Home Based Business - Before You Start an International Business - What Do You Need to Know

You may not be satisfied with the success of your home based business at the domestic level. It may not be generating the kind of money that you had envisaged initially. You might start looking for an alternate business ventures at the international level.

A number of issues need to be addressed before you decide to start your business venture which would deal in services and products at the international level.

You need to take into consideration various factors like the start-up investment, stocks, transportation costs, etc. depending upon the nature of your business. No doubt an international venture may prove to be profitable but at the same time, it needs a lot of hard work, patience and meticulous planning.

Kick-starting your international venture:

The most basic requirement to start a business at the international level is both the start-up funding and having adequate finances for business expenses, perhaps for two years. You will need to arrange the necessary capital to kick-start your favorite project. Consider wisely if you decide to borrow the capital necessary.

You will also need the information on all the laws concerning the countries you wish to deal with. Actually internet research can provide you with sufficient information to start your international home based business. It would also be wise to talk with some other business owners who do business overseas.

When the going gets tough:

There is no guarantee that your international venture will be a roaring success right from the word go. You may have to wait for quite a while before the success smiles on you. Prepare yourself for the hard times. Be ready to cushion the financial blow that you are likely to suffer because of the delay in the success coming your way in any business venture. Have an emergency fund mechanism in place which will insulate you from the financial hardships.

Have time on your side:

As an international entrepreneur you will need to work very hard. Consider that time changes and that communication availability will affect your life style. You should be willing to take the responsibility to look after the needs of your customers with a smile. At the same time you cannot afford to ignore your family. You will have to create financial security for them even when your business goes through a rough patch. Going international can have a lot of potential, however business growth takes time. Being impatient will only worsen the situation since it could be a long time before you break even in your international home based business.

Know the rules of the game:

You should acquaint yourself with all the relevant rules and laws of the trade that you plan to start at international level from your home. There may be some restrictions in your own country on the business activities that may be lawful in other countries.

Do your homework thoroughly. Plan meticulously all the aspects associated with your proposed business activities. Find out if there is enough market for the product or the service that you plan to launch. Know about your competition as well. That will give you a fair insight into the current scenario of international home based business ventures.

Mandura International Business Opportunity - Is it Really Such a Healthy Choice?

What is the Mandura International Business Opportunity?

Mandura International was created by Casey and K.C. Yarbrough, two former top earners at the Excel Communications company. The goals of the Mandura International product line and the company as a whole are to generate income for sales associates and executives while promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone involved.

Mandura International products were created with the consumer and the salesperson in mind. This means that they are packaged to sell, and the recipes are engineered to entice repeat customers. The chief objectives of the company are to 1) Help associates and customers turn around their current overall health situation; 2) Help associates turn around their overall financial situation; 3) Erase debt and move into a positive-income situation; 4) Create a retirement plan that allows the sales associate to choose when, and on what terms, he or she retires.

These goals, while similar to other MLM companies' goals, are important to understand at the onset of your research. If you are passionate about the same things, it may be a good idea for you to learn more about this company.

Is Mandura International a scam?

What do you think? When you look at this company, when you see their level of earnings, when you read the reviews, how do you feel? Have you taken the time to do your research, or is this the first you've heard of the company? Regardless, just know that Mandura International is not a scam. They are operating legally, ethically, and soundly all over the world. The only reason anyone would say this company is a scam would be because they did not have success in selling the Mandura product. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is seldom the product is at fault in a fail-to-sell situation

Can I make money with Mandura International?

Mandura International is a working, functioning, profit-generating business. If you get involved and have the right skills, you can stand to make a decent paycheck. Hopefully you understood what I just said: If you get involved and have the right skills you can make a decent paycheck.

Do you have the right skills? Well, that's questionable. In all honesty, judging by the number of people who succeed and fail in MLM businesses, you probably do not have what it takes to succeed. This isn't the end of the world. You can acquire the skills you need to succeed with Mandura International, or any MLM business for that matter, by learning more about the current marketplace and how you can separate your business from the flock of other MLM entrepreneurs and turn it into a thriving enterprise.

How do I succeed with Mandura International?

Success in any MLM industry depends on your ability to see the market for what it is: A changing, shifting, vastly different place than it was five or ten years ago. The internet has undergone enormous changes-even in the past year. Implementing new skills which will capitalize on the most current tools is the way you will have the greatest success with Mandura International.

The issue with taking the old route of person-to-person marketing is that you'll be wasting time and won't be enjoying yourself as much as you could. Many MLM entrepreneurs spend all of their time trying to generate leads and secure new associates. Instead of doing this work on your own, you need to let the internet do it for you. It's time to open your eyes to the world of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is a brave new field which will create the most leads possible for the least amount of your energy. All it takes to become a successful force in the world of attraction marketing is a bit of research and understanding and massive action

How Businesses Carve A Niche By Embracing Technology

In the present business environment that has become highly competitive, the application of suitable technologies is as vital as implementing winning business and software strategies. It is no longer enough to simply possess the skills to succeed, keep an open mind to fresh opportunities, and have the patience to determine the best ways to serve customers.

From simple business tasks like retrieving client information to complicated ones such as deploying international business marketing techniques, technology in business has the fundamental purpose of aiding in the enhancement of efficiency while reducing cost. Practically all businesses have developed a certain level of healthy dependency on technology for research, development, production, delivery and beyond.

While technology implementation makes a company successful, infusing technology that fails to meet modern demands is tantamount to the complete lack of it. The importance of utilizing up-to-date technology cannot be overemphasized. Technology has the capacity to make or break an enterprise regardless of its size - much as it is crucial to reaching, or even creating, a niche.

Addressing customer needs spot-on can be a humungous task, and using targeted technology and harnessing it can be a challenge. Turning to digital technology, for starters, should be explored. Creating an attractive and informative website; offering e-commerce preferences to help boost sales; and partnering with bigger businesses have been proven to enhance visibility and contribute to business growth.

Start-ups and small businesses face the tough reality: saturated markets characterize practically every business relevant to the current consumer. Becoming a dominant force in a saturated business market and surviving the stiff competition it presents necessitate careful planning and execution. When spending on technology for business processes, for one, entrepreneurs need to rethink how its infusion can actually impact the way products or services reach customers, and determine whether the technology can still be relevant to the future demands of the company.

Carving a niche, in itself, poses an enormous task. Creating a need, so to speak, neither starts nor ends with the creation of a product or service that stands out. Equally important, a business seeking to carve a niche needs to evaluate the target market in relation to what the business offers. Competition and business pitfalls cannot be disregarded either.

Sharing the way he has created an audience for his business, English business magnate Richard Branson talks to Entrepreneur Magazine about doing "something radically different" to make a mark in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. Shaking up a sector, he says, means continuous innovation as well. This remains to be the principle behind global industry leaders Microsoft, Apple and Google, all of which have carved out niches of their own by leveraging modern technology.

There is always a chance that a business would appeal to a particular audience. Utilizing the right business and software strategies, the most fitting international business marketing methods and expansion techniques, as well as smart acquisitions or partnerships, dedicated entrepreneurs can carve the right niche and set goals towards success. Coupled with state-of-the art technology and use of digital media, these goals can become realistic.

Innovation For Business - Innovating Your Internal Business Procedures

When developing an innovation strategy, it is important to discuss ways to innovate internal business procedures. Spend time brainstorming on the various steps in your internal business procedures and look for ways to simplify or eliminate steps to streamline those procedures.

However, before getting to the issue of innovating a business procedure, there's a critical preliminary question: Is the procedure necessary?

I recently worked with a company that performs repair services on electronic appliances. The company had a detailed "inventory procedure" that was completed every morning before the store opened. The procedure required an employee to print a report of all "open" repair orders from the computer. Then, the employee handling the inventory procedure that morning checked to be sure that every appliance in for repair was actually in the store. The employee manually checked off each appliance on the list.

This process took over an hour each morning, and the employees hated it. When I began asking questions about the procedure, I learned that the completed checklist was filed away and never used again. And, if they could not find an appliance shown on the printed list, a notation was made on the list, but no effort was made to determine what happened to the missing appliance. When I asked why they did this, the answer was "that procedure is required in our business policies and procedures". After discussing the procedure with several people, including store managers, I learned that there was no reason to continue that daily procedure.

There's no bigger waste of time and resources than making an effort to optimize a business procedure that does not need to be performed in the first place.

