Barbados: Canada's Offshore Business Paradise

Barbados and Canada have a very strong international business relationship with the island acting as Canada's offshore business hub. The strong relationship between the two countries goes back to British colonial times and has flourished into an important partnership for both countries.

Barbados - Canada Relationship Facts

  • Canada provides the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment to the Barbadian economy
  • Barbados is the third largest recipient of Canadian international investment after the U.S.A. and the U.K.
  • Canadians represent 75% of the international financial community in Barbados
  • Canadian banks with a strong presence in Barbados include RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank.

Barbados - Canada Tax Treaty Benefits

The Barbados - Canada tax treaty has been in place for over three decades and plays a key role in facilitating the close international business relationship between the two countries. The treaty means that Canadian companies registered in Barbados may legally benefit from the many advantages granted to international businesses registered on the island.

The treaty offers the following benefits to Canadian companies registered in Barbados:

  • A low tax rate of 2.5% down to 1% on taxable profits
  • Capital gains are tax exempt
  • No withholding taxes on royalties, dividends, interest or management fees for non-residents
  • No exchange controls on foreign currency transactions
  • Exempt from import duties and taxes on machinery, materials, plant and equipment
  • No capital requirements

Additional advantages offered by Barbados as an international business hub include:

  • Highly educated workforce available to provide management, accounting and legal services
  • Well developed infrastructure including extensive road network, international airport and high quality telecommunication services
  • Many taxation treaties worldwide allow businesses to benefit from the treaty network
  • Long-term political and economic stability
  • Low cost to register and run an international business

Offshore Business Qualification Requirements

For Canadian companies to take advantage of the great benefits offered by registering an offshore business in Barbados, the new business must meet the following requirements to satisfy Barbadian regulations and those of the Canada Revenue Agency:

  • Mind and management must be located in Barbados
  • Registered as an International Business Company
  • The majority of the Board of Directors should be non-residents of Canada
  • Annual board meetings in Barbados
  • May trade worldwide, but restricted from selling goods in Barbados and Canada
  • Employees must be located in Barbados, not in Canada
  • Annual audit required for a company with more than US $500,000 in revenues or assets

Low Costs, Great Value!

The costs involved in setting up offshore in Barbados are relatively low. The cost of incorporation, legal advice and registration fees total between US $2,500 and US $5,000.

The annual costs to run the business, pay license fees and have an audit done if necessary can total as little as US $20,000.

This is fantastic value for businesses looking to expand internationally. Choosing Barbados means that Canadian businesses can legally reduce their international tax burden in a safe, well-regulated business environment.

This great combination of factors is the reason that Barbados is the top Caribbean offshore destination for Canadian international business and foreign direct investment.

International Entrepreneur Traps For Micro-Enterprises

In a world where we can connect with almost anyone the excitement of starting an international business is certainly attractive to many. It probably started as - "Darn that is a good idea - I bet someone in the world will want to buy my goods." After all, there is always a demand for something, somewhere - right? You're smart, so you make a plan, line up a supplier, financing, a few contacts and start shipping. What can go wrong?

In simple terms, you cannot make the assumption that people in different countries operate in the same manner as you. Below are some of the larger issues associated with starting an international business.

Foreign markets may not work the same as your own: Each country has their own work ethic, values and traditional ways of conducting business.Other countries may seem disorganized, slow and business is conducted in what might appear to be a casual atmosphere. In contrast you may appear to be too direct, non-trusting or offensive in a manner in which you did not expect. This is an issue of perception not fact.

Uncontrollable factors:

  • Corruption - from custom agents to dock workers, expect delays and extra costs (money to encourage facilitation)
  • Errors on classifications and tariffs
  • Change in a port of entry
  • Political climate
  • Once product has arrived the terms of deal may change

Other factors:
  • International banking laws - vary from country to country, fees vary greatly
  • Country specific laws governing whom may do business
  • Language barriers - you or your contacts may not have the skill to resolve some issues
  • The product may not sell as quickly as anticipated
  • Collection issues are a part of all economies

The good news is the risks can be minimized by taking the following actions

  • Think your plan through - leave nothing to chance
  • Deal only with trusted friends, family or contacts that can provide references
  • Visit the country you are going to do business in and develop personal relationships with all parties. Get "Face-to-Face".
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of the need for your product
  • Perform a test run of the plan from shipping to collection
  • Have a contact for problem resolution (International Attorney)

Lastly, do your homework!

Addressing the Challenges of International Business Etiquette

Addressing the challenges of International communications denotes competence and respect for others. In cultural terms, this booklet explains the best ways to make contact, host a meeting, enjoy a meal of visit the factory or offices abroad. The knowledge of cultural differences is also important when meeting foreign guests at home. Nobody wants to offend others unintentionally, and these guides teach those little culture p's and q's which are vital in business.

Each guide was prepared by a linguist consultant with marketing and sales experience in the country with the specific goal of raising awareness about cultural diversities. The guides are available in paperback or downloadable, ideal for internet use and intranet sites, and are also used as part of the cultural awareness training offered by the Company to businesses.

Business etiquette should be part of the cultural marketing programme offered to clients who approach language providers, together with translations of press releases, catalogues, company documents, and most importantly, localisation of websites. The internet is serving as an international business medium; if you reach the rest of the world with your website your hope is that the rest of the world will then respond in some way, and you must be prepared to it.

According to the author of How to Speak Culturese, a linguist should always be consulted when creating a new brand name or logo. She explains that Gerber, the name of a baby food maker, is also a French word for vomiting. "Simple faux pas can sink you," she says. Learning the customs and culture of a foreign country signals communication competence and shows a great respect for others. Culture speaks louder than words.

International Intrigue

Ah, the glamour of jet-setting across the globe! It's probably more fun from afar although after almost a year without the stress, discomfort and inconvenience of international travel I am missing it.

If you're embarking on international business pursuits or already enthralled or embroiled therein, perhaps a few insights garnered from ten years of international business-related travel and activity will be of use to you. Paris, Tel Aviv, London and New York have been my frequent pleasures and I believe understanding the different cultures is easiest when viewed through one concept: personal space.

Well, since the Israelis and French may be asking themselves at this point, "what is that?" let's make it two concepts; the second being driving. While I exaggerate somewhat with the former to make a point, allow me to substantiate.

To the Americans and British, personal space is a practice held near (pun intended) and dear to our hearts. It is the space afforded between bodies when walking down the street, traveling on the subway/underground/metro and during face-to-face conversation. Even in bars, the Americans and British maintain that sliver of space which constitutes a comfort zone. In Israel, the opposite extreme dominates. Generally, the physical space between persons is absolutely minimal, if at all. Walking on the street means bumping into people, public transportation means being in physical contact with your neighbor- the expression "getting close and personal" takes on real significance here.

France is similar; the French are passionate people and like proximity although they tend to crowd less than Israelis. No doubt in Israel it stems from the close confines of the country whereas the US is quite expansive in size and subsequently mentality. That being said, how amazing is it that the city of Manhattan there are the same number of people as there are in the entire country of Israel and yet no one bumps into you at Grand Central Station during rush hour? I even had someone once apologize to me for walking too close to me- and he hadn't even brushed up against me. And people say New Yorkers are rude?!

