths, minimize its weaknesses, and give focus to the international opportunity.

An international growth plan consistent with the corporate strategy will enhance the odds of success. Tactical aspects of international development such as sales, distribution, and marketing need to be addressed. International growth factors can be sufficiently different from the U.S. models that a lack of familiarity can dramatically reduce the chances of success. Above all, there must be clear direction, full management support, and dedicated resources.


Small or medium firms initiating or expanding into international business will find the U.S. Government's Department of Commerce (DOC) an enthusiastic partner in helping American companies succeed globally. This organization coordinates resources from across 19 Federal agencies to help American businesses plan their international strategies in an increasingly globalized environment. In an unfamiliar foreign market with confusing regulations, uncertainty, and risk, the DOC can help U.S. businesses navigate the overseas sales process and avoid hazards such as payment defaults and misappropriation of trademark and intellectual property.
The DOC's commercial service provides a surprisingly actionable array of quality services including in-country market research, trade events and missions, trade leads, and introductions to prospective business partners. The Export-Import Bank and the Small Business Administration unite to help in the financing of U.S. goods and services exports to the international market, enabling companies to turn international leads into solid sales.

Firms specializing in international business development can help jump-start foreign expansion. These firms are groups of highly skilled, experienced professionals offering practical, cost-effective assistance to companies committed to maximizing revenue and profit potential through accelerated international growth. The range of services offered varies by firm, but overall they help companies conceptualize, implement, and manage large or small international business development projects. These services can range from determining the overseas market potential for a product to managing a firm's export sales to identifying and qualifying foreign strategic alliances.
A company wanting to penetrate the international market needs to assign a fully dedicated resource to this initiative. This individual should be the linchpin connecting the organization's resources, know-how, and culture to the international initiative. As the business develops, additional resources should be assigned to maximize the opportunity. These should be considered investments rather than costs.


A firm's appropriate market entry strategy will largely depend on its level of international development. For a company just commencing its international development, market penetration via in-country distributor sales may be the fastest and most cost-effective way to enter a foreign market. Selling through in-country distributors is relatively low-risk and will provide valuable learning opportunities. Once the target country or region has been identified, a process that will naturally derive from the SWOT analysis, the selection process can begin. Various U.S. government agencies and trade associations can provide a wealth of data to begin narrowing the selection.

Trade publications and events are also an excellent source. Factors to consider when selecting a market may include such criteria as regulatory environment, market size and potential, cost of entry, and competitive environment. To further narrow the possibilities, an in-country visit is required. Once there, the use of trade leads, competitive evaluations, local government assistance, and potential candidate interviews will provide additional information and insights. Major considerations in selecting a distributor are: willingness to assign a dedicated resource, market leadership or track record, marketing savvy, complementary and not competitive products or services, site inspection, and financial stability.

Penetrating a new international market is often perceived as an extension of the existing domestic business. Consequently, many American companies bypass standard business guidelines requiring rigorous market analysis. Only after performing thorough due diligence can one elaborate a service or product offering and accompanying marketing programs.

A company's preferred mode of entry--in-country distribution, joint venture, merger, or acquisition--will depend on that firm's primary objectives from opportunistic sales to positioning for long-term market-driven growth.

Economic globalization will increasingly lead to the creation of strategic alliances. U.S. firms must make sure that potential partners share short- and long-term objectives in order to reduce the divergence of ideas and efforts. Common values and shared business/ethical standards will enhance communications, transparency, and effectiveness. The partners should have complementary strengths and weaknesses to build a stronger and more effective alliance. Principles and processes for conflict resolution and the relationship must be drafted and agreed to by all parties concerned for the partnership to run smoothly.


All markets have commonalities. However, effective international marketing begins with the awareness that markets are also different in ways that are not immediately apparent. The key is understanding consumers and identifying their needs through culturally specific market research. Focus groups can be especially effective in identifying the international consumer's wants and needs. The advertising agency used in developing the offering should be local or have local representation. Employees with a thorough knowledge of market characteristics and idiosyncrasies will be particularly effective in communicating the desired message and creating and enhancing the brand image. Language skills and an affinity for different cultures are critical assets when marketing internationally.

Flawless execution is key. As a firm executes the international strategy guided by a solid business plan, it is important to celebrate milestones and benchmark against industry leaders.

Although not comprehensive, these four steps will help serve as a guideline for successful international market entry and growth.

Attention International Business Opportunity Seekers

Here in the United States, the current economy has created a paradigm shift in how families work to generate income in order to sustain their way of life for their families. Millions of people coming from all socio-economic backgrounds, races and religions are leveraging the power of the internet to create and build wealth.

The task of choosing the best virtual business model can be daunting. You must do your due diligence to research and choose the right one for you.

Beware of any business opportunity that proclaims a specific amount of income to be generated within a certain amount of days. Success takes hard work. You must be willing to make a commitment to your business.

Key factors you'll want to consider when seeking an international business opportunity

1. Can the Business products or services be offered to a global community?

Diversification is a significant component of any successful business. You should only want to invest in a business that offers this. As the saying goes, "You do not want to put all of your eggs into one basket". Not only do you want to make certain you have a diversified product line, you don't want to be stuck in one geographical location either. Finding a virtual business should alleviate this problem for you.

Be aware that for every opportunity you research, people will have posted something on-line saying it's a scam. While seeking opportunities take into consideration the transparency of the particular business or company. You should be allowed to have access to calls or webinars before making your decision to invest in the particular business opportunity.

2. Does This Business Opportunity Provide Leverage?

If you are an international business opportunity seeker, then you must be aware of how significant leveraging the power of the internet is. Perhaps you already use the internet as a power tool in your business or personal life. When we learn to leverage this technology in our business it saves valuable time, connects us world wide and provides us infinite possibilities, all while we sleep.

The business opportunity should also provide you with continued training and support. You will want to leverage the experiences and expertise of those who are teaching and leading you on your path to success. You want to get maximum results and the greatest return on your investment.

3. Does the Business Opportunity I am Seeking Have a Proven System in Place?

In order to operate your virtual business you will want to make certain that whatever business opportunity you choose, that it has an easy to follow system in place. This should include a web page or landing page system, a virtual back-office, tutorials, coaching support and training. The system should be easy to follow no matter what skill sets you may be starting out with on your new venture.

This system should be designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any where in the world.

It should be well established and credible in the particular industry you are researching.

4. Does The International Business Opportunity I am Seeking Have a Lucrative Pay Plan?

Make certain when researching your business opportunities that you understand the pay plan or compensation plan. With many virtual business models there often times can only be compensation when you have a certain number of people who joined your team. You may find that some opportunities require a minimal monthly purchase of products as well.