Take a look at your own internal business procedures and be sure there is a valid business reason for continuing those procedures. If the procedure is necessary, then you can begin looking for ways to streamline that procedure.

International Business: Going Global in Today's Economy

Going global and taking a business international has many advantages and disadvantages. Everything that is involved should be considered and discussed before such an expansion is sought.

There are several areas of communication that must be considered when business is being done internationally. Not only do people from different countries speak many different languages, there are always cultural differences that must be taken into consideration. In some locations, the act of touching another person in any way, is forbidden and may actually be taken as an insult to the natives of the country. Certain words and phrases that are acceptable and complimentary in the US are not in some other countries, even if the phrase is said in the appropriate language.

If a company is planning to do a permanent expansion into another country, they should seek to hire people from that location to handle their business for them. This often helps to get around the language and culture barriers. Finding a local to help with business matters can help the company assimilate into the new country much faster. It also helps because having someone native tell the citizens that the product or services is worthy is good advertisement. If someone local cannot be found or hired, it is imperative to do as much research as possible into the intended country's culture and customs before commencing business.

Business executives should prepare to change some of their standard policies, if they expect to be profitable on a global scale. The exchange of money, the procedures used and policies made must all fit the typical methods used by the particular country of interest, even if they seem far different from US policies. When culture differences are detected, they must be respected and accommodated.

It is a good idea to scope out the area before expanding a business internationally. Choose the location that is most appropriate for your particular industry and visit the area to get a feel for it, if possible. A lot of the success of new expansions depends on the current need for a certain product or service in a specific area of the world. Make sure the location you want to expand to is in need of the company's services; otherwise, it could turn out to be a huge waste of money and effort with no potential for success. This can cause enough financial stress on a company to make it close down, either temporarily or permanently.

Having a well-thought out business plan ahead of time is the best idea for any company at all, and especially one with aspirations to expand into other countries. There are many things that must be considered and designing a good expansion plan is an excellent way to cover all of them.

3 Reasons International Business Travelers Need a Roaming SIM Card

The global financial crisis of 2010 has lessened and business people are roaming overseas again. Instead of sending an email and relying on the response they are heading off to have a face to face meeting just to make sure everything is okay. However, these travelers are now much more cost conscious. No longer will a bill with exorbitant roaming charges be acceptable to the company bottom line. Those who are again regularly travelling for business need a roaming SIM card and the purpose of this article is to explain why.

In most countries you won't pay to receive calls - Using your home phone means that you pay both exorbitant roaming rates for outgoing calls but you also end up spending a bucket load of money to receive calls. If you get yourself a roaming SIM card, you could cut this bill by 70% or more because you won't pay to receive calls. Even those countries where you do have to pay to receive calls will cost you a fraction of what you would pay with your home mobile.

You don't have to constantly change phone numbers - A few years back, some travelers recommended getting a prepaid SIM card in each country that you travelled to. This lead to unnecessary costs because you were constantly having to call the office, your family and your friends just to update them with your new phone number. At international call rates these costs could add up quite quickly. A roaming SIM card means you only have the one number no matter the country that you travel to so you will not need to be constantly updating people as to your contact details.

Roaming SIM Cards are generally prepaid so you can track your spending - It is easy to delude yourself if you are using your home mobile that you are not on the phone for that long when in fact you could quite easily have racked up call costs totaling hundreds of dollars or more. Even I, with many years experience in telecommunications, have been caught in this trap. I went to the US for a trip and ended up with a roaming bill of $2000 that was racked up in only two weeks. We've seen clients rack up bills of $20000 or more in less than two hours data roaming. With a prepaid roaming SIM card you will be told how much credit you have at the start of each call. You can easily tell how much money you have spent.

Saving Money on International Business Dealings

For any business looking to expand its international audience, or to maintain its existing global client list, expenses incurred in international business dealings can be fairly substantial.

International business can equate to an extensive amount of travelling, whether by plane, train or auto-mobile. With the added scrutiny felt largely by high ranking officials within the public sector when it comes to expenses, now is perhaps a timely opportunity to reduce such costs.

Corporate travel agents who specialise in business travel needs may be an ideal option. These companies are able to provide discounted fares to their business customers, as well as offering advice and suggestions with regards to meetings and conference venues, thus saving you and your business time and money.

For many, the prospect of flying across the globe to build and develop client relationships is not a feasible financial or logistical option. In such cases, making contact via telephone is a cheaper alternative, however, it can still demand a hefty chunk of the company funds. In order to bring down your international phone bill it is advisable to shop around for a good deal on cheap international calls.

There are many services on offer for business customers, with prices starting from as little as 1p per minute for calls to various countries. In most cases, you are able to retain your existing number and provider. By simply calling the access numbers (numbers individual to each country and provided by the service provider), you can activate the discounted call rates.

The Advantages of MBA International Business Management Online

Advancements in the fields of communication and technology, as well as international travel, have shrunk this planet substantially. These developments have created many potential business opportunities for companies around the globe. The opening of nations' economy and lowering of international trade tariffs has increased the volume of world-wide business substantially. Therefore, a degree in international business is a wise move for career growth.

Career in Global business navigates through complex global economic landscapes. In an online MBA program specializing in international business, international finances, accounting, management, business policies, and marketing strategies will be covered. Earning an MBA makes you more competitive in the job market, with the potential for high-level promotion.

This Online MBA prepares potential students for business climates around the world. Some Online MBA International Business degree programs can be completed in just months. Gaining this MBA Business degree program prepares students for professions in the global arena, focusing on the challenges that confront international and global markets.

This MBA will address such subjects as analysis of international trade and finance, global marketing strategies, management practices in the international market places, which further enhance studies for a well-rounded MBA in Intl. Business degree. Students acquiring this MBA Degree will be prepared as professionals with opportunities in many professions, such as international sales, global distribution, international management, and international trade. Some of these MBA can be obtained through distance learning offered by reputable university/college.

Online PhD Business Administration master degree programs are also available. Coursework focuses on issues of shifting outlooks for international business, international trade and business, international finance, international economics, as well as other considerations relating to Multi-region international business beyond the United States of America: Singapore, India, China, Japan.

Global business is integral to the success and sustainability of many companies across the nation. As such, it's imperative that these companies hire candidates with massive international business expertise. The job outlook for careers in international business is highly positive as the global interaction between multi-national companies continues to increase.

If you've always had excellent communication skills, have great desire to learn more about other cultures, are business-minded, consider how online universities can help you achieve your MBA degree.

St Kilda Football Club - A Business Promoting Entity

Football is quite a popular game. For some it is passion and for some it is business too. Games are generally organised by the government of the country. They invest a huge amount of money on such games only. Few private sectors also keep their interest in these games. The ultimate thing is business. The fun and enjoyment is for the audience only. St. Kilda football club serves best to it's city as far as business is concerned.

This inner city suburb of Melbourne is densely populated. And when it owns it's own football club, then obviously it provides a complete business. For making one's own football team,obviously one needs efficient players, a well trained coach. But this is not it. The best quality balls, play ground, soccer kits, comfortable clothes, shoes many things are required. That promote business for those industries who manufacture these items. Health department take advantage through taking care of fitness of the players. This game also attracts the attention of the different sponsors to earn their own business. Furniture industries earn their profit by taking the charge of the stadium. And the maximum bugs are gained by selling tickets. As St. Kilda is a densely populated place and has its own club, therefore it attracts the attention of maximum people. People go for boosting up their own team against the other. This city also organises the matches at its own place. So the other country's team who are arriving as competitors stay at the hotels of the city. The hotels provide best services to their guest and earn handsome profit. The television forecasting of the game is another benefit in account of the government.

This football team is efficient enough to win number of games. Because if the team is not efficient then it looses its charm for both investors and audience. So it actually provides international business to the city, and in fact to Australia. This team has proved its worth by winning number of games. This club is a complete package, as it provides thrill, and fun to audience, and international business to both private and government sector, and brings cup for the nation.

Translations and International Business

American advertising has involved with foreign advertising for about forty years. Ever since European countries decided to allow commercials into their programming. Most of those years have been a struggle attempting to utilize American "know how" and injecting it into a foreign culture. American multinational advertising Agencies such as McCann-Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thomson and Leo Burnett have needed to hire local talent to understand the market and the culture in order to be effective.