If the personal space analogy doesn't speak to you, let's talk driving. Americans tend to be polite in their driving, especially when driving anywhere but New York City. (Remember, most of the cabbies are foreigners). By polite I mean, signaling, maintaining a decent distance from the cars in front and to the side of them, usually not moving faster than a speeding bullet. The British too drive in a guarded and cautious manner, even more so than the Americans, although it could be that the "other side of the street" driving is disorienting me.

If you're visiting France or Israel, make sure your seat belt is fastened! One might think reaching the destination is a matter of life or death. I called a dear business colleague who was, at the time, a passenger in a car driven by an Israeli. "Where are you?" I asked. "On the way to the hospital," he replied. (He was, actually, on his way to a business meeting but the driving had him terrified.)

These concepts and associated behavioral patterns echo the different patterns of life and confrontation which exist in these regions. The French live as they drive- they savor and enjoy their experiences. Lunch is a two-hour delight starting no earlier than 1:00 pm; dinner after 8:00 pm and long into the night, with wine and creme brulee for dessert. As they drive, the French dive into business topics, attempting to understand the reasoning and motivation behind the proposed course of action. Israelis also dive into business topics but from another angle. They are doers and problem solvers, usually spontaneous and almost unthinking in their responses. With highly tuned instincts and an inbred survival mentality, Israelis are ready to jump without a parachute. The French like their parachutes and want to know how many might be needed. So expect discussions and meetings in France to last long enough to address and resolve these questions while in Israel you're likely to find people going off "half-cocked."

In America and in England, there is more of a "yes-man" mentality. Because politeness and civility are sacred, it is rare to for individuals to share their true thoughts and even more rare for a confrontation to occur. As a result, meetings usually lead to participants saying yes, even if they don't mean it and have no intention of doing it. While this is a generality, it is something to bear in mind so as to encourage all participants to voice their true opinions.

Among the four, Israelis are- by far- the most comfortable with confrontation. Israelis generally speak their mind and almost no topic is off limits. You can expect someone to ask you how much you paid for your house or car and how much you get paid as early as the first time you meet. In business, there are advantages to this straightforwardness. I always know where I stand and what the speaker is truly thinking. It is common to hear other ideas and suggestions. The disadvantage is that this aggressive, almost threatening proximity is so unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable to American and British societies that it often backfires into a distancing between the parties and cessation of progress.

And it is progress we are all invariably seeking. We live and work in a global world. We need to be educated in international cultures in order to bring about productive interaction more rapidly. Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when you do business abroad- there is no right or wrong; there is only what we're used to. Opening ourselves up to experience the business practices of others is enriching and rewarding, both personally and professionally. Enjoy the ride.

Businesses Are Making a Move Out of China - The Future of International Business and Manufacturing

There is a lot to consider when planning to reduce manufacturing costs and increase profits by moving manufacturing offshore. It's usually always safe to stay put as long as the business is profitable and there are no other large hindrances of doing business in the home country. The strategy to move manufacturing offshore makes sense when businesses can greatly increase profits while maintaining a high quality product without any delays.

After reviewing some of the top countries for business around the world it may be worthwhile for businesses to look further into an international move. China, the United States, India, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Canada are all top countries to consider. A few countries stand out in manufacturing more than others. China, the United States, and Mexico are the best options for U.S. companies.


It is hard to buy anything that doesn't have a "Made in China" sticker or stamp on the back of it. For many years China has been the number one choice for many manufacturing companies. They rate highest in foreign direct investment in a 2010 Kearney study.

China will continue drop as a favorite manufacturing locale since their emerging economy is outgrowing their long-lasting manufacturing identity. The disadvantages of manufacturing in China include language and cultural differences, work-in-progress commercial laws, high intellectual property costs, long start-up times, quality issues, long supply chains, increasing labor costs, and delays. Taking into consideration the high cost of fuel and transportation, shipping from China to outside markets can be significant and may climb even higher.

Two solid and emerging manufacturing countries are the United States and Mexico. I know it sounds odd, but research suggests these countries have the highest potential to excel.


Rated second highest on an A.T. Kearney survey, the United States is definitely a top contender for manufacturing companies wanting to make a sound investment. As far as "Reshoring", there may be many reasons for businesses to return to the U.S.

Some advantages of manufacturing in the United States include more control over quality and intellectual property, shorter supply chains, and lower costs of shipping goods. Some of the disadvantages are high corporate taxes, tough environmental and safety laws, and high labor rates.


Possibly developing as the world's premier power player, Mexico has a lot of potential. Many large corporations are already manufacturing here with great success. A foreign company can do business with Mexico in order to minimize tax and regulatory consequences of doing business in their home country.

According to North American Product Sharing Incorporated in 2011, the advantages of manufacturing in Mexico include a growing population that is young, highly educated and motivated, an affordable workforce with hourly wages starting at $2.10, proximity to the United States to expedite shipment time to offer advantages for companies looking to sell to the United States, intellectual property protection, excellent infrastructure, world-class facilities, and multiple Free-Trade Agreements. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has also lifted many of the complications of setting up and conducting business in Mexico.

New manufacturing markets are opening around the world. Manufacturing trends are on the move and should allow companies to seize more control over their operations.

Generate Targeted Leads For Your Arbonne International Business

If you are already a member of Arbonne International or plan to be a member, you need to know how to generate your own fresh and targeted leads to build your business.

Arbonne is a health and beauty network marketing company and is one of the fast rising companies in the industry.

You will need a lead generation system that will allow you to generate lots of leads and make money from those leads even if they do not join your Arbonne business.

You need to create a marketing funnel which comprise of a lead capture page, an autoresponder, and consistent follow up and building a relationship with your lead or prospect.

We recommend that you do not directly promote Arbonne but promote yourself and offer training to your prospects. Prospects will be more responsive to training and valuable info rather than promoting the company directly.

Once your prospects opt in to your autoresponder, you follow up with them consistently giving them valuable info and training, and offering them the same system you are using. Some of them will join your primary program but some will not. But most of them will most probably join your lead generation system which mean income for you. You are getting paid for generating leads or prospecting.

The extra cash you generate will help you get more tools, learn more strategies, and take your business to the next level.

This is a proven system that has been tested and applied numerous times in the home business arena.

Take action and start generating fresh and targeted leads for your Arbonne International business.

International Business Company - RAK Offshore

Awarded the coveted "Best Emerging Free Zone" designation for the second consecutive year, Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) is now a well-respected business center, and incorporation here is coveted worldwide. More than 4,400 companies from 106 countries around the globe have made Ras Al Khaimah home either by opening a physical branch, or through the incorporation of a RAK Offshore Company.

Of all the Free Trade Zones that were made possible thanks to the 1996 Free Trade Agreement that opened the doors wide to foreign investors, Ras Al Khaimah remains one of the most attractive destinations due to the cost-effective, customer-friendly and absolutely trouble-free attitude toward foreign investors. Of course there are also the two main benefits the Free Trade Agreement offers to those who incorporate in the UAE from outside their borders. Up to 100% foreign ownership and up to 100% tax-free status are the two magnificent characteristics that a RAK Offshore Company designation can give you.