An opportunity that provides you with multiple income streams both passive and residual with out any of the prerequisites for the number of people on your team or reoccurring product requirements, is the most optimal as well as sustainable.

You are bound to have reoccurring monthly fees in order to operate and manage your business ie. web pages, auto-responders for email, marketing services etc.. However, purchasing consumable products each month should not be a deciding factor determining your compensation.

Look for a pay plan that allows wealth creation. You are here to play a bigger game maximizing your time on this planet. No matter what country you live in, business opportunities surround you if you have internet access. All that is missing is you taking action to discover which one is most in alignment with who you are and where you want to go.

Believe in the vision that you have for yourself moving forward in your life. As our fellow entrepreneur Napolean Hill said long ago, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

How To Generate More Leads For FDI International

Want More Leads For FDI International?

If you've found this page, you're probably trying to find tips on how to generate more leads for your FDI International business. Maybe you've been in the business for sometime now and you've ran out of people to speak with. Maybe all of your relatives and buddies are laughing at you and telling you to stop that "pyramid stuff" already but you're not prepared to quit just yet. Well you've made it to the right place at the right time because inside this post, I'm going to share with you a few techniques to help you generate more leads right now for your FDI business.

Now why is it important to generate more leads for your FDI International MLM business? Because without leads, you don't have a business. One reason why 95% percent of associates wind up quitting in their business is because they run out of prospects to talk with. Once that list of relatives and buddies is gone, they're out of leads. Think of it this way. If you ever open up a restaurant and you don't have customers, it's not going to be long before your restaurant goes out of business right? And why does that happen? Because you've got all these monthly business bills to pay and you're not getting customers.

Well its the same thing with your FDI International business. If you're paying for autoship, home meeting expanses, samples, etc and you're not bringing people in, well you're not gonna be in profit. So knowing how to get more leads is really important if you wish to stay in the game. There's 2 ways you can generate more leads now for your FDI International business:

2 Ways To Generate Leads For FDI International

1. Online - Generating leads online can be a simple process ONLY if you know what you're doing and you're able to follow directions. One of the better methods to generate leads on the internet is by using attraction marketing systems. There are so many different marketing methods like Facebook, Social media, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Solo Ads, EzineArticles, Videos, and much more. Again, using an attraction marketing system can make your life far easier.

2. Offline - You may also generate leads offline to grow your FDI International business. The most effective ways I'd recommend generating leads is by targeting any local professionals. People like realtors, brokers, small business owners, financial planners, sales people, etc. Why would you want to target those folks? Well because they're more qualified than your broke next door neighbor who works as a plumber all his life and doesn't believe in taking any risks. Professionals are usually people who have a moderate to high tolerance for risks and a lot of them are already working on commissions. You can target them by using bandit signs or by grabbing business cards at your local car wash or supermarket and giving them a call.

If you're SERIOUSLY interested in learning different marketing methods to generating more leads for your FDI business whether online or offline, I'd suggest you look at this marketing platform. They've got a wide variety of methods that you could choose from and you can literally find the one that best works for you and use it to grow your business. Remember, if you don't know how to generate more leads whether online or offline, you're gonna go out of business. Now wouldn't that be foolish?

Global Travel International Business Review

According to statistics, almost half of the American population accounts to the nations travel expenditures whether it be local or international destinations. You as a travel enthusiast should have likely heard about the Global Travel International business opportunity.

Before you go out and make a decision to join the Global Travel International business you have to be well informed. By knowing how GTI (Global Travel International) actually works you are at an advantage to make a calculated risk decision. After all, it is your hard earned cash.

1) How Global Travel International Got Started

We turn back the clock all the way to 1994. There were two college roommates namely Randy Warren and Michael Gross set out to build a travel agency which was not restricted by geographic location or bound by typical overhead. Hence, Global Travel International was started.

They had a goal in which Global Travel International would market and distribute travel in a new global economy. By referring to their own press, Global Travel International is a 9 year-old licensed, bonded and accredited travel agency, and is endorsed by the world's major airlines, hotel chain and travel suppliers.

2) Your Compensation Plan With GTI

You can start out in with Global Travel International by registering to be an Independent Travel Agent. What happens is that your commissions are paid to your based on travel packages reserved via GTI. This would amount to about 5-10% of the payout rate on hotels, car rentals, and so on.

Your commission checks are sent out once a month and paid to you on average 30 to 60 days after the date the travel once you have met the $50 minimum payout. It should be good because you are not only your clients with are getting a good deal with Global Travel International but also you get paid a cut.

3) Truth About Global Travel International Business Opportunity

There is one variable about this company though. You cannot really predict that you will get a very huge earning potential. Why? Its a general problem which is not just limited to Global Travel International. Fact is, most people book their own travels now.

You will find an abundance of travel websites online that travel agents are becoming an endangered species. Also, your chances of huge success would be to really latch on to the network marketing concept behind the Global Travel International residual income leverage.

So although the potential to make good income with Global Travel International is valid, you need to not only ensure large group bookings. But also ensure the agents enrolled under you are making good sales as well.

Final Tip

We know that Global Travel International continues to advertise discount benefits to encourage participation in their home based business opportunity. Truth is, even is you are interested your financial breakthrough is determined by being able to market online by getting targeted prospects.

Nigerian Online Scams Hurt International Business and Investment in the Country

Every emerging third-world nation needs help in getting their products to world markets. They also need investment capitalization dollars coming into the nation so they can increase their business endeavors and grow their economies. Indeed, there are huge risk issues when investing in foreign emerging markets, but there is also the potential for huge rewards and profit too. One nation on the World Map of emerging nations is Nigeria. It is an oil rich country and has a lot going for it.

Nigeria also has a bad stigma due to the email scams and international banking wire transfer fraud coming from criminal elements from within their nation. What is so unfortunate is that many business people in the United States and elsewhere have been introduced to the nation of Nigeria through these emails fraud phishing scams. Now, it is very unlikely that US Businesses will be willing to invest in Nigeria or take on Nigerian Business Partners.

Therefore, the country of Nigeria has developed a horrible reputation in the world and this is going to affect their future growth. Trust is critical when working with overseas business vendors or partners, without it the business investment monetary flows slow to a trickle and this hurts the future potential. One question on many people's minds in considering this issue is: Will Nigerian economic development and Public Relations Teams be able to mind the fence and restore faith and trust in that country?

Would you trust someone from Nigeria as a vendor for your company? Would you trust someone who told you they were a Nigeria Official that wanted to offer you an investment opportunity? Think about that, see the problem there?