There are translation sites on the internet. There are still many Americans who believe that translation in the mere substitution of one sentence or word in English for another sentence or word into a foreign language. I caution you, these languages are called foreign for a reason. They are derived from an entirely different culture sometimes thousands of years older than the American culture.

Aside from witty comments, jokes and colloquial expressions that are not literally translatable, there are cultural differences. I once went with my grandfather into a dutch restaurant when I was twelve. I asked for a "hot dog." Every American knows what "hot dog" is, but in The Netherlands, they never heard of such a thing. I tried translating, but that just made the restaurant staff grin. Then, I described it as a small wurst between two slices of bread and I was served just that. Ketchup and American mustard weren't yet available.

When Mercedes-Benz first came to the United States about 1955, they perceived their vehicles as competing with Chevrolet or Ford. Mercedes-Benz had no perception of a premium niche. They were perceived in Europe as a daily transportation vehicle, perhaps a step above a Volkswagen. Even today 75% of the taxis in Europe are Mercedes-Benz.

In 1962, when Chevrolet decided to go international for the first time, they decided to export their new compact car, the Chevy Nova to Spain. GM executives thought "Nova" meaning new star or one that shines brightly would be ideal. However, with reliability and available parts being in question, the Chevy Nova became the GM "NO VA." (Spanish for doesn't move.)

Somethings can be more directly translated, such as a call to action. Push here! Commands do not change much. However, Americans do not really use the subjunctive tenses at all. German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian languages, have two to eight subjunctive tenses. They can in their language communicate on a much more personal level than we can in English. Intonations, meanings, perceptions do not transfer well from one language to another. Tonal emphasis on one part of a word may create a totally different meaning, and could even alienate your prospective customer.

One can be very successful and profitable, especially as cultures move closer and interconnect. Many American Businesses have been embraced abroad such as McDonald' Hamburgers. But, before one ventures into a foreign culture, check with at least two native speakers, who know the language and the culture.

International Business Corporation - Is It Right For You?

What is an IBC or International Business Corporation?

An IBC is essentially a limited liability corporation.

A limited company which has basically the same rights and privileges as that of an ordinary limited company. With the prime difference being that they generally are not allowed to do business in the country where they have formed the corporation. They are able to do business in all other countries of the world which will allow them permission to conduct their business.

Let me expound. They are not allowed to do business in the country they are formed but they are allowed to have their administration offices there. They just cannot conduct their normal course of business.

Now you say what is the benefit of having a IBC if they have the same rights and responsibilities but cannot operate in the country in which they are formed.

You have the responsibilities of paying the normal taxes and adhering to all of the laws of the country in which you are doing business. Therefore you do have to pay income tax there.

The benefit of the IBC is that once you have taken your taxed paid funds or profits out of the country in which you are doing business and repatriate them back into the country where your IBC is resident then the gain you make on those funds are not taxable. As the profits the company makes are not taxable in the country of residence. This may also include something as simple as interest on the deposits you have in the country of residence. Many of these countries do not charge tax on the interest earned. Or capital gains on the assets of the company. One

Bottom line:

  • Assets of the IBC can grow tax-free or with minimal tax once tax has been paid in the country of where the business was conducted and earned then the asset repatriated to the country of the IBC. Depending of the laws of your country of residence and how they govern your activity.

Another major advantage of the IBC:

  • The inaccessibility of litigators to get at the assets of the company as in many of these countries since there is not income being generated in the country then there is little or not reporting.

Therefore it is difficult for a litigator to determine the true assets of the company. If they do not know the assets they cannot attach leans or charges against the asset.

Further because the IBC is in a foreign country the cost of litigating such a company is extremely costly.

Does that mean the cost of setting up these companies is expensive?

In a word no. Generally no more expensive than setting one up in your home country.

Another benefit of an IBC is that is generally possible to

  • Utilize nominee shareholders and directors for the company

Thereby hiding the true identity of the people who actually own and operate the company.

Adding yet another layer of security for the principals to prevent or at least slow down the potential legal suits which can fall onto not only the companies but the owners of the companies from hungry litigators.

The major decision is if this type of strategy is of any benefit to your situation. Only you can decide that. As we are not giving either tax advise or legal advise merely stating what does exist out there. It is strongly recommended you talk with a reputable and knowledgeable professional who details with these matters as their main course of business. As there can be far too many potential problems for those not thoroughly familiar with the regulations of both your country of residence and the country you may chose to start your International Business Corporation.

The Internet CEO - The Purpose of Doing Business on an International Level

In any business venue, you must first ask yourself, what is the sole purpose of my business? You have to set goals for your business and have a clear picture on where you want your business to go. Here are some questions that you must ask yourself when building a profitable online business:

1. What am I trying to achieve or accomplish with my online business?

2. Who are my customers and what exactly do they want?

3. How can I reach out to them?

4. What makes my business different from all the others?

5. How can I capitalize on what my competitors are doing or are not doing?

6. What is my long term goals with this business?

7. What are my short term goals with this business?

8. How can my short term goals build up to long term goals?

These questions will help get you started in figuring out a unique profitable strategy. A lot of individuals build online businesses for different reasons. From consulting to selling products or services, or simply expressing their ideas. Some talk about their lives or interests. But all in all, a website is really a means of networking.

The purpose of why the internet ceo, carael knight does international business online

The whole purpose of why I do business online is to show independent business owners that they can be just as successful as the major online internet marketing companies. Also, I wanted to show them how they could create a brand name and build a buzz on a global level. More and more independent online business owners are becoming multi-millionaires through market their own products and services as well as marketing other people's products and services as affiliates. The internet really is international business and an extremely profitable means of networking globally.

To me, this is why I push small business owner to take their business online. I have found that there is no other cheaper way you can reach a massive amount of viewers around the globe simultaneosly than through the internet. I know you have radio and television but this can get very expensive. But when you have a website, all you have to do is drive traffic to your site and doing international business will be "childs play".

Getting More US Customers for Your Business

The planning and development that goes into expanding your business overseas into the United States is already a task in itself. Studying the demography of regions and US market viability are just a few of the processes of developing an international business strategy. When going through the planning development however it is important to not forget business phone communications. Internal communications obviously will be standard planning procedure however consumer and business communications must not be neglected.

Offering US buyers and customers a way to contact your business through a phone number is not enough. A US buyer ordering services or goods will want to speak over the phone with somebody to make sure an overseas business is legitimate for free. It is seen everyday with international business and it hasn't seemed to change, that is the fact that the numbers offered for international clients tends to merely be the instruction of dialing internationally to their local business number. While helpful, you aren't doing much of a favor for your future customers or current customer base.

You may think you have your bases covered with just your regional phone number via a satellite office within the geography of your new market empire, if you have one. You want to remember that even in this case the same rules apply when it comes to rewarding customer experiences and increased sales, you need a US toll free number.

It may not be well known to many but there is in fact US toll free numbers you can purchase that are from the United States that can be routed directly to your international business number. You pay per minute international charges that vary company to company, however you stand a better chance to gain quality customers.

The process of getting a toll free number in the United States does not require much work luckily. There are quite a few companies out there offering international forward toll free numbers for business overseas wanting US numbers at fairly competitive rates. These companies offering these toll free services do not require any advanced IT education to implement a US toll free number for your business either.

Acquiring US business toll free number is a very simple process and getting the calls to route to your business phone line(s) is nothing more than informing the company which number you wish to have calls routed to and what your billing options will be.

Some United States toll free number companies have on-the-fly routing which means that calls can be routed and switched to alternate locations instantly usually from a site using a customer login allowing you to free up call center volume to alternate lines or even to a cell phone depending on the uses of the toll free number.

Additional considerations such as bilingual call center staff and new call center development may apply to you, however acquiring an United States toll free number will be a headache free experience once you find the provider you wish to do business with. One highly recommended company is Kall8 which can be found online through various sites.

When shopping for your number consider the sign up fees, per minute fees, and other connection fees as well. See if there are minute limits and always check billing increments. Make sure your phone number is being distributed only where it counts so you don't waste precious company money on random USA forwarded phone calls.

International Business Opportunity - Taking Advantage of Resources and Manpower of Other Countries

Starting a business involves a high capital investment, huge risks and requires good management capability. It provides self-employment and also decreases the job crisis to some extent. Businesses involve getting goods from foreign countries, which is known as importing and transporting goods to other countries known as exporting. It also involves transaction of services, resources etc. within 2 different countries.