This powerful and advantageous type of corporate formation allows the foreign investor to access the cache and respectability that an International Business Company incorporation offers, without having the commitment of a physical presence in the area. The reasons for wanting such a classification are many. By formation and not design, the RAK Offshore Company is a tax free entity. There is no corporate tax, no death tax, no personal tax and no capital gains tax structure. Obviously, this creates a huge bonus to your business' bottom line, and that is why this designation is sought the world over. In fact there is almost zero corruption and crime, in the whole of Dubai is very much frowned upon. make sure you find out the laws here before you go though, often innocent cultural differences can be quite offensive and as always the old saying "When in Rome do as the Romans do" counts as much here as it does anywhere else.

However, because of the cultural, linguistic and business differences that exist there, attempting to incorporate without the assistance of a company that has handled RAK Offshore Company filings successfully for years would be a nightmare, and could cause total exclusion in the worst case. That is why working with a UAE Free Trade Zone specialist who uses local business professionals in Ras Al Khaimah and the other emirates is vital to a smooth, speedy, successful corporate filing. So call your UAE Business Corporation specialist today, and enjoy the beneficial status of a RAK Offshore Company designation as soon as you can.

International Business Thoughts - Setting Up Or Selling Franchises in Costa Rica

With so many ex-patriots moving to Costa Rica in retirement, it does make sense that American Style franchises with recognizable brand names will do well there. Interestingly enough, it is not necessarily the brand name that is as important as the way in which business is conducted. In fact, locals that cater to this increasing American population there now are finding how to do business with these new immigrants into their country and many are making a very solid living at it.

So, what sorts of businesses do American Ex-patriots want? Well, how about Dominos Pizza, Subway, mobile service companies, and western style coffee shops for starters? And if you are an ex-patriot that wants to live in Costa Rica and run a business why not set up a franchise there in partnership with a local young up and coming entrepreneur? They can help you find labor, work within the community and you can help market to other expatriates?

In fact, if you were really on the ball and wanted to build a little empire you could even buy the master franchise for the whole country, and hook up with a well connected Costa Rican family there and sub franchise the concept throughout that nation. There are so many franchises that would do well there, and it is a beautiful country, I am surprised that there are not more people jumping on this opportunity, but all good things come with time, the question is are you going to get in or left behind?

Setting Up An International Business Corporation (IBC) Is Easier Than You Think

Creating an IBC, or International Business Corporation, is as easy as making a trip to your local bank and setting up your own corporate business account. You do not need to go to the country in which you wish to form the account.

The advantage of an IBC is its portability factor. For instance, an IBC that is formed in Panama can open a bank account in Switzerland, the United States and just about any other country. The bank opening the IBC account will require you to produce the incorporation documents, a corporate resolution by the directors authorizing the opening of the account, and will need to know who the appointed person will be for the account signatory. When the signatory is decided upon for the account, the bank will then require the proper identification papers for the signatory. Its very similar to what transpires during the opening of a domestic bank account. The point being made is that an IBC account can be opened anywhere in the world to operate tax-free and privately.

When approaching a well-established IBC account formation agent to set up the particulars of the IBC account, you should ensure that all the necessary steps and inclusions are clearly stated. You can buy many offshore IBC companies from a wide array of providers that will set up your IBC account in the country of your choice. They should ensure that all laws local to the countries of choice are followed to the letter. Such things as setting the papers with the local Registrar's office is pertinent in order to have your corporation properly registered.

There are many different IBC tax-free havens available to anyone wishing to keep their money and profits, rather than giving these taxes to the United States government, or any other government entity with heavy business and corporate tax structures. Some of the countries with favorable tax laws include: Panama, Belize, The Cayman Islands, The Cook Islands and Gibraltar. Each country invokes personal privacy and confidentiality with any financial matters.

Setting up your IBC account can be very simple, but requires the papers to be filed properly in the tax-free haven of your choice. You must provide the appropriate corporate name registration, allowing for complete asset protection and financial privacy.

Ardyss International - Learn The Secrets To Creating Massive Duplication In Your Ardyss Business

If you are reading this article, you are most likely involved with Ardyss International and you are trying to figure out how to grow your organization and create duplication in your team. In this article I am going to reveal exactly what you need to do to create massive duplication Ardyss International business and really take it to the next level.

One of the most vital parts of every MLM business is duplication. Duplication in your organization is what brings home the long-term residual income checks but it is also something that the majority of network marketers struggle with. Creating duplication is a simple as getting your new team members to do exactly what you did, thus creating the same results. First of all, you need to learn how to market and recruit. You can't create duplication if you aren't recruiting people into your business!

Creating Duplication With Your Ardyss International Business

Every single person reading this article right now has their own unique style and personality. There are Ardyss International reps reading this article who only like to market their business online, and some who only market their business offline. This is what you will come across when you are recruiting. To create duplication in your organization, you MUST understand that everyone you recruit will be different, have a different style and personality, and you will need to cater to them.

It doesn't matter whether or not, you need to be able to train your organization to market online even if you don't. Maybe you love online marketing and hate the old school offline marketing techniques. And that's fine but either way you still have to find a way to teach your team how to market their businesses offline even if that's not how you are doing it. You see where I'm going with this? As you recruit people into your business you are going to have to be able to provide them with training and support they need regardless if they choose to market their business online or offline. If you cannot do this, trust me when I tell you, you will never see duplication in your organization.

There is a very simple way to do this, and that is to have a training system in place for your team. What do I mean by training system? I'll explain... Let's say you are a master at both online marketing and offline marketing. You have all the knowledge to teach your team and provide them with all the training they need. But what happens when your team starts to grow? You will be spending all of your time training your new team, and your team will start to get too big and there is just no way that you can train all of these people so you have people quitting. On top of that, if you are spending all of your time training your team you won't have time to focus on marketing your own business and your business will never move forward.

What if you had a training system in place that would provide your organization with the training, support and guidance they needed for both online and offline marketing? Something that each new team member can just plug into when they join your organization and get right to work. Well, you would be providing your team with everything they need to be successful, while you can focus on building YOUR business, and watch you team grow to massive heights before your eyes.

For more Free marketing tips, techniques and strategies on how to grow your Ardyss International business using the power of the Internet or for help implementing the strategy we discussed today, click either of the links below.

There is a Huge Lack of Support From Small Business Owners in the USA Part 2

In part 1, we only mentioned China as a new and possible market. By no means is China the only market with a large consumer base.

Of course each product has its own market, but few small businesses look beyond their own local environment.

As an American business, you have one major advantage over most of your international competitors (of which there are many). Your advantage? Reputation. In every country that I have visited, I always hear the same remarks - Americans are quality oriented in manufacturing and in service. It is for this very reason America still enjoys a commanding lead in manufacturing and a huge trade SURPLUS in the Services industry around the world.

Todays American businesses are enjoying the reputation built over many generations before them. When asking foreign buyers "Which countries do you trust more in terms of business deals?" nearly all said "The US" But there must be a measure of "give & take".

If you are able and willing to lower profit margins and assume some inherent risk associated with international business, then the long term benefits can be far greater than remaining with a narrow customer base.

There are two common approaches to entering the international market world.