International Business and Trade, Considering US-Australia Relations and China's Global Growth

Over the years, the United States and Australia have been very closely allied. At times that relationship has gone under severe stress. For instance in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Australia has participated in NATO exercises and endured that sacrifice. This has been tough on their population which doesn't like the war, what society does? This isn't the only challenge on the home front as China is also spreading out its tentacles, and putting in small satellite military installations at maritime choke points near Australia.

Much of Australia's good fortune and economy belongs to its relationship in trade with China. Whereas most nations have a trade deficit, at times Australia has had a rather nice surplus. This is because Australia sells China raw materials, of which Australia has plenty. China is in need of all sorts of things such as food, timber, and fuel. Australia is rich in resources, and they've enjoyed exporting all of their excess to China and digging up more at breakneck speed. But that's not all China wants to buy, they also like the military technology that Australia has, a good bit of it they have due to their relationship with NATO and the United States.

Australia is also building its own high-tech submarines, ships, and military hardware. NASA has satellite and space base station technologies in Australia. China wants to borrow infrastructure and information there in Australia to help track its own satellites, and the US isn't so sure it wants to have all that technology, dual use technology, shared with the Chinese. Not that the Chinese haven't stolen or rather borrowed that intellectual proprietary information from our defense contractors already. But in this case the system is already set up there, and China would like to use it, and learn all they can of course, lots of scary implications there, considering the proprietary information theft, hacking, and spying of the past couple of decades.

In World Affairs, November-December Issue there was an interesting article titled; "A Tilt Toward China? Australia Reconsiders Its American Ties," by John Lee. In this article he makes a number of astute comments, and the United States must realize that China is a powerful economy, and Australia needs China to continue their solid GDP growth. Australia doesn't want to cut off the hand that feeds them, but it also realizes it needs the US backing as well. Because of where Australia is located, they would be fools not to participate with China in economic trade.

The United States is wondering at what cost, especially as it has cost the United States a number of very solid industries, and a huge trade deficit, causing us to rack up huge debt. How long before China uses all that money they've acquired in trade deficit to buy our nation piece by piece? Likewise, when will Australia say "no, you can't have that, or we won't sell it to you, or that is proprietary and secret information?"

Does Australia dare play that card too often with the Chinese for fear that the Chinese might go elsewhere to get resources, leaving Australia's economy in the dumps, today China has no choice, but tomorrow it certainly will, all the while China continues to grow into a superpower? Please consider all this and think on it.

Ardyss MLM - How to Have Success With the Ardyss International Business Opportunity

Are you wondering who Ardyss International is and what they do? They are a company that started in Mexico in 1989 and later moved into the network marketing space in 2007. Their main product line focuses around wellness and health. Their flagship shapewear product Body Magic is an undergarment you wear to improve the outward appearance of your body. It also has a number of other related health benefits. Along with this they sell the Levive super beverage. It's an antioxidant beverage created with Goji, Acai Berry, Pomegranate,Noni and Mangosteen juices. They also have a line of cosmetics manufactured by the same concern that Estee Lauder and MAC are created by.

Is It Possible To Make Money With Ardyss International?
Of course it is. In fact I would go as far to say that every networking marketing opportunity out there today has the potential to make money and create an alternative stream of income. The biggest issue confronting most that get started with this (i.e. you included) is that they don't have the requisite recruiting, lead generation, marketing or sale skills to make it work consistently. This becomes their major obstacle to success when it comes to trying to sell the Ardyss line of products.

The Solution
Ask yourself how are you reading this article right now? That's right over the Internet. If used correctly the Internet can be the BIG EQUALIZER. In fact it could be said that a majority of the big earners are big earners because of the influence of the Internet on their business.

Why is that you ask? It really comes down to two reasons. First, because of the amount of traffic you can potentially get exposed to online you have the opportunity to grow your business a lot faster then with traditional means. Finally, because of lead qualifying tools you can use online your offer will be targeted to only the most qualified prospects. So this means you can stop trying to sell friends and family and cold calling inherently bad leads now. Your success with all of this is staring you in the face.

Think Twice Before Jumping Into International Business Part 2

For every story of success, there are perhaps a thousand stories of failure. This article is not meant to deter anyone from trying to enter the foreign trade market, but rather to give a better insight as to what one should expect.

From the outside (and to many on the inside), foreign trade is simply finding a product for a very low cost and marking it up a bit finding a buyer. Sounds simple. This is why so many try it.

Finding a product at a very low price is easy. Finding an honest supplier is very time consuming and is often a matter of trial and error. Quality is another issue you must be concerned with. Regulations concerning imports and exports is an area which you must become familiar with. Finding customers is not always as easy as you think.

Let's look closely at each area - Let's use Costume Jewelry as our target product-

1) "Finding a product at a very low price is easy." Simple, search keywords such as 'costume jewelry suppliers' Look what Google search found -
- Results 1 - 10 of about 2,300,000 for costume jewelry suppliers.

Look what Yahoo search found -
- 29,700,141 results for costume jewelry suppliers.

Ok, we found the price we like.

2) "Finding an honest supplier is very time consuming and is often a matter of trial and error. " Do you realize more than half of the listing which claim to be "manufacturers" are actually very small trading offices run out of peoples homes? Did you do any background checks on the supplier? Did you call them and actually speak to a person? How are they requiring payment?

3) " Quality is another issue you must be concerned with." - Not long ago, a well know retailer recalled millions of dollars in costume jewelry. Was it the fault of the supplier (manufacturer) or the buyer (famous retailer)? ANSWER- BUYER! In this case, the buyer had the resources to ensure the quality of the product leaving the factory was safe but chose to look the other way. The safe product would have cost more thus reducing corporate profits. So it was not an issue until a third party made it public.

4) "Regulations concerning imports and exports is an area which you must become familiar with." Here is where so many get into trouble. You pay a factory $50,000.00 to ship 20,000 electric bikes to the USA. EASY! Contract signed, payment made. Product shipped. Factory has filled their legal obligations. Problem was, the contract did not state what certificates were required. You choose the product and said ship it. They did. Now customs has 20,000 electric bikes that they are not releasing due to lack of documents which you may or may not ever receive.

Keep in mind, you ARE the buyer from the factory. It is your responsibility to set the quality standards and be willing to pay for that extra measure of quality. Sadly, some very big corporations today put public safety behind profits. The factory will sell you a product very very cheap, but this will force them to use very very cheap materials.

As I have been in this business over 20 years, I will never have the lowest price, but quality issues resulting in a safety concern has never happened to us. Don't allow profits to be the master, you reputation and the safety of your customers must always come first.