International business is undertaken by both private and government organizations. Private companies grab the international business opportunity to gain profit. It requires huge a number of manpower for performing various jobs. Thus provides job offers for many people.

International business helps in maintaining friendly relations between companies in other countries, exchange of resources, skills, services, market expansion and risk minimization.

When a product is of international quality everybody tends to get a good impression on those products and thus helps in marketing and sales. It helps in occupying a permanent place in the market. This helps in expanding the business, which in turn provides job opportunities to a lot of people.

Business expansion can also be done through the Internet since it is one of the fastest means to reach people in any location in the world. The details of a product, company etc. can be established in the net by creating a website. This is the most economical way of expanding sales and the easiest way for advertising.

India's growth in the international business sector is 7 percent annually. But this is expected to increase in days to come since the stock market growth has attracted the attention of other countries.

Many countries are exploring business opportunities in India, since we have skilled manpower, good services etc. Growth in the international sector can be ensured as long as the relationship between countries is stable.

Global Domains International Business Opportunity - Free Classifieds

As we know, MLM business opportunity is one of the highest rated work-from-home programs. Global International domains, though a product that moves fast, requires some skillful marketing from your side. Apart from word of mouth marketing, affiliates can use the powerful medium of the Internet to promote their products and target niche customers.

There are various online marketing strategies and one of the best among them in the Free Classifieds. As the name suggests, you are not required to pay for anything as this opportunity comes absolutely free. This is especially useful if you are just starting your business. The trick while marketing the forum global domain international is to identify classifieds that are search engine optimized. This will ensure a lot of traffic to your website on the MLM Global Domains International opportunity leading to increased referrals under you. This will enable doubling or even tripling your profits in a short period of time. A search engine optimized classified will show up and be indexed and identified by search engines such as Google. This will ensure the classified shows up whenever a related search is made.

Another important aspect to note as you search for "post free ads" and "free classifieds" on the internet is to see that you preferably target your country or area specific search engines. Try to go in for popular sites such as those that are listed in the initial two pages. The next step is to identify sites that feature a category pertaining to your product, in this instance a category that features ads on domains. You need to update your classifieds on a frequent basis as there is a fast change in the rankings. Also ensure that your classified comes under the right category with detailed information on the age, condition, quantity and price.

Another important aspect is to provide clear communication details including mobile, e mail and phone numbers for any prospective customer to be able to contact you with ease. Last but not the least, ensure you monitor and repost your classified ads before the time expires. If your company has a logo, it would be professional to add in the logo to the ad. Free Classified is therefore an ideal marketing platform, especially for those who are new to online business. Making good use of the classified ads marketing strategy can ensure success in your Global domains international business opportunity.

Dealing With The Language Barrier In International Business

More and more often in business we find that companies spread divisions of themselves across the planet and you may well find that as you go from talking to one English speaking part of a company you hit a Urdu speaking part of a German speaking part, it's times like these that good quality translations in anything from user manuals to private documents can become incredibly useful.

My story began a long while ago, I was working as CEO of a medium sized IT repair company, taking orders from across the planet and trying to explain my company's procedures to clients across the planet with the help of our good friend Google Translate. Not only did this produce emails with hideous typos but also game my entire company an air of unprofessionalism that I had fought hard to battle ever since taking over in a senior position in the company. So I set about hiring people for positions they weren't qualified for just because I knew they could speak and translate documents into foreign language. Needless to say, this was a costly and time consuming error.

So I set about trying to find myself a translation company who could guarantee me complete transparency, and could inspire the confidence I needed to pass over many sensitive documents to be translated in a timely professional way. But after taking a lot of advance and reading around online I managed to find a company that fit my needs perfectly and they've been handling my business for the past 2 years now, it's all about research in the end.

International Business Degree - Maximise Your Career Prospects

In many ways behind every brilliant career there is the right choice of university and degree. Students with the drive and ambition to succeed in business and a wish to travel may consider an international business degree that focuses on maximising your career prospects.

Serious tuition at a business school gives undergraduates the best possible learning environment in terms of facilities, teaching and industry links. There is no better way to study business than in London, the financial epicentre of the planet. The broad-based knowledge, skills and training you receive for a career in the global business world is invaluable.

There are numerous international business degrees available to enroll on, each providing their own insight into global business - from accounting and finance to real estate and management. Naturally, enrolling on courses at such pioneering establishments with close links to the City of London is a rigorous process with high entry requirements. Students with a clear aptitude and skill in a business environment may be able to benefit from generous scholarships and bursary awards made purely on the basis of academic merit.

International business degrees provide the chance to obtain international exposure in the marketplace, giving undergraduates a vital edge in the job market. Many institutions give scholars the chance to spend a year or a term studying in partner institutions be it Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States or across Western Europe.

Professional placements and internships are the perfect opportunity to gain both work experience and build up networks and relationships that can mould future career steps. Being able to apply theoretical knowledge gleaned from an international business degree course and apply it to practical everyday problems is a worthwhile experience.

International Business Gift Giving 101

Corporate gift giving in America is much different than in other countries. In both the United States and England, it is less common to give a business gift than it is in other countries. If you have business dealings with other countries, it is wise to study their gift giving procedures and customs. While no list will include every ritual and practice, here is a brief look at what you can expect in a few highly-traveled business arenas.

If you are giving gifts to the Japanese:

· It is quite normal to give and receive business gifts in Japanese culture. Expect to be given a gift if you are traveling to Japan on business.

· Be prepared with gifts to give in return. Have a series of gifts at the ready so you won't be caught in an awkward situation.

· The Japanese tend to focus on the art of giving the gift rather than the gift itself. So instead of dropping off your gift and running, plan to spend time presenting your gift to your Japanese business associates.

· Do not give gifts in multiples of fours or nines. They are considered bad luck. Give gifts in groups of two.

· Never give a cheap gift. The Japanese are known for giving gifts of value. Prepare to give your very best.

· Don't walk in and immediately hand over your gift. This is considered poor etiquette. Instead wait until the end of your visit to present it. If you've giving a gift to just one person, say the boss, present it to him in private. If you are offering a group gift, make sure each recipient is there in the room before you present it.

· If you are offered a gift, and you will be, refuse one or more times before accepting. This is expected behavior. When you do reach out to accept the gift, receive it with both hands.

If you are offering Chinese business partners a gift:

· It is considered perfectly acceptable to give a gift of thanks or even in hopes of receiving future favoritism. This is very different from American business culture.

· Do not give a gift to a Chinese person without a witness or bystander. And if you don't have a good reason for giving your gift, don't.

· A Chinese person may ask what you would like for your gift. This is considered good etiquette. It is expected that you will respond. Ask for something in line with Chinese culture like a brush and pen set or a tea from their region. It may be hard for an American to ask for something specific, but the Chinese will be offended if you don't have something in mind.

· Always give a gift in return. And never give cash or money. It is considered very poor taste to do so. However, your return gift should be expensive and thought out. This is not the time to visit the bargain bin. Think elegant and upscale.

· Much like the Japanese, the Chinese see value in numbers. Do not give one of something as it is seen as bad luck. Give gifts in pairs of things as this is seen as a balance and a harmonious offering.

If you are giving corporate or business gifts in a country like Saudi Arabia:

· Study up on the culture. It is considered inappropriate to give a gift to any but an intimate friend.

· Select only the very best gift you can afford. Better not to give a gift than to give a cheap one. The worst things you can buy for a man are silk or golden objects. Go instead for silver, as it is acceptable.

· If you are offered a gift, reach out and accept it with your right hand. Not doing so would be an offense. You should open your gift when you receive it. Not to do so is in poor taste.

Of course there are many other countries you may do business with. It's always best to ask a friend with that ethnic background and do some research before embarking on a gift giving journey.

TriUnity International Business Review - Could This Be A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Triunity International Is Focused on Health and Wealth.

Lately I have been doing a lot of research on TriUnity International. It's also known as the parent company of Acai Plus. They have a beautiful company website and that's where I started reading to find out what TriUnity International is all about. I have also seen a lot of videos on YouTube about this company and products. For me there has been something fascinating about this company and that made me dig deeper into this business opportunity. There are so many health products out there that it can be hard to find a company to stick with when thinking of building a business. That's why I was looking for something different in the health and wellness sector when I stumbled on TriUnities one of a kind products. I wanted it to be something that stood out from everything else out there for this business to work for me. I encourage you to read the whole review to get to know as much as possible about the company before you join.