First, just jump in with both feet. Use the internet to find buyers in other countries who are seeking products and services like yours and try to strike a deal. Spend time and money advertising on one or several of the many B2B sites. Travel to trade shows in different countries.- A few (very, very few) have actually became successful using this method.

Second, look closely at your business. Is it really suited to the needs and taste of international customers? Are you in a position to handle additional task and employee additional qualified staffing to assist you? Can your company accept a certain level of risk?- If not, international business is not for you. If yes to all these questions, start by researching areas like; Risk, Regulations, Foreign markets and cost.

We will go into more detail in part 3

2008 Trends in International Business Expansion

In 2008 it was certainly an interesting year for international business people. The popular non-fiction book; "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman shook up the general public and made the best sellers list. Of course, it was answer by another author with a similar set of competing ideals called "The World is Round" and then there was the book by the former Clinton Administration's Commerce Department Secretary; "Futurecast" by Robert Shapiro.

What are all these books saying? Well, probably what most anyone who reads Foreign Affairs, The Economist or studies the research papers coming out of the UN or OCED already knows. The world is getting closer together every day and it is becoming a Glocal World as one famous economic Futurist who coined the term likes to call it.

One troubling trend has been that many socialistic and communistic governments are stealing private businesses and giving them to the state. Bolivia has nationalized several mines and natural resource businesses much to the chagrin of foreign investors who put up the money. Venezuela failed to renew long-term oil leases effectively nationalizing oil, but they did not stop there.

Then there are issues at the European Union attacking American Companies, calling them onto the carpet for anti-trust, obviously following the United States' botched cases here, thus hurting American Companies abroad, like Boeing, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and Intel. Speaking of Intel they have had problems in all sorts of Asian nations too, with 8 of their plants raided by authorities in Japan, undoubtedly trying to steal trade secrets under the disguise of anti-trust after complaints from AMD.

On the other hand the EU has made it easier for businesses in those countries to do business in neighboring countries. It has also opened doors for foreign companies to partner and then expand their product distribution throughout Europe. Then we must also consider the issue with the Euro value against the Dollar, which has made the US a more favorable place to make products and do manufacturing. And the strength of the Euro is making American products less expensive to European buyers.

China has been opening its doors to American Partners investing in manufacturing, but then attacking American Companies or companies with American Partners first when it comes to cleaning up their environment. So, that's a big catch-22, even as the patent pirating runs ramped.

China's emerging middle class is hungry for Western Products, but they certainly are not alone. Dubai is calling on experts in all industries throughout the world to help them build their shining city and they are buying lots of American products there too. Some are worried that Dubai is over extended financially and predict a catastrophic collapse, but that does not appear to be something that would happen in 2008.

So, much more to talk about and in more depth, but I thank you very much for listening.

Get an International Business Degree and Start a Rewarding Career

A Master's degree in International Business can be your key to unlocking an exciting career that takes you around the world and introduces you to the ins and outs of one of today's most sought after careers. There are many campuses and online schools around the United States that offer this degree. It's important to find the right school to earn your Master's degree.

When you begin your search for a school consider the following:

1. Do you want to study online or at a physical college?

2. How much tuition can you afford? Do you qualify for loans or scholarships?

3. How much time do you have to devote to studying?

Once you have all the facts lined up you can begin looking for schools to enroll in. Find the school that's right for you and hit the books. Once you have earned your degree you'll be qualified to take on exciting responsibilities for a business or corporation with a global presence. The more experience you gain the more money you'll earn and the closer you'll get to fulfilling your career goals.

Get started today! There's no better time than right now to get get your degree. This is an in-demand career that's sure to take you further than you ever thought you'd go!

But it all starts with the right degree. Find out more about how you can earn a degree either online or at a campus near you. The first step is deciding to get more information. Then you'll be on your way to a Master's degree in International Business!

GDI Business - Fabulous Ways to Grow Your Global Domain International Business

These days, you can see an enormous number of business opportunities available online. In case, you have been hunting hard for the best business opportunity on the World Wide Web, GDI is a term that you must have surely come across. GDI is an acronym for Global Domain International.

Most people think that GDI is a scam or any other illegal pyramid scheme. This is just not so. This is a legitimate program that will certainly provide you a product in exchange for your money that you pay as a membership fee. The product GDI business can provide you is a domain name, site builder, web hosting or email addresses. You can opt for your choice of product easily.

Making money with GDI business is really easy. All that is required of you is to pay a membership fee of $9.95 each month and you would get the product mentioned above. Here, you get a fabulous opportunity to earn money with the product. With the GDI business, you would benefit from a commission in order to refer other people to their business. Now, for each person you manage to refer to this business opportunity, you would earn $1 each month and the money will be yours till the person, you have referred to, remains a member. Now, $1 per month may not be an exciting deal for you but it is just a start. You can end up building a good amount of income towards the end of the whole deal.

You would be provided commission on five varied levels and this signifies that the person you have referred and when he or she in turn refers a member you would be entitled for the commission paid to that member. This chain goes well with the rest of the levels. Now, with five varied levels of people referring to new members consistently, you can make a lot of money as commissions.

Here are some tips to help you grow your GDI business:

a) Referred link:

First and foremost, you need to know about your referred link. This will let GDI referral link track anyone that you refer to GDI business. A referral link is your nickname. Hence, you need to think of your referral name carefully when you sign up for a GDI account.

b) Get noticed:

Once you have your own referral link, you need to make efforts in order to get noticed by others. The best way is to add your link on your email signature.

c) Join forums:

There are a number of forums that you can join about your niche and add your referral link to in. Make sure that you don't post spam.

d) Free e-book:

This is a great way to market your GDI business. Write an e-book on PDF format explaining your program and give it away for free through forums.

e) PPC advertising:

This is also a fabulous way to create your GDI downline. However, you may have to shell out some money for this.

All the methods mentioned above will facilitate you in growing your GDI business fast and also let you earn a lot of money from it.

The GDI business is a sure shot way to earn a lot of money in a short period of time.

Taking Your Business International

Q: I'm interested in doing business internationally. I have done some reading on the subject, but there is an awful lot to digest. Have you had any experience in this matter and can you suggest the best way to get started?
-- P. Granger.

A: Great question, Mr. Granger, though not one I'm personally qualified to answer since I have not had direct experience with international sales. So like any good columnist without a clue I can either make up something and hope it sounds semi-intelligent or I can consult someone who really is an expert on international sales and let him answer your question. Since my agreement with The Times prevents me from fabricating anything other than my true age (I'm 29), let's go with the latter.

I called on Jose Rodriguez, President of RISMED Oncology Systems, a Huntsville company that provides high medical technology to radiotherapy professionals around the globe, to get his input on the subject. Jose is an old friend and client and if anyone can give pointers on doing business internationally, Jose is the man.

Jose believes that the decision to do business beyond your own backyard should be based on your success as a local, domestic business first. "Unless the business is intended to be one that sells to international customers only, one should not jump into international business until they have devoted the time to develop a good local and domestic business first," Jose recommends.

Here are a few other points Jose recommends that you keep in mind when considering an entry into the international business arena.