Internet Marketing Is Truly an International Business

Internet marketing is truly an international business. As an example, my current customer list has names from Egypt, India, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. In fact, as I started building my customer base, my first two subscribers were from Egypt and India.

It isn't often that a start-up business here in the states will have its first customers from such exotic places. Right out of the box, I can claim that my business is international. That's just one of the great features of an internet business.

Of course, an internet business is limitless when it comes to geography. Information can be sent in an instant to anywhere in the world thanks to the internet.

People on one side of the world routinely contract to do work over the internet for people on the other side of the world. Send out an assignment one day, and when you get up the next day, the completed work is waiting for you.

Can you imagine what your grand parents or great grand parents would think of the internet? It's still a marvel to me, and I saw it from the beginning. Imagine the awe of someone who never even heard of computers and the internet.

This is truly a great time to be alive. The technological advances are nothing short of amazing, breath-taking, and world-altering.

Of course, our ancestors thought the same about what they saw happening over their life times, but the pace of change and the world-shrinking nature of them is incredible.

Having an international business is just a small part of the wonder of it all.

International Business - Franchising in Costa Rica?

If you've ever toured Costa Rica, you know it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I cannot think of a more fun place to cruise a motorcycle all around Costa Rica. Luckily, it is a lot safer than it has been in prior decades. Now many Americans are discovering this country, and are now moving there to retire. With all these Americans coming in and bringing their money, there have been significant gains in the country's GDP and employment rates, and that is a good thing.

So, good in fact it brings me to my next comment. And that is a US Based franchise concept there could do well and since the labor is less expensive and there are far fewer regulations it would really be easy to do and a nice place to do business. As a former Franchisor Founder, indeed, I have looked into it before, but I am retired now. Still, the value of doing business there and riding up on the increasing tide of prosperity has opportunity written all over it.

There are many "franchise concepts" that would do well there and probably a lot better than most emerging markets with similar demographics, and with the incredible growth in GDP it really makes sense now. Indeed, I have a few franchise business models in mind that could kick butt in Costa Rica. But one doesn't have to search very far in online franchise directories to note all the possible types of businesses that would be a no-brainer in Costa Rica right now.

Because with the increased American Population so too comes American consumer taste, and that is where franchisors have a huge advantage, and thus, it is something you might wish to think about, so please consider this.

Reliv International Business Review

Reliv International was set up in 1988 with the aim of improving the lives of the people by catering to them different health and nutritional products. The founder of this network marketing company was Robert Montgomery. The company promises to give a new lease of life to the people with their top-quality products. Reliv International which has already established its credibility also provides a business opportunity. People can enter into a business relationship with the respective company as distributors of Reliv International's products and services for the overall development of the company and to earn a potential income.

A wide market

It's been twenty years since Reliv International has stepped into the business domain. The business has flourished and the company has its main office in USA. The business has expanded globally and has a host of corporate offices in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, UK and other places.

The array of products

The very popular products of Reliv International are the Reliv Classic and Reliv Now Series. The range of products that the company offers is chiefly health and wellness products. The health related issues can be kept at a safe distance with the help of these products. The health and wellness products act as a shield protecting the heart, joints, ensuring proper blood sugar regulation and reducing the effects of aging. Reliv International has also spared a thought about the specific needs of women and children, and they have high-quality products for them. The ingredients that the products contain ensure that the nutrients are well absorbed by the human body. The company ensures that the products must always be of top quality.

In order to satisfy the potential consumers with the best services, Reliv International has walked an extra mile and has established a Scientific Advisory Board in 1992. The board was set up to carry out the research of the ingredients used in manufacturing the products. The members of the Advisory Board probed deep into the constituents of the products, gave important suggestions and advices to enhance the quality of products.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan provides for paying the distributor in five different ways like retail profits, wholesale income, cash bonuses, ambassador bonuses and overrides. You have to join the company as a distributor by paying the start-up cost. Then as an active distributor, it becomes your duty to maintain an autoship order of products on a monthly basis. There are perks and allowances for top producers as they are provided with the opportunity to go for luxurious trips.

The way to be successful

You have to generate leads online as there is no alternative way to taste success. You have to put in your best efforts t to reach out to people who are looking for a good home-based business opportunity on the net. You have to absorb in the marketing strategies and qualities so that you can help your business to flourish. With time and experience combined with the accelerated rate at which you generate leads, you can perceive a steady growth in your business.

Vietnam Consumer Market - Making Opportunities From International Business

Despite the ravages of nearly two decades of war and Communist Bloc domination after that, Vietnam has become a very dynamic consumer market. Danang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City are now extremely cosmopolitan cities that are thriving by virtue of a variety of businesses and the tourism industry. Consumer demand and an array of industrial production venues are being fueled by three critical factors:

- An excellent demographic profile
- Rapid population growth
- Stabilization of society

In many ways, Vietnam appears to be emulating China. It has progressed from what was once a planned economy that failed due to corruption and inefficiencies existing within state programs, poor quality of manufactured goods, and the underproduction (as well as restrictions) of a wide array of economic activities.

Current Consumer Market

When you look at the country today, over 30 years after the end of the Vietnam War, it has become a market economy that which is creating opportunities by engaging in international business. US exporters and investors see Vietnam as an emerging, viable market, resplendent with excellent business opportunities and an economic growth rate that continues to be one of the highest in the world.

After 1986 and the demise of the Communist Bloc, significant economic reforms targeting renovation of the economy came into play, and by the 1990's, Vietnam had experienced an GDP growth of 8% annually. Additionally, industrial production has been expanding, growing at an annual rate of between 14% and 15%. As a result of this economic growth, numerous US firms are taking advantage of these profitable business and industrial opportunities.

Future Market Considerations

In January of 2007, Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) to enhance further economic growth on a global scale. The government began implementing several administrative, economic, and regulatory changes geared towards continually enhancing what is becoming an increasingly favorable market environment for US companies. These positive changes will be ongoing through 2015 and will continue to provide the US and other countries around the world with tremendous investment opportunities.

Vietnam is currently the 13th most populous country in the world with a population in excess of 86 million people, as well as an economic growth average of 7% annually for the last several years. Additionally, the trading of two-way goods between the US and Vietnam business now exceeds $10 billion annually and from 2005-06, this segment of the economy experienced a 23% growth factor.

The Challenges Faced by International Business

This article examines how the environment affects and creates conditions for either the success or failure of business organizations and how it operates to demand effective strategic thinking on the part of decision-makers if businesses are to survive and thrive.