Who Is TriUnity and what does it stand for?

TriUnity International was developed by CEO and Founder Mr. Greg Gunderson. Hi is a business entrepreneur stating that this is a company built with integrity and honesty with a strong leadership and with you in mind. TriUnity International is a U.S. based organization and opened it's doors in 2006 with head office in San Diego, California. TriUnity International is operating in other countries as well.

The TriUnity Products

I found their product to be very unique and different than anything out there. TriUnity claims that they practically have no competition because their products belong in a different class in terms of health and nutritional value than others. They also claim that their Thri-Thin Magic can increase your energy level with no jittery feelings while suppressing your appetite. It's focused on providing wellness and health for who ever uses it. They also have Fitness Magic for weight loss an energy plus appetite formula.

Is TrinUnity International a Profitable Opportunity?

TriUnity International Inc. is a profitable opportunity and they are very good at promoting their products. They are offering a competitive compensation plan to it's distributors. They focus on a totally custom hybrid plan that able distributors the best when it comes to unlimited Income potential right from the start. If you have experience in network marketing you can have a good profit from their compensation plan. You can get started in TriUnity International as a distributor as low as $7.00 When looking at their website, a high percentage of distributors receive a pay check every month.

TriUnity International seems to be a very good business opportunity with top leaders and with one of a kind products. However, for to be successful and make money in TriUnity I highly recommend that you learn how to market and brand yourself as a leader for to generate leads for your TriUnity business. You want to be educated from the start for to be fully equipped and have success from day one. Usually people fell short of cash and leads when starting their business and you don't want to go through all that pain.

Regardless if you join Triunity or not you need to have knowledge of personal branding and lead generation to make any business work. Many are struggling to build their business online and the main factor is that they don't generate enough leads or run out of money before they even get started.

The key to success in network marketing is to keep it simple, affordable, and easy to duplicate.

International Business Success

There is a lot of talk today about being "global". What does global mean? A person of the world? Every country is as different. So is every locality and city or town. The skills a business person needs to be successful in international business go beyond being global. While not comprehensive, this list based on over a dozen years of international business experience should help.


For the international business person, travel is a way of life. Long distance air travel can be especially brutal. The best advice is to arrive one day before any important meetings or conferences to adjust to any time difference. In the air, eat, sleep, work and read but do all in moderation. Air travel gluttony is common among international travelers. The on thing you cannot do is exercise on an airplane.


Stay where your host, whether a local office or a client recommends. While cost is a consideration, so is safety, convenience to meeting locations and services provided. This is the home away from home so chose it with care.


Eat in moderation. Business travel is not the time to make up for every diet that one has ever been one. There is the temptation to eat more than usual. On the other had, when with people who live locally, whether colleagues or clients, ask what they recommend when dining together. Apart from allergies, one should be open to eating local cuisine.


Some cultures drink more than Americans. Some drink less. And some not at all. The best advice is to drink in moderation or not at all. Similar to eating, international business travel is not the time to beat ones college drinking record. It is not healthy and it is insulting to clients and colleagues.


Most American business people, even after the business casual trend, still dress much more casually than business people internationally. Find out from local colleagues or even clients what attire is appropriate. If you do not know, dress in traditional business attire (suits for men and for women). This can always be dressed down if appropriate. Dress like you mean business but more importantly, dress appropriately. The same applies to evening dinners and functions outside of business hours.


Be at meeting early. Do not leave until the meeting is over. Even if others leave to take calls, do not do so except at scheduled breaks. Eat in moderation if lunch is brought in. Do not drink too much coffee but bottled water is good. Clean up after yourself after the meeting. And do not sit in the meeting with your laptop and read your email. That is rude. Do make sure you bring plenty of business cards. Introduce yourself to everybody. Do not interrupt, raise your voice or swear. If you have other calls, schedule them for the evening when not meeting with the clients or your colleagues.


In the evenings it is common to have dinner with clients or colleagues. After dinner is often a time to relax, exercise and catch up on some work before the next day. If staying over a weekend or taking a day off, visit local historical sites, museums, cultural events and also shops and restaurants. Staying in the hotel doing work is not healthy and it does not make one more internationally-minded or cultured.


Find out how your clients and colleagues prefer to communicate when not face-to-face. E-mail is common today. Conference calls are important too. Video conference calls can be very effective. Snail mail and faxes are less and less common today but are still necessary from time-to-time. Keep all communications clear, crisp and to the point. On international conference calls, listen more than talk. And do not interrupt. Ever. Take notes or minutes and make sure they are distributed within one business day of the call. Never e-mail jokes, gags, anything obscene or off-color. Do not swear or raise your voice on calls or video calls. Listening and patience are valued in most non-US cultures.


While most non-US business people speak 2-4 languages most from the US speak 1 or perhaps 2 and not well. To this end, speak clearly in English. Be patient if asked to repeat or explain. This is especially true on conference calls. It is acceptable to pick up local words or phrases. Make sure they are appropriate and that they are pronounced flawlessly. Do not make a joke out of local words or phrases. This is insulting to clients and local colleagues.

While business has a lot to do with finance, technology, human resources, research and development and law, it has more to do with people than anything else. To that end, doing business internationally is about people. By traveling and working with dignity and respect for customers and local colleagues, one is taking the first step toward the extensive skills needed to be successful in international business.

Undergraduate Program: International Business Program

International Business Program is designed for students interested in a career in an international environment. The program (Undergraduate Program: International Business Program) meets the need for business men and women who are able to work in an international business life and contains general as well as specialized courses, all given in English. You will meet students from different parts of the world during the program (Undergraduate Program: International Business Program) which gives you an excellent basis for understanding other cultures. If you take the chance to go abroad, on a university exchange and/or an international internship, you will have experience from studying and working in an international environment. This provides you with valuable experience when applying for future work.

Career opportunities After studying on the International Business Program you will have the competence and qualifications to work with international business related tasks in companies, organizations or in the public sector. The internship program offers you a unique opportunity to work abroad where you will have the chance to practice and develop your skills in marketing, management or finance. The program (Undergraduate Program: International Business Program) gives you eligibility for advanced and post-graduate studies in business administration.

Program Outline

All courses are studied one at a time with an examination at the end of each module. Normally each course module is 5 weeks.
Courses in the first five semesters and part of the sixth semester are obligatory.

• Business International Administration A (International Business Environment, marketing, organization and management of the firm, management accounting)
• Statistics (Introduction into statistical quality control and statistical decision theory) and Economic History (about the evolution of economic phenomena in historical perspective)
• Economics (how to manage limited resources)
• Business International administration B (Financial accounting B, entrepreneurial and enterprise and enterprise resource planning systems, Research methodology in Business Administration, foundations of Finance.
• Business Administration C and electives (In this semester, you will study 15 credits at C level where you choose between marketing and finance, and 15 credits (elective courses) in any subject as long as you fulfill the requirements and there are seats available on that course. You are guaranteed a seat on all courses in the following institutions: Business Administration, Economics, statistics, Law and economic history. You may also apply for other courses with in languages, behavioral sciences and informatics. You may also go for exchange studies abroad in this semester.
• Jurisprudential survey course (Introduction to Swedish Law and Basic EU Law) and 15 credits elective courses (students have an opportunity to go for internship abroad ( optional) but which we highly recommend or choose to study 15 credits electives( same conditions as in semester 5)

In the seventh semester, you will choose a specialization between the unique courses for each emphasis in Business administration. (Marketing, Management,Business Development and Internationalization).

Semester 8: Degree project. The degree project should have the same emphasis as your area of specialization (to be written with another student).
Assistance in oral and written presentation in English will be given parallel with courses in semester 1 and 4.

Career Opportunities

Students that complete this program use their qualification to work in companies, organizations and authorities with an international emphasis. The program (Undergraduate Program: Business International Program) also prepares the student for an international work environment.

Employment Law Is An Important Part Of Business Law

Business law is one of the branches of the huge field of law. There are many things one has to keep in mind when starting a business; let it be a small or a large business. Breaking these laws may land you in deep trouble, so it is always advisable to have some basic knowledge of both small business law and business corporate law. With this knowledge, you are sure of being able to run your business smoothly without any hindrance from the law whatsoever!