Instill Confidence In Your Customer

Regardless of the type of product or service you sell internationally, you must be ready to provide your international customer with an even higher level of service that you offer your domestic customers. To instill confidence in your international customers you might have to offer such things as around the clock telephone support, extended warranties, and other services that help the customer have confidence in doing business with you.

Know The Rules

You must understand all of the rules and regulations that govern international business practices in this country as well as those in your customer's country. Understanding the rules will allow you to provide service beyond the expectation of the buyer and operate within the boundaries of the law.

Understand The International Shipping Process

If goods are being shipped internationally you must have a thorough understanding of shipping modes and regulations. Any difficulties with shipping will always be viewed by the buyer as the seller's responsibility, right or wrong. Understanding the entire shipping process and having policies in place will help avoid shipping problems and keep the customer happy.

Work With Experienced Companies

Always look for experienced companies to work with, especially when if comes to shipping, insurance, freight forwarders, etc. Such companies are great allies and will help keep everything in order and will also help in solving problems related to their end of the process.

Signed and Sealed

Never conduct business under verbal orders. Always put everything in writing with the required signatures. Doing international business is different than domestic business. Outside the United States signatures and seals are required to seal the deal. Don't worry about offending your customer as this is just part of doing business internationally.

Include A Packing List

If shipping goods, always do a packing list and always number the packages (if 5 packages are being sent, label them 1/5 [1 of 5], 2/5, etc.). If anything is lost, they will know which package is missing and you will have sent a packing list detailing what was in every package, making it easy for the customer, the shipper and the insurance company to solve the problem. Also, always insure your goods for at least 110% of their value.

Have A Damage Policy

Always have a note in your paperwork requiring damage or losses to be reported within 24 hours. Damage reports should be made to the customer's local delivery company as well as to the shipping company on your end.

Signing Off

If you are selling services abroad, always have the required paperwork so that as the work is finished or as deliveries are made, the customer signs off in agreement with what was delivered.

Ensure Payment

Depending on the amount of the sale, always require payment in advance in U.S. currency or payment through a letter of credit to be paid out in U.S. currency. You might also require that the letter of credit be irrevocable and transferable, that it allow for payments of partial shipments, etc. The more flexible the letter of credit, the better, and usually such clauses are yours just for the asking.

There are many other considerations you should investigate before starting your international business, but that's a great list to get you started.

Thanks for the great advice, Jose. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Here's to your success!

Analysis of Network Approach in International Business

According to the network approach (Johanson and Mattson 1988) internationalization is seen as a process in which relationships are continuously established, developed, maintained and dissolved with the aim of achieving the objectives of the company. Relationships are developed through interaction in which the parties build mutual trust and knowledge. These relationships are connected by networks that consist of several companies including customers, competitors, supplementary suppliers, suppliers, distributors, agents, and consultants as well as regulatory and other public agencies (Johanson and Vahlne 1990).It is assumed that without a good network in international markets the company will have problems with future growth. According to Johansson and Mattson (1988) the internationalization of the company begins with the company being initially engaged in a network that is primarily domestic. The company then internationalizes by developing relationships in networks in other countries.

The main purpose of these networks particularly for born global - is related to reducing the uncertainty in the beginning of the cooperation with new partners (Solberg 1999).The network approach can according to Johanson and Vahlne be seen as an extension of the internationalization process. They state that an extension to take into account the network perspective should make the concepts "commitment, knowledge, current activities and commitment decisions" as multilateral rather than unilateral as in the original model. This means that the process is also inter organizational and not just intra organizational (Johansson and Vahlne 1990: 19).

The importance of company and personal relationships varies related to different industries and countries. It is indicated by Johanson and Vahlne (1990) that networks are especially important in turbulent, high technology industries.


A study by Lindqvist (1988) of the internationalization process of small high tech companies shows that some do not follow the traditional internationalization pattern, but go directly to more distant markets and more rapidly set up their own subsidiaries. One reason for this seems to be that the entrepreneurs behind these companies have international networks of colleagues dealing with the new technology. Literature on Internet enabled internationalization Internet's applications include both being a vehicle that enables more efficient processes of conducting international business and a tool for promotion, information and communication (Hamill and Gregory 1997, Samiee 1998). Samiee (1998) argues that the use of the Internet may enable business processes that traditionally have been performed manually to be automated. Bidding, purchasing, inventory management, and order/shipment tracking are examples of processes that have the potential of being automated through the Internet in an international setting. The Internet can also be deployed as a vehicle for revenue enhancement, for example, direct sales, promotion, and as a communications tool (Samiee 1998). Putting up a website can according to Hamill and Gregory (1997) provide an attractive, low-cost method of sales promotion and advertisement to global customers, including brand name recognition, public relations, press releases, corporate sponsorship, direct sales, customer support and technical assistance. According to Quelch and Klein (1996) the internet will revolutionize the dynamics of international commerce and in particular lead to more rapid internationalization of small companies. Several factors point in that direction. In particular, they expect the competitive advantage of scale economies to be reduced as a consequence of the Internet, making it easier for small companies to compete internationally. Global advertising costs, as a barrier to entry, are also expected to be reduced given the global customer reach at a lower cost of the Internet. Furthermore, companies offering specialized niche products will be able to find the critical mass of customers necessary to succeed through the worldwide reach of the Internet.

Understanding International Business: The Environment

To understand international business is to understand the global business environment, global competition, free trade, and the imperative quality. All these contribute to business growth and job creation. Under business environments are the legal and economic environment, and technological environment. Successful tips for legal and economic environment are: Freedom to own your business, ability to draft contract laws, possibility of getting rid of corruption, ability to trade currency, and minimization of taxes and regulations. For technological environmental tips, come the usage of databases, bar codes, internet, and information technology. Understanding these tips and utilizing them will enhance and promote global business environment. For global competition environment to prosper, the following must exist to stimulate global competition and free trade: businesses must provide employee service, have customer service, show concern for the environment, and recognize stakeholder position. Lastly, the imperative quality encompasses the social environment, which includes demographic changes, diversity, and family changes.

There are reasons why some countries are richer than others, and the value drivers to this are: (1) land, which is the natural resources; (2) labor, which is employees or workers; (3) capital, which includes building, machines, tools, and anything used in the production of goods and services with the exception of money; (4) entrepreneurship, and (5) knowledge. A country may have vast amount of land and natural resources, but still cannot create wealth without knowledge employees. Many poor countries have many laborers or workers but unfortunately cannot create wealth without knowledge. Capital by itself cannot create or produce wealth without entrepreneurs who will utilize it, and put it to use. Businesses tend to grow in a healthy environment, and the outcomes are prosperity and wealth that allow the achievement of high quality of life and a high standard of living. Poor business environment contributes to job losses, business failure, low quality of life, and a low standard of living. Countries are rich when they effectively use both knowledge and entrepreneurship in the most efficient way to produce goods and services. Any government that wants to grow and prosper must promote entrepreneurship by allowing private ownership of businesses. Ownership of businesses by governments gives citizens less incentive to strive, work hard, and create wealth for their respective countries. Understanding or creating the right international business environment is the basic foundation to social progress for all concerns, and that also includes low crime rates, good schools, good health care, water, and clean air.