Take the classic example of Mark & Spencer PLC, which began in 1894 as a single high street store owned by two men, selling all items said to be costing no more than a penny to the customer. Over the years it conquered the retail sector with branches in prime locations all over the UK, and in overseas territories, totalling more than 885 stores. Not only did Marks & Spencer evolve into the giant corporation which it is today by reading the changes in the environment well, and meeting the growing needs of more and more affluent consumers, it also influenced the shopping habits of its clients. The business firm is not a faceless entity; at best, it can be an icon of social and economic progress, and at worst become vanquished by its inability to read the environment, Woolworths and MFI being two recent examples of such failure.

How the environment impacts on the fortunes of the business firm is nowhere more evident than in the collapse of many business enterprises including financial institutions (e.g.banks) in the current worldwide economic downturn. Even starker is the effect of continuing bad weather either in the form of floods or snow on the viability of a whole range of firms in the UK. Had the environment represented by the UK government not provided a lifeline to some of the major banks in the form of taxpayer subsidies, or buy-outs, they would not have survived. Different political ideologies at different times affect the business enterprise in different ways. The collapse of communism and the breaking down of the Berlin wall in 1989, coupled with the Internet phenomenon resulted in the abolition of legislation preventing global communication and industrialisation. Since then there has been a plethora of international mergers, acquisitions and alliances which saw transnational corporations (TNCs) grow in size and economic power as never seen before. Denning (1993) has identified the interaction between ownership advantage (OA) brought by the TNC and the location advantage (LA) of the countries where TNCs seek to invest. Researchera identified synergies sought by TNCs in foreign direct investment (FDI) as being motivated by strategies for market seeking (MA), efficiency seeking (ES), and knowledge seeking (KS) respectively, depending on their reading of the business environment.

Before going any deeper, it is necessary to take stock of what is meant by the business firm, and what its objectives are, and proceed to analyse the process and effects of this rapid globalisation. A business firm is a legal entity. Unlike a sole trader, or partnership, it is required to be incorporated with rules and objectives that are documented. It may be capitalised with borrowings or by shareholder contributions. While the shareholders own the enterprise and have claims to sharing the profits, it may be managed day-to-day by paid employees. The objective of the firm is 'to maximise its value to its shareholders' (Van Horne, 1974). Historically, 'maximisation of profits is regarded as the proper objective of the firm, but it is not as inclusive a goal as that of maximising shareholder wealth' (op. cit.). There are difficulties even in this conceptualization where 'maximising market price per share' is preferred by some to 'maximisation of earnings per share' (op. cit.).

A business firm currently in the news is Blacks Leisure, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, when the current adverse weather conditions improved its fortunes by providing a market for its thermal wear products. Now it is planning to expand further. Meanwhile the adverse economic environment has encouraged Poundland offering cheap goods to fill the gap left by Woolworth's demise. The British salt manufacturing firm Ineos Enterprises chose to cancel a 12, 000 ton shipment of industrial salt promised to Germany, diverting the stock to local authorities in the UK in dire need of supplies to grit roads covered by snow. It is a good example of the environment influencing decision makers of private firms to act in a socially responsible manner. This upholds Van Horne's (1974) assertion that even at the risk of not maximising shareholder wealth in the short term, management of business firms ought not to ignore the need for 'social responsibility' which brings long term benefits although perhaps not immediately apparent.

As related to business firms, social responsibility concerns such things as protecting the consumer, paying fair wages to employees, maintaining fair hiring practices, supporting education, and becoming actively involved in environmental issues like clean air and water... However, the criteria for social responsibility are not clearly defined, making formulation of a consistent objective function difficult' (op. cit.).

It is now generally understood that a business does not, and cannot function in a vacuum. It has to react to events occurring outside its factory and office walls. The very first concern should be a close awareness of competitors' strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis its products and services. Additionally, most analysts require awareness of the environment in terms of political, social, economic and technological factors which impinge on the business firm.

Other analysts have expanded these to: Political - how changes in government policy could affect decision making in the firm. For example, the UK government's concern over clean energy has resulted in a decision to invite foreign firms to bid for the supply of offshore windmills over the next several years. Not only do the windmill suppliers but also a host of firms required to supply ancillary products and services could take advantage of this decision. Social - how consumers beliefs and interests change over time. An example is the changing demography of many more senior citizens being present in the population and concerns over their health. Economic - how taxation, (e.g. tax holidays), interest rates, exchange rates, and the 'credit crunch' affect individual firms. Technological - how product innovations, and new technology like the proliferation of mobile phones, (iPads), change consumer preferences. Legal - how changes in law, enforcing of minimum wages, and regulating working hours, affect business. Last, but not least are the Ethical concerns that underpin social responsibility issues. An example is the refusal to trade with regimes known to contravene human rights legislation. All these factors influence to change markets which businesses need to take into account and respond to, if they are not to lose market share and jeopardise their long term viability.

A business firm, although incorporated by law as an entity is by no means monolithic. More than its shareholders, it has other stakeholders with different, if not competing objectives and interests within its ambit. Starting with the managers, there are other employees who may, or may not be trades union members, along with the community where it is situated, and which it serves, having to take into account local authority strictures on waste disposal and other similar regulations.

Discussing foreign direct investment (FDI) of transnational corporations, Robert Pearce defines the global business environment as 'the environment in different sovereign countries, with factors exogenous to the home environment of the organization, influencing decision making in resource use and capabilities. This includes social, political, economic, regulatory, tax, cultural, legal and technological environments'. Pearce accepts that business firms do not have any direct control over this environment, but that their success depends on how well they adapt to this environment. As seen earlier in the case of Blacks Leisure and Poundland, a firm's 'ability to design and adjust its internal variables to take advantage of opportunities offered by the external environment, and its ability to control threats posed by the same environment determine its success' (op. cit.).

Firms also take advantage of savings offered by outsourcing. Careful consideration of the variables of communication networks, cultural compatibility and reliability, needs to be addressed. There are offshore development centres which offer call centre provision and other web related customised professional services with appropriate infrastructure support.

How an American firm adapted to cultural diversity in France is discussed by Daniel Workman (2008). He says that the Euro Disneyland, a 'transplanted American theme park' near Paris had lost $34 million over the first six months since it opened in April 1992. Even before it opened there was strong local opposition that it threatened French cultural sensitivities. A strict employee dress code and the outlawing of wine in the park, among other things, angered the Parisians. Eisner, the CEO of the parent company in Florida commented: "What we have created in France is the biggest private investment in a foreign country by an American company ever. And it's going to pay off". Workman avers that 'Eisner has since learned to recognize French cultural traditions and quality of life, rather than focus exclusively on American business interests, revenues and earnings at the expense of the underlying French culture'(op. cit.).