One of the most important areas to consider in business law is employment law. If you don't comply with all the employment laws and regulations, it is highly likely that you will end up in lots of trouble! There are different laws that actually rule the employment basis of both the regular employees and the contract employees of a business. Some of the employment business laws that have to be met by you are FLSA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1966 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. However, these laws are not connected to the various state employment business laws that you may find to your business! These laws are a different thing altogether. To confirm that your business meets all the employment laws, it is always better to checkup with your HR department.
To run a business, it is important to have a business permit or a license. If you do not have one, there is a high possibility of you having to shutdown your business and to pay hefty fines and penalties. Moreover, in addition to federal business law it is required that you meet the state business law regulations too. And if you have an international based business, you have to be aware of the different international business laws and how they can affect your business, you and your bottom line. You at least have to meet the general international business laws, import laws, any specialized export laws and laws of the country you maintain business with.

Those running online businesses may be of the impression that there are no business laws pertaining to the internet. However, this is not so. There are many internet and online business laws that have to be followed to maintain any online business. The reason for these laws is that the internet explosion over the past decade has forced the government to introduce internet compliance laws to maintain some law and regulation over the internet. So if you by any chance run a website make sure that you abide the internet business laws. If you don't do so, there is a high possibility of your site being shut down and of you, in the mean time, facing criminal prosecution and huge fines.

Remember that it is not advisable for you to try and comply with all the business laws on your own. There are numerous laws, and the best mode of avoiding falling into any trap would be to get the help of some professional business law firm. These tips are just to give you an idea of the types of business laws existing. However, even if you do hire a business law firm, it is also better, and important for you to have some basic knowledge of business laws!

The Role of a Business Arbitration Attorney in International Business

Legal issues can get pretty messy when they are brought to court. A business arbitration attorney can help businesses avoid the headache of court trials as they specialize in the legal technique of resolving disputes outside of the courts.

There are several types of arbitration processes, all of which are encouraged to be practiced to avoid overcrowding the courts. The simplest type consists of three entities: the two disputing parties and a neutral party that has been mutually agreed upon to hear out each side of the dispute and pass a binding decision. The neutral party need not be a legal professional.

The arbitration of business disputes is usually practiced when the differences arise from day-to-day commercial affairs. Such disputes are preferably settled in an informal setting because, more often than not, the two disputing parties will still want to retain their business ties after everything is over and done with.

For small business establishments that deal with international commercial transactions, business arbitration lawyers play an important role in ensuring smooth, informal dispute settlements. They can draw up clear points for argumentation, for example. Where parties may disagree as to their individual rights and obligations due to differences in trade and commerce laws, arbitration attorneys can level the playing field by laying out objective rules and making sure both parties understand each other.

A business arbitration attorney can also assist in preventing such legal disputes from happening. With a thorough knowledge of commercial laws, business arbitrations lawyers can help in the careful construction of contracts and terms of service.

Advantages and Drawbacks of International Business Transactions

International business, as the name implies, stands for business transactions between different countries. Those business deals could be for an exchange of goods, services, or skills and talents of people, not to mention the financial power that could be advantageous for the involved country's industry of banking, finance, construction amongst others. Now that globalization is common when it comes to communication and technology, it shows our ability to coordinate with each other no matter how much discouragement is showed.

Just as with any business, transactions or deals made with a foreign company can be very much challenging. Here are some of the challenges that most businesses with international transactions face:

* Culture. Local businesses are simpler in terms of the norms between the transactions. If deals are made between two foreign countries, culture and tradition amongst the two should be understood. For many years, misunderstandings and misconceptions of different ethnicity have been the source of conflict involving different nations. But, the truth of the matter is that each country has different beliefs. Once mutual respect is achieved, battles would never be necessary even with many disparities in the way of living.

* Travel. Traveling from country to country will involve a lot of time, effort, and money as opposed to transacting with a local entrepreneur. On the other hand, this is the only way to show the sincerity in the transaction especially during the earlier phases when trust still needs to be built.

* Language. Language is one of the barriers of communication. This is a great challenge especially for those who do not know how to speak English. Although there are translators, businessmen still need to learn the basic language which is very important in every business. Proper communication is one of the vital key points in having a successful international business.

* Adaptation. Keep in mind that in dealing with foreign people, there is a need to adapt with their customs and norms. It is very unwise to expect that dealings can be made in the same way all the time. Remember that these are different people, and they may have a different approach to certain situations that is often dealt differently.

However, despite all those challenges, one thing still remains true. The modern technology in this era has made it possible to communicate without any trouble. By way of the internet, transactions can be made through online, which makes for the easiest way of collaborating between countries. As a matter of fact, outsourcing can be a great help especially in marketing, advertising, manufacturing, and other tasks.

Even though it can be quite a challenge to start an international business, the mere fact that information can now be passed on without any trouble can be a great benefit that beats the downsides. It is for this reason that more and more companies are now getting into the industry. The preparation and earlier stages may involve daunting tasks, but that is just the start. As time passes, it will be easier.

Interpreting - The Art of Communicating in International Business

Interpretation is the verbal translation of a conversation or presentation. Interpreter's role is to ensure communication between parties is as clear as possible and misunderstandings are minimized. Having an interpreter allows you to express yourself in your native language. An interpreter can help you bide time to formulate responses in negotiations and assist you in understanding cultural differences.

What are the various modes of interpreting?

Whispered interpreting, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

What is whispered interpreting?

In whispered interpreting, mainly performed during court proceedings, the interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the words into his or her ear.

What is consecutive interpreting?

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speaker deliver part of a speech and then translates it into another language.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation involves orally translating a speech as it is delivered, in real time.

When will I need an interpreter?

Interpreters work in situations where there is a language barrier, for example in business meetings, court hearings, conferences, presentations and other situations where one or more people cannot understand each other.

What is the cost of hiring an interpreter?

The cost depends on the language combination, as well as the length, nature and location of the assignment. Interpreting bookings are charged on an hourly basis but half day or full day block booking can also be made. In some situation, you may also be asked to cover the mileage and travel expenses but we do try to book local interpreters to minimize the cost.

How far in advance should I book an interpreter?

Finding an interpreter at short notice can be difficult, especially in rarer languages, so it's best to give us as much notice as possible.

What information do I need to provide in order to brief the interpreter?

Initially, we will ask you to provide us some basic details, such as language, location, nature and date of the assignment. In order to prepare, the interpreter will need as much background information as possible on the subject matter, participants and specific terminology they may need to familiarize themselves with.

What are some of the most challenging situations you have ever worked in?

Did we mention that all our assignments are confidential? Alright then, for those readers that are really curious, here are some examples with identifying details removed! One that springs to mind is our Mandarin interpreter driving around for three days in the back of a test car at a racing track testing ABS brakes. Or that of our Polish telephone interpreter telling a client detained by the police for drink driving that in a moment she would be asked to remove her top as it contained a cord, only to hear the entire police station scream "Not yet! We will give you a t-shirt to change into!"

Can we ask our bi-lingual staff members to interpret for us?

Asking someone who is not a professional interpreter to interpret can be risky and uncomfortable for all parties involved. Interpreting is a complex process that requires a high level of linguistic, cognitive and technical skills; it requires physical endurance, the ability to handle challenging situations, portray the emotions of participants, remain impartial, and adhere to confidentiality.

What is telephone interpreting?

Telephone Interpreting is a service that allows parties who speak different languages to communicate with each other. This is done via a three-way conference call. What is telephone interpreting used for?

Actually, most interpreting situations are challenging. They require a lot of patience, diplomacy and sometimes nerves of steel.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!

Yours sincerely
Eva Hussain

Discover the Most Effective Way to Advertise Your Business

If your have been around internet marketing for any length of time, you would have heard of Affiliate marketing. It forms part of most internet businesses and most definitely all of the top entrepreneurs.

An affiliate programme is a huge part of internet advertising, which rewards affiliates for driving traffic to the advertiser's web sites and products.

The affiliate will place a link on their web pages and therefore generate traffic to the advertiser's products, for which the affiliate will get paid. Another way of looking at it is that the affiliate gets paid commission for generating sales for the advertiser.

If you are not up to date with the latest information and how-to's, affiliate marketing could be a tremendous struggle. This article is to help you understand affiliate marketing. So let's go...

Let's look at the reasons top internet marketers rely and prefer affiliate marketing as one of their major forms of advertising.

1. Low cost

There are a large amount of people who do not have the money or choose not to spend the capital investment that is required for the many home based businesses available online. Therefore affiliate marketing offers the opportunity for you not to have to spend much before you can start earning some money.