Entrepreneurs, when given the private ownership by the government will effectively use the five factors of production under the right environment to create wealth and profit to enrich their countries. For consulting services, go to for advice.

Liberty League International Business Review

Claims of wealth beyond dreams are what Liberty League International is all about. They are also well known for their grandiose presentations of these claims and the products that each business owner receives upon joining this program. So what is this program and what are these products, and can you make any money with Liberty League International?

Liberty League International is a direct marketing company which uses the efforts of independent contractors, associates and advisors to market their products using any means they choose. This system for income is based upon recruiting others into Liberty League. This is a two up system which means you have to give up the first two sales to your sponsor in the program, which personally was one of the downsides and reasons for not joining. Giving up pay on ones hard work makes no sense in the slightest.

All three products are seminars including the first which comes at a price of $1,495. This is a 90 day home study course to help you establish goal setting in your life. The Liberty Conference is the next step for the price of nearly $8,000. This is a live seminar that lasts three days touting what it is like being wealthy. The third product is the Summit Conference and the cost for this is nearly $13,000. For this price you receive your invitation to some exotic locale and again you will be taught how to accumulate wealth and the life that it creates.

The compensation plan is a direct sales plan based on the three products above. This is a pass up plan for the first two sales you make. After those two sales you can receive the commission on any sales after that and the first two of those you sign up in the program.

In further examination of Liberty League International I find that success will be determined by you and you alone. Marketing strategies will be necessary for you to learn and it seems that because you will break away from those that sponsored you, there will be no reason for them to guide you into your success. Many things are important in succeeding in your own business and teamwork is the basis to that success. A better system would be matching overrides for this system. This would mean that each time you made $500 your sponsor made $500 this would create a win-win situation for your success and the teamwork to see you make this goal.

3 Ways to Explode Your Ardyss International Business Online

Ardyss International or The Body Magic is no different from any other MLM company. Which is, they need customers as well as distributors to fuel the business and to build a profitable company. Being an international company this opens up great opportunity to really expand and also build your business in other localities.

So what are you doing to build your business? How are you marketing your business online? How will you acquire business and business partners in Mexico when you are in Florida? How are you going to train your growing business team so they too can enjoy success?

These are some questions to think about that we will answer right now.

Tip #1: Market yourself and not your Ardyss opportunity.

When people join Ardyss International they receive a pretty little website that has their name and contact information on it. Also that website contains testimonials, product information and much more. But what separates you from the next person who has the same exact website? What makes you different from the other persons who is promoting their Ardyss health and wellness products? You are the only difference in this equations. There is no other YOU.

If you post your pretty little website all over the net to acquire business and business partners, please do not spend any money because it will be a waste. People spend money and do business with people not websites. So you want to market yourself and not your Ardyss replica website.

Tip#2: Use Social media to expand your business.

Well since the late 1990s the Internet has really exploded with such sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and last but not least Google. With this global technology it has made it a lot easier for us to communicate with people from all over the world. This is crucial for your international business because now you can connect to people through emails, pictures, videos and even VoIP.

With billions and billions off people online everyday, there is an endless pool of prospects and customers all over the world at your finger tips. As an Ardyss distributor this is one of the fastest ways to get your information out to the masses about your Ardyss products and business opportunity. But remember its a right way and a wrong way to use Social Media to promote your business.

TIP#3: Have a marketing system in place.

When you look at fast food restaurant like McDonald's, there is a system in place. Even though they may be owned by different franchise owners they are still uniformed. For example a Big Mac is called Big Mac and a Filet-0-Fish is a Filet-0-Fish no matter what McDonald's establishment you visit.

In looking at your Ardyss business you need a system that you and your team can use that will work almost in the same fashion. A system that trains as well as run on auto pilot generating leads and retail cash flow even if a person says no to your Ardyss business and products.

In conclusion, putting these 3 tips together can become very valuable to your Ardyss International business in marketing and building it online.

Max International Review Why Have So Many Flocked to It?

All over the home business community, you couldn't have missed all the buzz about Max International in the last year or so. Even though much of the hype has some foundation in truth, in this Max international review, we will really pinpoint if this business is just all buzz filled, or whether is it a legitimate one.

First, I want to clarify that this particular max international review is from a person who does not market the business or product from the company at all. No buzz or exagarated claims here.

1st, we need to review the Max International business and some facts about it. Formed by Kevin Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fulton in 2006, it is a health and wellness company which has a network marketing sales model where the products and opportunity itself are marketed by a group of independent business builders.

Now, lets review the product offers of this company. The main and marquis product for the company is MaxGXL, a formula which aides the body to produce more glutathoine.

There wouldn't be a complete review if we didn't go over their payout plan for its distributors. They company does indeed offer its business builders a lucrative, nine point compensation plan. However, even with all those, it does not really stand out from any other MLM compensation plan out there right now for companies it its field.

In the end, how does this max international review rack and stack the company? Clearly it is a solid company with a very unique MLM product, differentiating it from others.

One word of caution though to anyone marketing this MaxGXL business or products. Hype and claims of a 'can't miss opportunity' don't sell in this industry. Your long term financial success really comes from your marketing, and your skill at finding targeted product and business builder leads. Rather than focus on hype, look at the unique benefits of it and find those who are already looking for what it has to offer.

Why not capitalize on the uniqueness of the product and business like we talked about in this max international review?

By far, the most leveraged and fastest means to build a list of qualified leads is to utilize the internet and market on it. The internet today is a research tool, much like the yellow pages and encyclopedia were in the past.

To learn more about building your max international opportunity on the internet, read below and click on the link for more information.

Your Local Or International Business Needs to Have an Internet Website

That audacious goal which Bill Gates originally set for Microsoft, to have a computer in every household, is being realized. As well, the word Google has officially now become a verb. I found it in my online dictionary with a definition, to search for information about a specific person through the Google search engine. Our current Australian prime minister has gone as far as to promise to buy a classroom computer for every high school pupil.

Why am I telling you any of this? It is to drive home to you, the reality that the internet has become a vital and indispensable ingredient for everyday existence and functionality, in our Western society. If you have a business and you want to be found by your local or international market, the first place that most buyers now go to look, is on the internet. Personally, I have not looked in a phone book or physical directory of any sort, for a couple of years now. For anything that I want, I search online in preference to any alternate method.

Many home businesses do not have an on-street location. A website provides smaller businesses an inexpensive means for potential clients to get to know what you do or what you sell. Many sites even act as the storefront for selling products directly. The internet has greatly enabled home businesses to prosper because of the low cost start and maintenance of web sites.

Regardless of what type of business, your own website is a very strong marketing tool. Online promotion is a crucial component of any marketing plan and should not be discounted, or considered unnecessary. An attractive, well optimized website can be highly valuable for generating new customers and is an effective sales tool that works for you, even while you are elsewhere and doing something other than working on your business.

When you decide that it is time for you to get business web presence, then our task is to work out specifically what you want from your website visitors. Then you set in place, the structure that channels your online visitors, to take exactly that action. A single purpose website often delivers much greater success than a multipurpose site.

If you are not fully acquainted with the popular social networking and web 2.0 applications available online, or if you are not familiar with the more common and highly effective internet marketing and advertising strategies, then you are best to connect with people, who have more expertise in the field and benefit from guided or direct support.