Disney found that the first American CEO of Euro Disneyland even with the capacity to speak fluent French, with a French wife, and a recipient of awards from the French government was still unable to make it a going concern. It was only after Disney replaced him and 23 American-born senior managers with local staff, that Euro Disneyland began to make profits.

Banning wine in a country which believes that 'a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine', made Euro Disneyland an unwelcome proposition even before it started. American-style hot dog carts were not attractive to a populace famed for its culinary and gastronomic sophistication. Later deciding to use French language rather than English, was also a more than reasonable accommodation made by Disney. It was one of the essential components of its later success.

Cultural encoding also requires that the Americans respect the more feminine French culture's dominant need for a friendly atmosphere, cooperation, low stress levels and group decision-making instead of focusing exclusively on money and materialistic success (Workman, 2008).

Another aspect of business life is the support (or its absence) from the state as an unavoidable component of the business environment. Like most developed countries, Canada provides government funding to business firms seeking to expand into international markets. The government body responsible is the Small Business Finance Centre (SBFC). The funding is in the form of grants and loans which could be between $1500 and $10 million. Success stories abound. A $34,500 grant enabled a Winnipeg firm, K9 Storm Limited to export body armour for police dogs to 12 countries, in North America and Europe. Another Winnipeg company, Airport Technologies received $12, 500 to develop a snow plough called 'Snow Mauler' now being exported to the USA. The most successful has been the Garrison Guitar Works of St. John's, Newfoundland, which received a grant of $250,000 to develop five guitar prototypes, and now, as a multi-million dollar company exports 20,000 guitars a year to 29 countries. They also own 350 retail stores in North America.

An interest free loan of $8700 enabled Keith Longmire (Nova Scotia) to develop his hand-painted birdhouses enterprise to establish itself in the US marketplace, while Domaine Pinnacle (Quebec) received a $300,000 loan to fund equipment to ferment high-quality apple cider and achieve sales of over $1 million a year. Meanwhile, Agribiotics of Cambridge, Ontario, was awarded a $44,570 loan to develop a vaccine to protect corn from pests and win a contract from the University of Wisconsin. The Canadian government also helps individual firms with their business plans as a precursor to obtaining a grant or loan (Workman, 2008).

In an earlier paragraph this essay introduced the idea of foreign direct investment (FDI). This stood at $14 billion in 1970 'but increased over 140 times to almost $2,000 billion by 2007. A large part of the upsurge in global FDI has been due to mergers and acquisitions (M&As). It is these cross-border mergers and acquisitions which have deepened the economic integration of developing Asia with the global economy. Researchers investigating the increasing M&A activity in this region decided that financial variables in terms of liquidity in the source country and the perception of risk (environment) influenced the level of cross-border transactions. They also conclude that the ongoing global financial crisis is likely to sharply curtail the extent of cross-border M&A transactions although this is not entirely proven.

Analysts hypothesised five 'waves' of M&A activity in the past. These waves occurred during periods of economic downturn. Currently, a 'sixth wave' is recognised with China, India and Brazil emerging as global players in trade and industry. One of the main reasons for M&A activity to be at its height in a recession could be the rapid drop in the stock value of target companies. A major factor in the increase in global outward foreign direct investment (FDI) stock increasing from $150 million in the early 1990s to $1200 million in 2000 may have been due to the above factor. However, it is not possible to generalise when one saw the attempts at a hostile takeover of the UK firm Cadburys by the US firm Krafts and its final, more amicable outcome. Cadburys was far from being a struggling firm. Its share price was holding up and its asset value had not in any way decreased before the takeover attempt.

A recent United Nations Conference on Trade and Industry (UNCTAD) report stated that 29 of the world's largest economic giants are transnational corporations (TNCs). The annual value-added business performance of the 100 biggest TNCs exceeded that of some nation states. How the rise of TNCs transformed world trade over the last 30 years can be seen from the following statistics. In 1970 there were about 7000 non-financial TNCs investing directly in other developed or developing countries. By 1992 there were 37,000 with 170,000 foreign affiliates. The latter accounted for $11 trillion worth of output. Against this, the total world trade amounted to only $7 trillion.

An important variable in the success of transnational corporations, mergers and acquisitions is the facility with which managers, employees and customers with differing linguistic backgrounds communicate with each other. The total number of languages spoken around the world has been estimated at 6913. This is the reality of the language environment. However, there are two ways by which the language problem has been addressed. One can establish a common language for business, the most widely spoken international language being English. Although numerically more people in the world speak Chinese (Mandarin), it is confined to the People's Republic of China whereas English is used in countries as far apart as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK and almost all Commonwealth countries.

Increasingly however, there are language intermediaries who could be engaged to conduct business in the local language. The volume of the global language service industry is estimated to be somewhere around $12 billion and handling around 500 million pages of translation and localization every year. An example of a language services provider of this type is Lionbridge with '50 offices, $375 million revenue and about 4000 people on its payroll'. Specialised software products such as 'recycling the translators' knowledge-base (called translation memory)' are among many new developments in the language translation industry (op. cit.).

Another reason for keeping up to date with changes in the environment is that a business firm's operational effectiveness can be jeopardised by not paying heed to such changes. 'Due to the rapid diffusion of best practice, a productivity barrier is soon reached... Japanese car firms... dominated in the 1970s and 1980s... Lack of a strategic perspective has since held them back while other Japanese businesses like Sony and Cannon flourish (because they) did not sit back with a ready formulated strategy that worked in the past, but revised their strategic thinking taking into account the changing realities of world trade. Obviously, their resource base and mix would have had to alter, and continue to change in the light of changing circumstances.

Writing about mergers and acquisitions Robert Heller contends that buying another business is the easiest task for management in most businesses. However, more things can go wrong in hasty acquisitions as has been proved in the literature. Here too, it is strategy and continuous scanning of the environment and competition which can ensure success. Heller talks of the need to achieve 'superior organic growth' once the merger has been accomplished. His answer to how this is to be achieved is to have a 'visionary' at the helm. Neither the conservative who wants to retain the status quo, nor the pragmatist who wants change but relies only on those tried and tested somewhere else, can succeed. Only the visionary, often battling against the odds, (could) drive the company into the future.

Heller explains why the Silicon Valley companies have enjoyed acquisition success far beyond the norm.The buys, have been slotted into a receptive culture, in which new ideas are the currency and visionaries dominate -led by a visionary chief executive who has delegated all operating duties to others.