2. Inventories not necessary

You will have no need to maintain any form of inventory as this can be extremely stressful and time consuming. The affiliate provider maintains the required inventory.

3. Unlimited income

Unlike a paid job which relies on your income being determined by whether you go out to work or not. After the affiliate provider has provided the affiliate links the traffic can be generated to his web site without the affiliate provider having to lift another finger. The affiliate programme has been designed for both the affiliate provider and the affiliate to be successful.

4. International business

You will be dealing with and international market through affiliate marketing. After you have chosen your target niche product and prepared the sales material and affiliate links. Your affiliates will be able to sign up to your affiliate programme from anywhere in the world and also generate leads for you from anywhere in the world. You can have an international business for day one.

5. Low risk

If you have a low advertising budget, affiliate marketing is the best option as it is a very low risk option and very low cost option.

6. Working 24/7

Affiliate marketing allows your business to run every second of every day of the year targeting an international market in your specific niche market. More importantly once the affiliate programme is set up it will continue whether you are working or not.

In conclusion you will still need to put in the effort to choose the correct product, the targeted market and various other affiliate marketing tools. So choose a product that you are comfortable with from a business you are comfortable with and get working.

Go Global With International Business

With the development of an integrated global economy, marked by free trade and free flow of capital, now is the time to pursue a cutting-edge international business career.

Around the World

In case you hadn't noticed, U.S. firms are expanding abroad. This requires organizations to form effective strategies for entering the international business market. They need to be aware of legal matters pertaining to specific countries, and they need to be concerned with organizational and administrative issues, especially if they are involved in a partnership with a foreign firm. As international business markets become more competitive, U.S. firms are learning to use resources more efficiently by reducing costs, streamlining operations, and developing marketing strategies.
That's why today's professionals need comprehensive knowledge of international business as well as foreign cultures and languages. Globalization has increased the need for international business workers with these specialized skills to manage multicultural and multinational workforces effectively.

"Distance" Learning

An international business degree will provide you with the training you need to manage an international business and to succeed in our global economy. With an international business degree, you'll be equipped with a global focus across different functional areas of business. You'll learn theories of international protocol and how they continually change. You'll learn to recognize global differences and apply sensitivity to cultural diversity issues in communications, management, marketing, and the legal aspects of global business operations in your international business career. You'll explore the differences among various economic development levels, as well as the new economic groups forming in Europe and Asia.

International degree program coursework may include international marketing, export/import practices, globalization, international trade, financial management, business planning, economic development, international law, international business policy, international culture, foreign languages, overseas business practices, foreign market analysis, foreign operations, sourcing, communications and negotiations, critical thinking processes, ethical codes of conduct for global business leaders, marketing strategies, and management practices and processes.

The Real World

With an international business degree, you can work as a business strategy consultant, managing consultant, account manager, project manager, business developer, distribution manager, director of international affairs, finance advisor, foreign market analyst, or management analyst, to name a few.

Management analysts, for example, held about 605,000 jobs in 2004, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment of these international business career professionals is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014. And, median annual earnings of management analysts were $63,450 in May 2004, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $120,220.

Be part of the international business explosion by earning your international business degree today.

International Business Issues - Bolivia and Evo Morales

When the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, nationalized a few of the country's very large mines, he threw out the foreign operators who had put in all the infrastructure, and invested all the money in digging up those resources. These foreign investment companies, as well as the companies that were running the operations lost everything, and they were paying royalties and taxes to the Bolivian government under contract.

Evo Morales claimed in a speech that those resources belonged to the Bolivian people, specifically the Native Bolivian People, and native Indians of that land. Likewise, he said that the money that was generated from the minerals that were taken from those mines belongs to the Bolivian people, and the money generated should be used to help them live better lives, not to the profiteers of foreign companies.

This sent shock waves throughout the foreign investment community, and Bolivia was quickly taken off the short list of foreign countries to invest in. It turns out that when Bolivia took over these mines and kicked out the foreigners, they didn't know enough about the mining industry to make the Mines efficient enough to turn a profit.

In the meanwhile, Evo Morales had promised the Bolivian People that by taking over the mines they could afford to pay for services to the people by the government. Now, the President of Bolivia is running for re-election and many of the peasants have taken over other small mines, claiming that they own them.

This is causing a new set of shock waves, and yet, nothing is being done. It looks like the president of Bolivia has started something that he can't finish now, and so close to the election he doesn't say a word.

According to Reuters Newswire; "ANALYSIS-Bolivia's Morales turns blind eye to mine seizures," Thu Oct 15, 2009, By Diego Ore; "Dozens of mine seizures by peasant farmers are adding to the woes of Bolivia's dilapidated mining industry, but the leftist government is unlikely to crack down on squatters ahead of a presidential election."

It looks as if the socialist tactics have given rise to the mobs in Bolivia, and this seems to be foreshadowing of things to come. Bolivia is definitely at a cross roads, and although the country was once a rising star of South America, things are not looking too good these days. Even as rogue communist and socialist nations move in to make deals with the current government. Please consider all this.

Successfully Promoting Your International Business Opportunity

Do you have an international business opportunity venture that you like to present to other business people? Then you will have to comply with some specific steps to effectively advertise your organization. Here, we'll look at the most in-demand ways that owners of companies have used to market their international business opportunities to investors around the world.

Online Advertisements

Despite the fact that pop up and banner ads receive a lot of bad press, the truth is that they work. Let's face the facts, too; they can get viewed by huge numbers of people if you market your international business opportunity in the best sites.

Even though "pay per click" (PPC) option is a more rewarding work for you being an advertiser, do not exclude various other online advertisement options. Just simply make sure, though, that your pop up or banner ad carries a professional sound; it is tough to sell other people on your international business opportunity when it appears amateurish.

Print Media

Print media (including that which is found in mags as well as newspapers) may seem old-fashioned or perhaps "quaint", but it absolutely can help you locate investors and/or franchisees for your international business offer! And you don't have to take out a 4-color, full-page spread in order to make money, either.

A number of international business opportunity sellers advertise their businesses in the classified section of huge papers (or papers that have different global readers) or mags. Though these types of ads might be small in format, they could generate decent amounts of earnings if placed in the right print product.


Absolutely everyone hates spam, but LEGITIMATE email advertising could be incredibly profitable, especially when you intend to spread the word about an international business opportunity!

The key is to make sure that you make use of email lists of prospective customers who are actually going to work for you. Lots of vendors at this point sell such listings for a fee (the actual sum will be different depending on usage limits). Usually, if you buy them in other places, you'll want to receive confirmation that the emails have been scrubbed and that you will not spend eternity cleaning returned emails out of your in-box.

Press Releases

You will find several websites that accept press releases from companies like yours. Therefore if you have an international business opportunity, you may want to make a press release to send to national websites. You can even go so far as to give it to business mags and newspapers, though they are rather "hit or miss," especially if your international business opportunity is just getting off the ground.

Don't forget - if you have an international business opportunity to trumpet to people around the world, there are numerous ways to be spotted. Just make sure that all the ones you use are targeted, creative, and on the up-and-up, and you'll start to see results in no time. Also, take time to check out several of the more flourishing online shops. As you browse their webpages you will gain some idea of the things that work on an e-commerce website.

International Business Advantage to Outsourcing Administrative Service to Opposite Time Zones

Imagine a workforce in your business that can work around the clock and never sleep, one where all the administration duties would be done in the middle of the night? This of course is one of the reasons that we have computer systems, and they back up all their data and download everything in the middle of the night. It used to be that computer systems ran IBM mainframes in the middle of the night at the largest corporations, and they would do all the work and then in the morning the work would be done.

Of course, some work actually takes the physical presence of a human but rather than running your corporation in the middle of the night, you can outsource to India or China and let them do the work during their business day, and then e-mail all the information back to you.

This is already happening and we're finding that in Hollywood they are sending their outsourced animation work to India where a whole bunch of people work on software CAD/CAM machines in the animation field, and complete their work and send it all back by the end of their business day. It arrives US time in the morning. The work never stops, and this is a clear advantage to getting things done.

There is an incredible international business advantage to outsourcing administrative services, and certain business activities that require an actual human to be present and working on it; to locations that are on the opposite side of the planet and exactly opposite Time zones.

Indeed, I sure hope you will consider this in the future, and it also has a diplomacy value, in that if countries are working together through corporations they also rely upon each other for trade and are less likely to have a war between the two countries. In essence they are allies in business, and allies in trade, and money is a big motivator to keep people working together.