Internet marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a product or service online, these strategies include search engine optimization and submission, copywriting to encourage site visitors to take action, web site design strategies, online promotions, reciprocal linking, and email marketing, to just name a few of the bare essentials.

It is important to also have a brand strategy for your online business, communicating very clearly who you are, what you offer and what you promise. On your site you will, in effect, be telling a story that the customer can relate to, outlined rationally and emotionally in a quick and simple message.

Once you are set up online and ready to go, remember also to display your business website address in articles, advertisements, on business cards, and other literature that you distribute, to effectively target potential customers who will have a direct interest in your business or products.

From Entrepreneur to Author to Global Publisher and International Business Life Coach

Entrepreneur, Author, Global Publisher, Business Life Coach and self-made multi-millionaire and Father of 7 wonderful children, Darren Stephens quotes:

"Trust Your Intuition - It Guides and Protects Your Soul"

From entrepreneur to global publisher...

So how did he devise this unique publishing model?

Well, the short answer to that is he has a long and varied entrepreneurial history that he was able to draw on.

Darren is a true entrepreneur with years of experience and results to prove it. He is self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned business executive entrepreneur, growth strategist, speaker, business life coach and an international best selling author.

Darren was the founder and International chairman of Mars Venus Coaching, one of the worlds most respected and leading brands.

He is also International Franchise Director of the worlds No 1 eBay education company Bidding Buzz Global Limited with offices in 11 countries including Australia, Italy France, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and North America.

He's recognized as an expert in the fields of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Executive Mentoring, Franchising, International Publishing, Self-Development & Accelerated Psychological Transformation.

For more than 20 years, Darren has traveled, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Jackie and their 7 children.

So you could say he is a Life Master for business and the publishing industry. And somehow his wife Jackie and himself was able to juggle all this while raising sevens kids. (No, this is not a misprint. They really have seven kids)

But during his long and varied business career, he noticed that a lot of first-time authors make big mistakes that often see them stuck with shed full of books they can't even give away. In his book Our Internet Secrets, he will show you how to avoid them.

But first...

Here are Darren's top 5 things becoming an entrepreneur, business life coach, publisher author can achieve for you

1. Make you an instant expert
2. Open up a string of joint venture and equity opportunities
3. Provides a great revenue source
4. You can use your book as a traffic-driving tool
5. Build an email list quickly.

The explanations to Darren's top 5 things becoming a publisher author can achieve for you can be found in his book Our Internet Secrets.

Darren has recently been working with Life Master Jay McLean founder of Life Master Now. Life Master Now offers you quality business life coaching, with an abundance of powerful ideas providing easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply strategies that you can use immediately to increase your net business profit, your wealth, your success and your happiness.

With the success business life coaching strategies being revealed to you, you will begin to influence others more effectively and enhance your personal relationships. You will also improve your health and well being, eliminate fears and blockages that stop you from reaching your fullest potential and really experience more joy, fulfillment and massive success every day of your life.

Now, please enjoy and stay tuned for more! Thanks again Darren for this unbelievable opportunity to interview you and share many entrepreneurial ideas with you. It really was a blessing!

NOW, Make The Change And Excite Your Life!

Risks and Challenges Involved in International Business

International businesses have to face risks and challenges at many fronts. Some are similar to the risks and challenges a domestic business confronts and some are unique. Even the challenges that are similar by definition differ in nature. For example both types of businesses have to face financial challenges, but an international business will be facing many factors related to global financial markets that don't affect domestic businesses as much. They are more of a challenge in nature than risks and most of them can be handled through proper planning. Keep reading to understand these challenges better.

The challenge of international planning & strategy:
The first challenge for an international enterprise is to make a global strategy and then implement it. The managers and those at decision-making positions often find it difficult to change their thought pattern, which is not used to work in global paradigm. There are many international businesses but just some of them have truly adopted a proper global strategy. Though the situation is improving with more and more trained graduates and professionals taking on the management roles. Nevertheless, international business management requires extra ordinary management, foreseeing and leadership skills.

Financial and economic challenges:
It starts from arranging the funds to start international business and includes everything such as fluctuation in exchange rate, global economic crisis (or some economic crises in the host country), shift in oil prices, global inflation or tariff barriers imposed by the host government, also the export related policies of your own government.

International Politics:
Political know-how is a must for everybody but it becomes all so important when operating at international level. If some policies were suitable for your business, a change in ruling party can bring drastic changes in those policies. Political chaos will bring down the economy and with that your business. To prevent your business from such negative impacts, you need to make sound political judgments.

Environment, natural disasters and warfare:
Many multinational businesses have to face serious opposition by some environment friendly organizations. Citizens are more concerned about air and water pollution these days as it is becoming a serious threat to their health. Some natural disaster like floods and earthquake, or some kind of civil war breaking out in the host country is also in the list of possible challenges. A new challenge that an international business has to bear now days in some specific countries is the threat of terrorism.

The International Market

Before international business is carried out, the most essential goods have to be in place. These can be in form of capital, skilled man power and in return you will be getting foreign aid, finances and many more profitable services.

Countries have resorted to guns and bombs in order to resolve their international business hatred. In most cases, this comes about due to the need to get raw materials which a certain country may not possess. In the end, they decide to invade some country to fulfill their selfish ambitions.

I don't want you to confuse the domestic trade with the international one because the latter is more complicated. A lot of effort has to be invested so that you can find out the way it is administered before you can take part. Consider the currency and language differences for status.

After putting the above point in mind, make sure you have extraordinary language and bargaining skills if you are to become successful in international business. You are going to come across a lot of competitors and you don't have to look back because you have to face them in order for you to achieve.

The internet has hindered the restriction of international trade because the citizens are free to do whatever they want. This prompts them to engage in this fruitful venture hence they end up making their deals without any one limiting them.

The only reason why many people have got the guts to participate in international business is because the various business sites on the internet give them all the guidelines they should put in mind while carrying out the trade. This makes the masses very well aware of the currency of other nations.

In the nearby future, this trade will reach its peak only if the people involved put their hands together to make it possible.

The only obstacles they will meet as they are developing it will be language barrier, different political atmosphere and culture. This can't stop you from taking part because nothing is impossible.

Support and Simplify Internal Business Functions With Business Process Management System

Business process management (BPM) can be defined as the systematic approach to align the existing and future business processes of an organization. Various business enterprises are adopting this advance and highly productive business tool to achieve the maximum internal rate of return and quality customer service. It enhances the business efficiency and productivity, minimizes errors and risks and reduces the total expenditure when executed by the skilled professionals. Some of the key advantages of BPM are as follow:

· Business process management system models -

- BPM's functions such as Automating, Analyzing, Monitoring, Modeling and improving the business processes help organization to achieve growth and profits within short duration.

- Its business models visualize the functions within the organization and business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

- The BPM's process and data flow models visualize the process flows within the organization and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. The process flow model visualizes the process flow relationships between process flows as well.

- The decomposition diagrams for process flow diagrams, modeling and data flow diagrams visualize the processes and activities very precisely.

· Workflow -

Its workflow help to define, develop, deploy, automate and manage business procedure within the organization and business-to-business transactions to increase productivity and gain maximum profit.

· Documentation -

The business procedures can be documented in a shared multi-user repository which provides non-technical and technical human resources to understand the various processes of different departments. It helps to analyze the performance and overall profit of every process in business.

· Quality -

BPM improves the quantity and quality of the services or products of organizations.

· Reports -

The BPM reports are very important and useful for the high-rank executives of an organization and the people who require them.

· Resources -

It reduces the total working hours of the employees.

· Exceptions -

In comparison to the manual process, the BPM reduces the errors and exceptions.

· Regulations -

BPM helps the organization to abide by the regulations of the government.

· Business-to-Business transactions (B2B) -

BPM is one of the most important parts of B2B transactions to gain leverage with customers, vendors, consumers and suppliers.

· Competition -

It provides sharp competitive edge and advantages over competitors.

· Simulation -

The simulation techniques of BPM with different scenarios can be used on processes to explore the effect of change.

· Increase Accountability -

The foremost objective of BPM is to provide accountability for the different internal business processes, from tracking to monitoring expenditures to ensure the on time delivery of services and products. It creates a system of balances and checks by reducing the potential for frauds, loss, errors and affirming.

· Improve reliability -

The BPM improves the information reliability and its dissemination effectively. It records and monitors the business processes, locates the required data and produces relevant reports.

· Simplify regulatory compliance

The implementation of the best BPM solutions results in sound financial management with proper feedback on the organization's performance. There are various business process management consulting firms offering smart advice with effective and advanced solutions.

Are You Giving Off the Right Signals in Business?

When meeting people for the first time our body language plays a big part in the way we communicate. We often make an impression of someone from the signs they give out through their facial expressions or where their arms are positioned, and this can be a useful communication tool when meeting somebody with only a short period of time to make an impression.

This is not only important for everyday interaction, but also in the world of work and business. It is where making an impression really counts, because you are in meetings, hosting important conferences and just generally networking. Your body language can make the difference between a successful business conversation and a failed one.

Your arms give off a lot about your mood. When you have conversations with people, you will find someone who has folded their arms seems closed off from you and unconfident. Having your hands in your pockets appears nervous and also impolite. Being so closed off makes you unapproachable and may put off people from asking questions and taking an interest in your business.

Equally, you will notice politicians emphatically using arms to appear passionate about what they are saying. In the business environment it is important to strike the right balance, and exaggerated arm and hand movements can be irritating.

Fidgeting can show people you are not confident about what you are saying or even give off the impression that you are bored and not interested in what another person is discussing. This includes biting nails and playing with hair or stroking your collarbone, which incidentally is also a sign of flirting, so be careful with that!

Visual aids in business situations like conferences are a good way of getting your message across whilst also giving your hands 'something to do' to avoid that nervous fidgeting.

Eye contact
Your eyes can really make your emotions transparent. Eye contact is an important tool for showing that you are taking an interest, but be sure not to stare directly into someone's eyes in an aggressive manner - you're not Paul McKenna. Gestures like nodding and the occasional 'hmm' help to get that balance right.

The eyes can also give away whether a smile is genuine or not. It doesn't hurt to smile in business as it gives off positive signals and shows you are happy to be in whichever meeting or conference you are in. But no Cheshire Cat grins, remember you want to be positive but also remain professional.

Don't slouch as you not only appear unconfident, but also lazy, uninterested and not authoritative. Your stance should be straight but approachable. When speaking to someone, lean in to show interest but without invading personal space.

Having your legs at shoulder width is known as the 'power stance' but use this wisely. You want to exert authority but not appear arrogant or unapproachable. When sitting, (particularly men) do avoid the 'figure four' position, with one ankle on the other knee. It screams arrogance and can put someone off even before they have spoken to you.

International gestures
If you are part of an international business, say one which involves many overseas business conferences it is worth briefly researching hand gestures and the body language of that country, as something totally innocent here can be considered extremely rude elsewhere.

Remember to be aware of your body language, but not let it dictate your business meetings or conferences. You don't want to be thinking about so often that it distracts you. With practice it will become second nature to you and you will definitely notice the benefits.

The Pitfalls of International Business

The pitfalls of doing business in other countries can be large and deep and there have been many examples of failed or embarrassing market entries for multi-national companies - here are some examples of what can happen when things get 'lost in translation':

Pepsi's "Come alive with the Pepsi Generation" translated into "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave", in Chinese.

When Mitsubishi launched its Pajero 4WD in Spain they had the shock of a lifetime. As they were promoting Pajero they forgot to take into account the word "Pajero" means "jerk" in Spanish.

Electrolux had to take their slogan down which read "Nothing sucks like Electrolux."

When Ford tried selling its car "Pinto" in Brazil it was a huge failure. The reason - the word "Pinto" is a slang for small penis in Brazil.

Parker pens slogan "Avoid Embarrassment - use Quink," when translated into Spanish came out as "Avoid pregnancy - use Quink."

General Motors tried marketing their popular Chevrolet Nova in several Spanish speaking countries. "No Va" means "It Doesn't Go".

Colgate introduced a toothpaste in France called Cue, the name of a notorious porno magazine.

While there are many examples of slightly light hearted translation issues there are serious risks when taking a business into a foreign market. A successful business in one country does not guarantee success in another where differences of culture, language, political persuasion and religion can hinder a successful release.

Blackberry phones have become hugely popular in the last few years as a mobile office of sorts. Users can browse the internet and send emails just as if they were sitting at their desk. The inspired design has lead the Blackberry to become one of the most popular smart phones used by over 40 million people worldwide. Research In Motion (RIM), the company responsible for the Blackberry, has become one of the darlings of the tech world. In 2009 Fortune magazine named it the fastest growing company in the world - between July 2006 and July 2009 the share price rose by over 600%. But the perils of doing business overseas have started to bite and RIM is facing an increasingly difficult regulatory landscape.

One of the hallmarks of the Blackberry is the encryption and security the system has and therefore confidentiality - a process that is starting to ruffle the feathers of some countries concerned that they cannot monitor what is being sent. Earlier in the year the UAE banned Blackberry services due to concerns over security and RIM failure to meet the county's telecommunications regulations, Saudi Arabia threatened a similar fate which was averted at the last minute. While only smaller markets the issue gained world attention and highlighted the issues many Western companies face operating in foreign markets. Last week India issued the same ultimatum to RIM - allow us to monitor intercept messages or we will shut down the network by the end of the month. The Indian government is increasingly concerned the device is being used by terrorists who may be planning attacks. India has around 1 million Blackberry users and is the fastest growing telecoms market - a shutdown could prove a disaster for the firm.

For RIM it is a double edged sword - by complying with the demands it faces a backlash of its greatest selling point - confidentiality - a major reason for it popularity with business professionals. On the other hand by not complying it risk having its service shut off. RIM's biggest growth markets are places like India, Indonesia and China - the latter two have already expressed reservations over RIM encryption.

The issues have not gone done well with shareholders with the share price down some 21% since the start of the month and down almost 31% since the start of the year. Trying times for a successful company and the next few months will see how they come out of it. Political issues can be the most difficult to navigate.