The permeability of the firm to the increasingly global business environment has been demonstrated with examples, throughout this essay. Vision and strategic choice determine the ever changing nature of viable and successful enterprises. A final example below should convince even the most sceptical of the truth of the above conclusion.

United Technologies Corporation is America's 20th largest manufacturer and the 43rd largest US Corporation according to Fortune 500 list (2006) with 215,000 employees. UTC makes Otis lifts, Carrier heating and air conditioning, Hamilton Sunstrand aerospace and industrial systems, Sikorsky helicopters, Pratt and Whitney jet engines, and Chubb security systems. UTC has thousands of branch offices throughout the world. Internet and IT is the key to UTC's success. It is obvious that the UTC chief executive's command over the organization's resources around the world accounts for its superior productivity and competitive advantage. But it is equally clear that his control over resources is the result of well-thought out strategic decision-making of someone in close touch with the realities of business in the 21st century.

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International Businesses Can Be Developed by Making Use of VoIP Calls and Their Features

VoIP is Voice-over Internet Protocol, which is a set of rules to enable two telephones communicate with each other through the internet, instead of the regular telephone cables. It is a continuous two way communication where people can interact with each other simultaneously. The VoIP is very cheap option for making international calls and therefore you would need it to connect with your international business counterparts and friends and relatives living abroad. Read more to enable you to understand the features of VoIP facilities.

• Cheapest option: When it comes to international calling, VoIP is considered to be the cheapest option. There are only internet charges applicable and not the international calling charges.

• Why pay for being silent! When we speak, there will be pauses between our sentences and we will remain silent when other person speaks. In normal telephone connection, these silent moments are also charged as meaningful communication is not differentiated. In VoIP calls, charges are applied only for the voice bits transferred in form of packets. The silences are left alone.

• Portability: There are cordless phones that are available for the internet phones, which ensure that the person need not be glued to the phone station throughout the conversation.

• Call back and caller ID: These are vital features to know who is calling you and to avoid unnecessary introduction and conclusions. Moreover, call back is a wonderful option to ensure you return the calls of your potential customers and your kith and kin.

• Conferencing, Forwarding and voice mail: These are the value added services that the voip phones provide for enhanced calling experience.

• Do not disturb: These are very important to avoid unnecessary callers while you are in the middle of important business meetings and over-the-phone family conferences.

Securing International Business With Quality Translation Services

We live and wok in a global market, no longer to companies compete for business within the same country and city. A business in Leeds might try to get clients from China or India just the same as an American company may try to gain French or Italian clients, such is the way the business world operates. So how do you compete on this global market? Naturally, having the best service helps and all but what about when communicating? In this article I will look at how you can gain a professional advantage over the competition and improve your international business relations in general.

Think about the correspondence you have with your overseas clients, assuming that one of you speaks both languages you are forcing them to speak a certain language. Now I know that this is common place amongst businesses around the globe but personally I cant help but feel a little rude dragging them away from their mother tongue for the sake of my inability to learn a foreign language (believe me, I tried). So what did I do? I did what you should do and signed up for the services of a language translation company.

Imagine the scenario, you're in preliminary discussions with a client overseas and you're just exchanging emails about ideas for a project. You receive your first email in Finnish, how do you reply? Well, there are several options and one is absolutely incorrect. You should never, never use quick and dirty online translators for thinks like emails and documents, let me tell you why. Languages are extremely reliant on tone and context, without those two things languages fail to communicate on a base level and outside of simple questions free online translators struggle to understand what you mean exactly. Put simply there is something lost in translation.

That's where professional language services come in, they hire fluent speakers from across the planet and work tirelessly to understand, translate and keep everything the same across different languages. Everything from the work choice to the tonality are carried across in a professional and efficient way. Now you two are speaking in terms you feel comfortable with and there's no chance of a vital sentence being lost in the great void that is translations.

The question you have to ask yourself is "is this for my business?" and it's my belief that in this globalist market, quality language translation is invaluable to any business.

Should You Join the Global Domains International Business? The Answer May Shock You

If you have been trying to make money on the internet for some time now, I am sure you have ran into many products or services that probably say the same thing. You can make money from the comfort of your own home in a couple of minutes but will it really work out like this? You are also reading this article because the global domains international business caught your eye and you want to learn more about it.

The big question is...should you join or not? Now I know this company may sound very good but there is still research that needs to be done. The worst thing you can do is join a company without doing any due diligence on them.

Look, I have seen many companies come and go. Unfortunately I have been with a couple that sunk right after I put my hard earned money into them. Let me tell you this right now; it is very hard to find a stable business that is on the internet because most of them fail very fast. When you lose your money this kind of way, it hurts bad!

But that is besides the point. Will this opportunity be a legitimate contender? I strongly believe so because of the amount of time is has been around. As mentioned earlier is rare to find a couple that is has been around for even 1 year, but gdi has been around for 10.

How is that for numbers? That statistic alone sure got me thinking why people out there are still having trust issues with this company. That is enough proof that they are here to stay unlike this other companies whose sole purpose is to scam their members. That won't happen to you hear though and that is a breath of fresh air for the online marketing community.

International Business Programs - Choosing the Right Path to Earn a Real Online Income

Nowadays the introduction of online marketing strategy has made the concept of marketing to go completely global. There are many kinds of advantages that can be obtained due to the sales of the product in the international level.

Some of the well known and highly rewarding types of international business programs include work such as the affiliate marketing programs, multilevel marketing, articles writing services, blogs, website designing and many other works. Reaching out your business to the international audience is a very significant task that requires great level of planning and dedication to achieve success in big level. It is also essential to understand that you should never give up an effort that you are currently pursuing.

Choosing the right path

Since there are large numbers of online business that can be selected in the internet field it is very crucial to select the business that will be best suitable for your purpose. It is required that you analyze your potential that will help you to select the job which closely matches your talent and if you lack any of the skills that are required to achieve success then it is also essential that you quickly learn those skills to become a successful person in this business.

Affiliate marketing is a growing trend in the market which has enabled people to earn a good amount of money. You just have to promote a product that will be produced by other company. They will be talking care of everything ranging from home delivery to money transaction.

The killer tip to succeed in this field is to set personal target for which you have to be working continuously until you achieve it. There are many people who have been able to travel beyond their expectation in this international business and at the same time make a good amount of money.

Tips About Conducting International Business

Information on Doing Business Around the World

Doing international business is more difficult that people perceive it to be. In overseas transactions, you do not only have the distance to worry about. You need to concern yourself with different cultures, code of ethics, standards and rules. Let us look at some of these rules.

Letters Salutations

Across boundaries, international letters salutations change. Most of us are used to simply writing Mr. or Ms. in your business letters; this will work well on transactions in English speaking countries such as the US or UK. However, if you work with Spanish speaking citizens, you will need to change your salutation to Sr. (for Senor) or Sra. (for Senora). For French speaking correspondents, this becomes Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle, which is best not abbreviated. For Japanese clients, it is best to put the suffix -Sama after the last name. These are just a few changes that you need to deal with in matters as simple as salutations.

Standard Shipping Charges

Conducting businesses overseas that deal with products or materials that need to be sent via shipping, you need to be aware about shipping rates to various countries. You will need to charge shipping rates accordingly. You would not want to overcharge as this might discourage your potential clients. Naturally, you should not charge less than what should be or you end up at the losing end. The postal service is by far the most cost-efficient shipping service. Before confirming a deal, you must already have informed your client of the postal charges for international shipping. US postal charges for shipping to other countries can be checked through the website. You only need to provide information on the kind of item and packaging to be shipped. Once finished, you will have a more or less accurate estimate so you can inform your client about the shipping cost they need to pay on top of the item cost.

Global Tipping

If international business for you means going on travels abroad, restaurant tipping would be one of your major concerns. You will most likely attend seminars, lunch meetings and dinner gatherings. All these instances will put you in the awkward situation of knowing whether you should tip or not, or how much tip is enough. Generally, restaurant tipping varies greatly from one country to another and from one person to another as well. The main rule is to check your bill first whether or not come form of service charge is included. If it is not included, feel free to lay down about 5 to 10% of your bill. Tipping in America and Asia (except in countries like Japan) is most often unnecessary, but the gesture is highly appreciated. In Europe, most restaurants add a service charge so tipping may not be necessary. In other countries which have stricter standards, it is safest to "do as the locals do." Of course, if you are very satisfied with the food and the service, you can leave a few euros. Be careful though that your act will not be misinterpreted for something else.

Prevention is Better Than a Cure - Avoiding Internal Business Theft

Whatever your business is-whether you are involved in retail or not, for instance-you are susceptible to business theft. Sadly, many businessmen (especially those who handle small businesses) only consider retail theft (such as shoplifting) as business theft. But this isn't true at all; business theft can happen through a number of ways, usually when you least expect it. Business theft can cost your business thousands of dollars, and can ultimately cause the demise of your enterprise. No one would want this to happen, obviously, especially not you-so you have to be prepared. Preventing business theft is better than fixing the damages it has caused. While these anti-business theft measure may seem like additional effort or hassle to your already stressful daily regimen, think of it as an insurance for a better business future. After all, you wouldn't want business theft to ruin your livelihood.

Here are some ways you can avoid business theft and business fraud, according to tips and information collected from a number of sources and experts:

1. Screen employees: Employee theft is more common than retail theft, so it is wise to screen your employees; regardless the type of business you handle. It is only logical to know whether your employees can be trusted with money and valuable information. The typical recruitment process does not work here, as this does not dig deep into an applicant's personal history. Professional business theft screening may be advised here, as this can verify personal information, as well as perform criminal checks, credit checks, drug screenings, past cases and claims against past employers, and other similar information. Of course, this business theft screening process can also be done after you hire an employee.

2. Cash should be handled by fewer people. Employees can embezzle company money easily if the cash exchanges hands frequently. Once the proper individuals find out about the missing money, it will be harder to detect who stole it since it reached and was handled by many employees, making the detection more difficult than it is. With only a few people handling the money, you can easily detect at which point the money was embezzled. Also, with fewer hands, you deal with fewer personnel-thus reducing the chances of embezzlement.

3. Practice dual control procedures to prevent business theft. For instance, when one employee handles the money, assign someone else to double check. This prevents collusion, and helps maintain the balance in the company. This also keeps fraudulent employees from even attempting to steal from the company.

4. Conduct periodic audits. A common practice in banks, you can also conduct surprise audits to make sure the ones handling the cash at the end of the day will not steal from you. Make sure the audits are periodic yet unexpected, to keep the employees on their toes. Even though your company does not have a thief within its mist, periodic audits can drive employees to be more careful with handling the money, especially since they know you can check their performance when they least expect it.

Sourcing Agents - How Do They Increase the Profitability of an International Business?

In today's international business market, where competition is so fierce, the importance of choosing the best off shore or on shore sourcing agents has occupied the front seat. Owing to the expertise of different countries in different fields such as manufacturing, product building, etc., it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with their pace.

Many business firms irrespective of their sizes are constantly checking and giving utmost importance to the questions like, "Are we getting the best price quotes for the source we are using? Are the sourcing materials and products bought from the best possible source?"

In order to avoid all these potential complications and have a clear picture of the source, most of the International businesses are using the expertise of sourcing agents both at national and international level. Following information throws some light on the importance of role of sourcing agents and how they can help your business develop at both national and international level.

Sourcing Agent

A good sourcing agent must be capable of reducing at least 20% of the overhead on the purchase department. This includes both the hidden costs as well as the standard costs.

Standard Costs: Some of the standard costs that a sourcing agent should be capable of reducing include and are not limited to the cargo, shipping insurance, customs fee, import tax, dock fee, etc.

Hidden Costs: A good sourcing agent should also be able to minimize some of the hidden costs such as contract fees when hiring new supplier, costs of visiting the supplier, fees incurred due to delay in shipping, custom fees accrued due to inappropriate documentation or due to some missing docs, anti-dumping fees, delays at the shipping terminal due to congestion etc.

International Sourcing Agents

Good international agents make international process of sourcing as easy as a domestic one. These global sourcing companies often offer services such as taking care of the entire offshore manufacturing process along with purchases. International business transactions are made easy with global sourcing companies as they are well versed with all such processes.

IB's often do not hesitate to pay a ten to twenty percent extra on top of the agreed price to these agents, because of the following benefits:

International Sourcing Agents Often Represent the Supplier

Provide an immediate access to the best suppliers and trustworthy companies that offer the most relevant expertise in minimum time frames.

Some of the global sourcing companies also offer engineering services and lend a hand in the development of new products.

Keep an eye on the price quotes from various all over the world if found necessary.

International agents apart from managing the international communications also handle the translations and arrange site visits at appropriate times.

Sometimes, they can also turn out to be buying agents or project managers for projects that require multiple overseas suppliers.

The above mentioned are only a few of the benefits that an International Business can enjoy by hiring a good agent. Hence, it might be a good idea for you to try out one of these International or domestic agents on you next project and reap the benefits that come your way.