Please consider these future efficiencies and see how you can integrate them into your own Corporation. Please think on it.

Don't Attempt International Business Without a Translation Service

In order to be successful, today's businesses cannot focus on just their local market. Instead, they must have an international presence. If you are planning to market your company internationally, you are going to need some help. Good communication is the foundation of any successful business relationship.

Unless you can let potential clients know what you have to offer them, they will not take a chance on your business. If you want to succeed in other markets, you will need the help of a professional translation service. Document translation services can ensure that you communicate as effectively as possible. Make sure that you start using translation services right away.

Do not send so much as an email without having it translated by an expert. Trying to complete the translation on your own will certainly result in typos unless you are an expert in the language. Typos in emails, letters, and faxes will make your business look unprofessional. It does not matter if these documents are not in your native language, they still must be as professional as possible.

Whether you need Spanish translations from English, Spanish to English translation or documents in another language, good quality documents can help you build your business internationally. In addition to translating your content, you need help translating the content that your new clients and partners send to you. So for example, if you work with a service for Spanish to English translations, you will probably need some English to Spanish translations as well. Don't be like some businesses that underestimate the importance of an international online presence.

Some companies pend months writing and developing dynamic content for their home country's website, but neglect their international website. At the most, they offer a basic translation of their web site's content. This will not make a positive impression on potential international clients. Simply translating your English language content is not enough.

You need an entirely new website, targeted to the needs of your new market. Web site translation services can help you customize your online content. You should also consider consulting with a language translation service before you or your employees make a business trip to your new market. Professional translation agencies are not only experts in the language, but are cultural experts as well.

Your manners might be impeccable in your home country, but they might not be suitable in your new market region. A cultural expert should be able to tell you what to do and what not to do at your destination. This step is important because you want to make a good impression. You do not want to offend potential business partners or customers.

Simply having a quality product or service is not enough to make your business successful internationally. You must also be able to communicate effectively with your new clients and partners. You must also become a cultural expert, so that you are able to form good international business relationships. Language translation services can help you with your business expansion.

Fast Track International Market Entry Through Government Contracting

Opening doors to international business opportunities can work well for businesses who are currently involved in federal government contracting. The complications involved in selling products or services internationally can be lessened if the business person can leverage current relationships to help open the doors to world-wide business opportunities with customers who know and trust the vendor.

While a business person may take many paths to the international market, if you are currently involved in or pursuing federal contracts in the "Continental United States" (CONUS), let's take a look at how you can leverage the existing relationships you are developing in this market to help open doors to international opportunities, known in the federal market as "Other than the Continental United States" or OCONUS.

Being a federal contractor has distinct advantages for businesses looking to enter the international market: a ready-made market with both federal civilian agencies and the Department of Defense, an active referral base with current federal customers, and an experienced group of potential prime contractors and teaming partners.

In a recent report to the Small Business Administration, Chad Moutray of the SBA's Office of Advocacy stated that "...239,287 small businesses are known to have been involved in the export business in 2006, the most recent year that data by firm size was reported by the U.S.

Census Bureau. These companies constituted 97.3 percent of all known exporters, and they engaged in $260 billion in known export transactions-28.9 percent of the total."

These figures can be heartening to small business owners who want to enter the world of international business. But if you are less than enthused about learning new policies, procedures and languages, a savvy business person may possibly reduce the learning curve and market entry timeline by leveraging existing relationships with current federal customers, current prime contractor and existing teaming partners in the federal contracting market.

International Business: You as a Prime Contractor

Many federal agencies offer international business opportunities including the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of State, and of course, the Department of Defense.

A quick keyword search of "OCONUS" (meaning "other than the continental United States") in the federal government's online bidding system, FedBizOpps (www.fbo.gov) lists more than 270 bidding opportunities including everything from a wide range of products to services such as administrative assistance, IT consulting, video recording, training and engineering. Values of these opportunities range from $25,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars, all with a client that is bound by law to pay their bills: the U.S. Federal Government.

Many of these opportunities are also in the "Sources Sought" process where the contracting officers are actively performing market research to identify small businesses that are capable of providing the specific product and serves required. Why would this be an advantage to you if you are a small business owner? You may think of it as reducing the numbers of competitors. How? A recent check of the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) where all government contractors must register, showed that out of 596,239 active large and small business registrants, only 11,126 small businesses are listed as exporters of products or services. This is a much smaller competitor pool than the 239,287 small exporting businesses mentioned earlier.

When you also take into account that only a small portion of those businesses listed in CCR will see and be interested in the same international opportunity that you want to pursue, the pool becomes much smaller; in some cases, just a handful of businesses will participate in the full bidding process.

Because each opportunity listed in FedBizOpps has an "Interested Party" registration capability, you can register your firm and also check to see the registered firms and contact them to build relationships and possible teaming or subcontracting opportunities.

Your Firm as an International Business Subcontractor

Because the international opportunities with the federal government can be massive and very complex, your best chance of participating may be as a subcontractor instead of a prime contractor.

The prime contractor bears a huge burden in being 100% responsible for every aspect of the contract, from the "back-office" issues involving legal, human resource and accounting, as well as the services and products comprising the entire Statement of Work. In a multi-million dollar contract, this can be overwhelming to a small business, especially one that is inexperienced in the international market.

Instead of tackling the entire contract, a small business person may find the opportunity as a subcontractor much more viable, where he is responsible for just his "slice" of the work, leaving the rest of the burden to the prime contractor. This strategy also gives the small business the opportunity to learn the processes and procedures involved in producing international work, and will build the past performance necessary to help win future contracts. Prime contractors are also required to meet small business subcontracting goals with all federal contracts, including international work, thereby opening doors to you as a potential subcontractor.

Your Firm as an International Business Teaming Partner

The "Source Sought" process mentioned earlier is a market research process that the government uses to determine if there are capable small businesses available and interested in performing the work. If two or more capable small businesses respond, then the contracting officer will "set-aside" the contract for small business where a small business must be the prime, or in the case of a team, the team lead.

These opportunities may be multi-million dollar opportunities that would be virtually impossible for one small business to perform alone. The business person may be unable to financially support the up-front costs involved in performing the contract before the payments begin, or she may not have the entire range of expertise needed in her existing staff structure. In these cases, the small business may team up with other small or large businesses to win and perform the contract.

The teaming process is widely accepted in the federal government market, and many small businesses have used this strategy to pursue and win contracts that help catapult them into the international marketplace.

You now have additional options in breaking into or becoming more successful in the international market if you are involved in government contracting. If this is an attractive strategy for you in growing your business, check the agencies and resources noted here for assistance.

Federal Agencies Offering International Trade Assistance

U.S. Department of Commerce

A "must" starting point for international trade information and statistics.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

The USDA operates a wide range of national and international programs dealing with food and food safety, farming, regulatory programs and natural resources.

U.S. Department of State

DOS purchases in excess of $2 billion annually in goods and services to support its global mission of creating a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community.

U.S. Department of Treasury/Office of Foreign Assets Control

The Office of Foreign Assets Control administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on U.S. foreign policy and national security goals.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

CBP is one of the Department of Homeland Security's largest and most complex components, with a priority mission of keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. It also has a responsibility for securing and facilitating trade and travel while enforcing hundreds of U.S. regulations, including immigration and drug laws

International Trade Administration

The ITA works to improve the global business environment and helps U.S. organization compete at home and abroad.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

The USTDA assists U.S. companies pursue overseas business opportunities.

Trade Compliance Center

The TCC is your one-stop shop for getting U.S. government assistance in resolving the trade barriers or unfair situations you encounter in foreign markets.

United States International Trade Commission

The USITC is an independent federal agency that provides objective trade expertise to both the legislative and executive branches of government, determines the impact of imports on U.S. industries, and directs actions against certain unfair trade practices, such as patent, trademark, and copyright infringement.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

The OPIC is an independent U.S. Government agency that sells investment services to assist U.S. companies investing in some 140 emerging economies around the world.

United States Trade Representative

The USTR is responsible for developing and coordinating U.S. international trade and commodity and trade-related investment policy.

U.S. Patent Office: International Intellectual Property

The USPTO is for those who wish to seek protection for their intellectual property beyond the borders of the United States of America.

Export-Import Bank of the United States

The ExIm Bank helps finance the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets.