To Korea and Beyond - Lessons of Doing Business in Korea and the Creation of an Unlikely Friendship


In 2004 I was looking to establish a business that would focus on the construction and development industry. At the time I was involved with a land and building Development Company that was punching far over its weight in the industry relative to the size of the operation vs. the size and scope of the projects we were successfully developing. This scenario created a double-edge sword, which offered both opportunity and exhaustion.

It was during one of the 'exhaustion' periods that I began looking to create a business that would both capitalize on existing knowledge within the construction and development industry, yet afford relative freedom to manipulate my environment and destiny. To that end my quest for that Holy Grail (I stress 'quest' and not success of) has led me indirectly to Korea, a country to which I have formed an indelible bond.

Throughout my tenure doing business in Korea, I have come to admire their fascinating history, their courageous and warm people and their surprising entrepreneurial spirit. As you may come to learn through these humble experiences, undertaking business in Korea is not at all what you may think and in some ways (as the saying goes), it is an enigma wrapped in a dichotomy, which regularly offers many surprises, challenges and opportunities.

To appreciate how it came that our little company consummated a lucrative agreement with a solid Korean manufacturing company (when we really had no right being in the game and truthfully had very little experience internationally), is a testament to both parties perseverance, including our high level of advanced preparation and research in combination with the Koreans entrepreneurial spirit and ability to recognize opportunities outside their immediate world.

During the year of 2004 I had reconnected with a friend and through various conversations that followed, we discovered a common desire to utilize collective knowledge in our given industry to start a business. Of course, as these serendipitous connections typically go, the timing appeared right for each of us so we began to seriously pursue the idea.

Throughout this process we explored multiple options, which eventually confirmed our initial instincts regarding which direction to follow. It was about this time that a conversation during an unrelated meeting brought about our first exposure to Asia and more specifically Korea.

While researching a variety of opportunities it was determined we would focus on developing a business, which would import and sell specific building and construction related products. Eventually we settled on Manufactured Stone & Brick Veneers, at the time a multi-billion-dollar per year industry. We felt certain this would be a product we could build a solid business on, so off we went in search of securing a top quality manufacturer. Accordingly, to assist in our quest we armed ourselves with what we felt was practical requirements established during the completion of our business plan. The following are some examples; we required a product that would provide key stone pricing or above average margins at the very least; we required exclusivity on the product for North America; we required ownership of the name and marketing; and we required that manufacturing is ISO certified. Simple request right? Oh how naive we were!

Well, as it turned out, on our way to the 'reality-check-in-line' we discovered there really weren't any products available within North America that afforded us exclusivity or, that would allow a substantial margin or, that we could own the name for within Canada. Ultimately, if we truly wished to follow this path it was crystal clear we were not going to do it through a quality manufactured rock company here in North America.

Given this new reality, and with no shortage of reluctance or intrepid anticipation we turned our attention to Asia. It was about this time that the conversation (as noted above) pointed us directly to Korea, more specifically to a small manufacturing company in the southern port city of Busan, South Korea, a city of some 4 million residents and geographically located within the South Eastern edge of the Korean Peninsula.

The introduction to this small, indiscreet, manufacturing company proved to be the perfect solution to our business needs and set in place a lifelong connection to a country I have become extremely fond of.

In future articles I will expresses in vivid detail our modest growth as an international company and expand on our trials, tribulations and lessons learned while exploring the human, political and entrepreneurial side of this fascinating country.

Connect with me and you will experience a truly unfiltered look, warts and all, to the birth of an international business. Through this series of articles you will learn;

1. The enormous value of international diplomacy.
2. The importance of politics when dealing with a foreign country.
3. How to work effectively with Foreign Trade Offices and Government Embassy's.
4. The art of Negotiating through interpreters.
5. Importing your product, how to protect yourself.
6. Setting up your business and corporation.
7. Who can you trust! the short answer is NO ONE so understand the legal.
8. Does you personality matter?

In the meantime, if you or your company are engaged in doing business internationally or, if you are looking at taking your first careful steps to expand beyond your borders, follow my blog or contact me if you feel I can assist you in any way.

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step.'
- A Korean Proverb

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Global Domains International Business Opportunity - MySpace Marketing

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International Success - How Shifting To A Global Strategy Requires The Right Entry To Succeed

Many investors have turned to foreign markets with the view of doing better business and reaping large rewards. Though markets abroad offer the opportunity to flourish, practical experience has revealed they are not as easy to dominate as thought. This is due to different customs, business procedures, as well as different regulations that leave foreign investors in a disadvantaged position. Though foreign businesspeople may try and do good business, the local entrepreneurs always enjoy a remarkable advantage. Understanding the best market entry strategies for international business will make it easy for companies to enter foreign markets and succeed.

Go It Alone

There are many strategies available for those who plan to venture into foreign markets. One of the options is entering international markets alone. This means a business unilaterally enters a foreign market without the aid of other people or organizations. This is a very risky endeavor and a company should ensure that they have all the necessary resources before testing the waters. It has an advantage in the fact that if a company excels, it is going to enjoy great profits alone. On the other hand, it is going to suffer great losses if the business project does not succeed.

Owing to the perils involved, few companies are willing to venture into international markets alone. The resources required for a company to successfully venture into foreign markets depend upon a variety of factors. They include the nature of the company and the country in which the foreign market is found.


Many companies that delve into foreign markets they know little about enter in a partnership. This has a lot of advantages because the risks involved are shared by many companies and their strengths are shared. As such, the loss incurred by each company is greatly reduced. This is unlike the case where a particular company ventures into a foreign market alone.

For example, the Chinese government requires foreign businesses partner with Chinese companies for them to do business within China in most cases. This is greatly advantageous because the local company understands the local market better. Chances of the partnership excelling are higher as a result. This will help foreign companies, so they don't waste time and money making mistakes as they try to familiarize with the local market.


Companies may also venture into foreign markets as subsidiaries. This is an international business market entry technique in which a company ventures into a local market as a subsidiary of a bigger parent company. Setting up a subsidiary company in a foreign country helps the subsidiary recruit local staff that is familiar with prevailing business procedures. It is therefore easier for the subsidiary to excel. Though a subsidiary operates almost independently, it receives guidance from the parent company. A subsidiary is treated like a local company and therefore enjoys any benefits offered by the foreign governments in which they are based.

International Business Job Opportunities On The Internet

One of the best ways to find excellent money-making prospects these days is to look on the internet. There are countless opportunities offering you the chance to make money easily without investing very much.

More and more people are now choosing to work online from the comfort of their own homes rather than face the traffic, the office politics, the escalating cost of gasoline and countless other annoyances associated with the rat race that seems to define modern life. What about if, instead of all this, you could conduct your business at the touch of a button, communicate with others using your home computer and make a good living in this way? What if you could communicate with clients and business partners and conduct sales from home?

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is now possible to discover an enormous range of international business job opportunities. Simply click on Google or your preferred search engine and millions of online jobs will flash up before your eyes.You do not need to trudge around job agencies or browse the classified job advertisements in the newspaper any more now that there is a world of opportunity for everybody, thanks to internet technology.

These days it is possible to communicate electronically with anyone in any country, making business and trade the easiest it has ever been - no wonder there are so many golden opportunities to make a comfortable living online. There are many individuals all over the world who are using the internet to become rich almost overnight.

If you have some knowledge of how the World Wide Web works, that is all that is necessary to begin. Of course, it is better to go on improving yourself and learning new things about business and especially online business. There are many tools available for free online to help you do this.

Since there are so many international business job opportunities available, there are bound to be a few scams too. Most scams are quite easy to identify. They ask for large sums of money upfront and offer vague promises of 'millions of dollars instantly' but do not really explain how their systems work. The best way to find out whether something is a scam is to get in touch with the business, ask questions and talk to others in the same business. An honest organization will try to assist you. A scam company will run a mile if you start quizzing them!

There are online systems and opportunities that are golden and others that are designed to fleece you of your hard-earned savings, so it is just a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, there are plenty of sound opportunities, too.

You probably have family or friends who work online either part time or full time. Since the internet is growing so rapidly, it is always a good idea to pick their brains about what they have learned and what they can recommend. With a bit of determination and a good attitude, you can easily find a perfect opportunity for you.

Ardyss International Business Opportunity - Top Three Reasons to Join

Are you looking to join the Ardyss International opportunity? Before you join I think you should be well aware of all the benefits to you. By doing this you will be making a well informed decision that will make it easier for you to be successful in this business. The top three reasons to join the Ardyss family are the low cost of entry, easy to grow and products that are in great demand.

Low Cost Of Entry
Most businesses have a pretty steep barrier of entry. This can be in terms of the price or the amount of specialized knowledge needed to get started. The Ardyss opportunity you are interested in has a relatively low startup cost in terms of price and knowledge. There are three different ways to get started as follows:

1) $30.00 membership fee.
2) $150.00 autoship fee.
3) $299 power pack fee.

The amount of knowledge you will need to get going immediately is relatively small. Of course you will have to learn the compensation plan and the product suite to be able to speak competently about them. But there are a number of locally and online sponsored SHOWCASES you can take advantage of for yourself and potential prospects. These showcases are meetings where your upline will discuss the retail and business opportunity side of Ardyss. Allowing any prospects a chance to answer questions and see the product line up close and personal.

Easy To Grow
What would be the point in becoming part of a business that is hard to expand? This business is easy to grow because of the generous compensation plan for those who want to take part in the business opportunity and by offering products in the wellness industry which is slated to grow in leaps and bounds for at least the next decade. That means you have a sensible way to grow your business by adding to your downline and by increasing the market penetration of your wellness product line. Of course you can use the Internet to expand both of these areas as you see fit.

Quality Products
By aligning itself with some of the major players in the wellness and cosmetics industries Ardyss has made it easy for you to market these products because people will recognize the brand name of some of the product manufacturers they have strategically aligned themselves with (i.e. Estee Lauder & Mac). And with their super anti-oxidant beverage Levive which is composed of the world's top five anti-oxidants. This list includes Mangosteen, Noni, Acai Berry (i.e. As seen on Oprah), Goji and Pomegranate. Your customers will get the benefits of weight loss, lower cholesterol, maintaining blood pressure, preventing cancer and controlling diabetes.

Doing Business in the US - Fundamental Considerations For International Companies

In these challenging economic times, international businesses need to find new markets for their products and services. Although some of the developing economies have shown signs of rebounding, many companies from our traditional trading partners will probably re-visit the U.S. as a market. Even in the midst of a severe recession and with the importance of emerging economies, the U.S. remains a safe haven and a relatively affluent and established market.

The basic question for international companies wanting to do business in the U.S. boils down to "what do I need?" A business thinking about doing business in the U.S. will of course need to assess the market demand for its product or services as well as sales and distribution channels. If this research demonstrates an opportunity, the business will need to determine where to locate its business.

One thing that often surprises even experienced international visitors is the geographical vastness of the United States. For example, the state of Texas is substantially larger than Germany, one of the largest countries in Europe. An international company should consider locating its U.S. operations in an area that is convenient to the home office. For example, companies in Europe should consider locating their U.S. operations in or close to a city with easy air connections to Europe.

Companies should also consider time differences in relationship to where they locate. For example, all things being otherwise equal, European companies should consider locating their U.S. operations within the Eastern time zone in the U.S., where the five to six hour time difference allows communications during regular business hours with Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Continent. Conversely, the nine hour time difference between central Europe and the West Coast can create issues. Of course, Asian companies might prefer to locate their U.S. operations on the West Coast for similar reasons.

Although I am arguably biased, Georgia should definitely be on the short list, with the world's largest airport, multiple daily flights to Europe and other international destinations, two deep water ports (Savannah and Brunswick), a strong rail and road transportation system, and a strong university system led by the University of Georgia in Athens and the Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Atlanta, the host of the 1996 Summer Olympics, has a strong international business community. Add in a moderate climate and an attractive lifestyle, it is not surprising that many international and domestic companies, such as Kia and NCR, have chosen to locate or relocate facilities or headquarters in Georgia.

Once a decision has been made on where to locate, a business will need to engage professional assistance to establish business operations in the U.S. Many small businesses seem to think that all they need is an accountant. Certainly, an international business setting up in the U.S. does need a good accounting firm, preferably one with international tax experience.

A company should also engage experienced counsel, preferably before it starts doing business. In this respect, please keep in mind the one almost universal rule regarding legal services: It costs less to deal with an issue properly on the front end (such as properly setting up a business) than trying to fix it on the back end. In addition to helping set up the business properly, a lawyer should be involved in helping the company draft contracts and establish terms and conditions of sale that will help minimize the risk of disputes with customers or suppliers.

A company should also engage an experienced insurance broker. It is no secret that the U.S. is more litigious than other countries. Liability insurance is a key to minimizing litigation risk for product liability and other claims. A good insurance broker with international experience can help develop a logical insurance program and risk management strategy.

To sum up, make sure that there is a market for your product or services in the U.S. Understand that the U.S. is a large country. Choose a geographic location that makes it easy to communicate with your home office and to sell into the parts of the U.S. that best fit with your products or services. Finally, do not overlook the need for professional services in three key areas. Make sure that you have:

  • An experienced accountant, particularly one with international tax experience.
  • An experienced lawyer, preferably one experienced in dealing with international companies.
  • An experienced insurance broker experienced in dealing with international insurance issues.

International Business Case Study - Asian Labor Costs Rising, This Changes the Entire Dynamic

The international business landscape is changing, and many of the Asian emerging markets have run their course, it's not that they are running out of steam, but they can't hold the percentage of growth rate that they've had previously, and now they have to work on all the chaos they created by such rapid expansion. Meanwhile, as American companies have spent quite a bit building factories overseas, and outsourcing much of their production, there are also challenges afoot for corporate earnings.

Having low-cost labor and production in other parts of the world makes sense, as corporations can still command a fair price, albeit with increased competition, and score higher profit margins. However doing business in Asia this way is starting to come to a close, that doesn't mean things aren't still evolving, because they certainly are, but there seems to be more headwind, and less incentive and fewer advantages moving forward due to the increasing labor costs and labor unrest in these markets. Okay so, let's talk about this for second shall we?

There was a rather interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on March 14, 2012 titled; "China's Wage Hikes Ripple across Asia," by James Hookway, Kuala Lumpur, Patrick Barta, and Dana Mattioli. The article stated; "More Asian governments are pressing businesses to hike wages as a way to prevent outbreaks of labor unrest, raising the specter of higher manufacturing costs for global companies - and the products they sell worldwide."

Well now, that's a rather serious issue isn't it? It seems that with all of our outsourcing and money flow we have inadvertently created inflation in all of these markets, and as they come into their own, and their emerging economies become more developed and evolved they now have to deal with all of the chaos they've created, which comes with any rapid growth society and civilization. Instituting minimum wage laws is probably the next, but that also means more wage inflation, which is something they are trying to tame.

Were people better off before the Western world started building factories there, or contracting with locals to build components for all of our products? No, people are better off now with a higher standard of living, but as all good things come to an end, and as their wages increase in price, the Western world may look for opportunities in other emerging markets to build products, or build more of the products here at home using robotics, as the labor rates here are still too high to compete even with a dramatic increase in wages there.

Surely, this will also cause the increase of prices in the products we buy, and as our economy is starting to move ahead, we can expect that since we are still down slightly that there will be consumer pressure on corporations to keep the prices low. This means that corporations may not be able to show the same profit margins as they have in the past, and this changes the entire dynamics of stock price and earnings multiples. Therefore unless the analyst and Wall Street must their expectations, otherwise we could find ourselves pulling back 15 to 18% this year as the stock market readjusts itself to this new paradigm. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

International Business Travel - How To Reduce The Stress

International business travel is an activity that is becoming more and more complex on a daily basis. You must be well prepared before you start your journey and be prepared for all eventualities.

Getting Ready for your International Business Travel

Unlike domestic travel, international travel is now full of regulations that must be understood in advance if you are to travel safely and trouble-free to you and from your destination.

You must prepare well for your journey, and pay special attention to:

o Your passport.

Do not travel with a passport that has an expiry date less than six months in the future. If you passport will be within that period, renew the passport before you travel.

Many countries will not even give you a visa if the passport has a short expiry time. You may need a visa while on your journey, so make sure about your passports validity.

o You're Health.

If you are on any medication, and will be taking those medications with you, have the doctor's prescriptions for them with you. If the medication is over-the-counter, have the box or original packaging for the medications with you as well. You may be challenged over these at any time and in any location.

o Local Weather.

There is no reason to take too many clothes with you. Do your research as to the destinations historical climate for the time of year you are visiting.

o Permitted Modes and Form of Dress.

Different countries have different customs. You can easily investigate these on the internet, and make sure whatever clothing you take with you and wear, is acceptable in your destination country

The Foreign Airport

An international business traveler will over a period of time, know a great deal about the world's airports. Navigating these world airports can be easy if you plan ahead and know about what to expect.

o The visa.

If you are traveling to a country where you need (and received a visa), and there was an invitation involved with it, take the invitation with you. Make sure the information on the visa is perfectly correct, and verify it from the consulate offices who give you the visa.

o Airport Layout.

Get a copy from the internet or airlines about your destination airport, especially if there are more than one terminal. Know where you are going and how to get there in advance. Be prepared.

o Business Lounges.

If you are making an international business trip, you may be flying business class, and thus be eligible for the business class lounge supplied by your airline.

If you are not, or there is not, you may wish to sign up for one of the business class lounge entry services, and make your stay (sometimes many hours) in the foreign airport less tedious.

o Duty Free.

The items may be duty free, but the prices can still be much higher than you local marketplace.

Do some shopping around (possible on the internet), and also check your local regulation about how much you are allowed to bring home (or to your destination if you are bringing gifts to locals) duty free.

The best bet may be to buy things locally or to modify what (and where) you bring.

Good Manners and Silence is Golden

While making an international business trip, one is advised to conduct oneself in the best manners possible. Also, it is a very good idea to speak to as few people as possible (especially if you destination is the United States), and none except employees of the airlines, airport stores or employees.

Business Online - International Business in the Online World

Universal Appeal

When entrepreneurs look seriously at doing business online they view international business as the greatest goal in the online world. The personal freedom offered by the online business world isn't foreign to anyone, anywhere.

Successful entrepreneurs don't go into business simply for the financial gain but in order to positively impact society. The international community is continually growing smaller because the lifestyle that used to be exclusive to a few developed countries is now available everywhere.

One by One

Learning to treat your current customer as your only customer is a service mindset that can be equally applied to partners, associates, prospects and leads.

Forming a relationship with someone far away used to be difficult before the internet introduced the online business world. Today you can reach one person at a time and effectively liberate them from whatever situation they're in with imagination and some online tools.

Putting Others First

The internet is affecting the lifestyles of thousands of people all over the world by allowing them to do business like never before. However, the quickest way to advance your business lies in your ability to provide valuable service to others.

This truth has been proven over and over by many different companies and professionals. Valuable products and services always rise to recognition.

The Final Equation

Offer someone an opportunity to improve their current condition or situation and you'll get noticed. Deliver on that promise and you become famous to that one individual.

Fame in the online world directly affects business online especially when you belong to the international business community.

International Business - Global Natural Gas and Energy Diplomacy At Trade Cross Roads

Well, it turns out that in the United States, thanks to are fracking technologies, is able to get at much more of our natural gas. This has been a windfall for the supply side of that equation, while it has been a rather tough time on the commodity price due to oversupply in light of demand. Luckily, for the gas industry more and more energy generation plants are going to gas because it is a lot cheaper than coal. Also it pollutes less, and allows electrical generation some leeway with regulators.

Right now, we have so much natural gas that the industry would like to export some of it to get rid of that oversupply, and to make money on the open market. Natural gas prices around the world are much higher, and not everyone is using fracking technology yet. In Europe, there are rules against it, as environmentalists are standing up and worried that it might pollute the groundwater.

Remember water is also very important for human life, more so than electrical energy actually, I guess that goes without saying - so even if this is a false argument, the people are concerned and who knows maybe the Russian propaganda is attempting to spoil the fracking concept in Europe, as they do have a lot to lose. Yes, I suppose we can talk about why.

Much of the natural gas in Europe comes from Russia and because Europe is beholden to Russia for natural gas for heating in the cold winters, the Europeans and NATO have to mellow out because Russia has that big bargaining card over their head.

Global Intelligence Magazine - Analyzing World Affairs, Autumn 2012 had an article (an Op-Ed) titled; "Russian Energy Supremacy Threatens NATO," by Probir K Sarkar. Then there was another article in the same issue titled; "The Age of Gas - The Coming Energy Boom Will Be America's Thanks to Shale Gas," by John McNeil.

Indeed, many of the NATO nations which wish to put in missile defense shields are beholden to Russia for natural gas, and there are pipelines that Russia can shut off at any time if the negotiations on such issues become too tumultuous. Russia has already shut off the gas to more than one country during disputes, so you might say that's a big ace card in international negotiations. What if the United States started selling natural gas to Europe and elsewhere, perhaps in Japan too, what if we sell our excess around the world?

This would drive the global price down giving Russia far less leverage than they've had in the past in many places and territories around the planet. It could even sink their economy. Thus, it could be one more way to play the economic hard ball to serve our political will. Do we dare? Many in the US do not want our natural gas industry to export our excess as they want to make sure we have plenty far off into the future.

While that is good energy policy, there is this other question; do we dare to export our natural gas excesses to the rest of the world for profits, and greater leverage in international negotiations? I say we might wish to, for many reasons, only a couple I've mentioned above. Please consider all this and think on it, because we are at our think tank. You have any comments or questions you may e-mail me.

How To Quickly Create Your Own Global Domains International Business Website

There are a number of intriguing aspects to Global Domain International Business, but perhaps the most intriguing facet is how easy it is to build your own website. Using the inbuilt editor, you can quickly get online and build your own business up. And the best part about it is that you do not even need any kinds of expensive web designers or programs.

The first step to creating your own Global Domains International Business Website is selecting your domain name, which you will do right when you sign up under your sponsor. As soon as you decide on a domain name, your account will be up and running almost instantaneously. From there, you will be given your log in code and URL's for the various parts of your website.

What makes Global Domains International Business so convenient is that even the most novice person can create their own website. First off you will enter your domain name through the "domain" tab. Next, you click on the "build my website tab to begin the quick process.

From there, you will click on the "create new page" tab to bring up a new page. You can click on this as many times as you would like to create a number of different pages for your website. The more pages you have for your site, the better it will look to the search engines. But do not be afraid, this will come in time as you continuously build on your website and add content.

There are a number of templates and designs you can choose from, giving you the ability to mix and match according to the business you are running. If it is a more serious business, you may want to stick with a solid and bold template. If it is an entertainment based website, you can get away with a laid back fun template and design.

After selecting your template and design, you will then click on the edit button to bring up the page. You will notice that there are three tabs on the bottom of the page; html, design and preview. Design allows you to easily type in text or enter photos. Html is easiest for entering in your banner codes and affiliate codes. And lastly, preview allows you to look at what the site will look like according to how far in you are.

You will find a number of other buttons that allow you to easily navigate through the process and quickly build your Global Domains International Business website. While the process is rather simple and can be done quickly, take the time to build it efficiently. And after a few steps, you will have built your very own GDI business website.

Max International Review - Is This A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Just in case you're wondering, Max International is a very real and very legitimate company. You are most likely reading this article because you are looking for more information on Max International.

In this review of Max International I am going to give you a closer look at their products, the business opportunity, compensation plan, and some tips on what it takes to be successful with this business.

Max International - Where It All Began

Max International was originally founded by Steven K. Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fullerton and is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Steven Scott's background is in the infomercial market place and is well known as the creator of the Total Gym television campaign which has resulted in over $1 Billion in total sales. In addition to that he is also a best selling author of six international books on the subject of personal achievement.

Gregory Fullerton is one of the most respected, sought after public speakers around the world and has shared the stage with some very prestigious leaders including Bill Gates, George Lucas, Steve Jobs, Dr. Ken Blanchard, and Senator Bob Bennett. When these guys came together to start this company there was no question it was going to a world class company.

Max International - The Products

When Max International was founded they had one goal in mind and that was to bring high quality, beneficial health products to the market place. They are extremely well known for their Max GXL product, however they do offer several other products in the health & wellness industry. Max GXL is a patent pending formulation that provides a unique composition of nutrients which enables your body to produce optimal levels of glutathione.

When it comes to their products they focus on quality and safety. Them make every effort to guarantee quality, safety and efficancy during their step-by-step process of creating these world class products. On top of that, each of their products are backed by years of scientific research.

Max International Business Opportunity

Along with their vision of being the global leader in understanding how the body produces glutathione and how to develop the products that enhance this process, Max International also offers an incredible income opportunity especially for someone who loves network marketing. This is an outstanding business opportunity and they offer you the ability to get paid 9 different ways as an associate. With their binary compensation plan you have the ability to earn up front money from sales, along with long-term residual income.

So, is this opportunity right for you and can you make money with it?

Max International is still a bit new to the network marketing industry, however, they are already grabbing the attention of some big players and the are constantly growing. They offer world class health & wellness products along with an unparalleled business opportunity. I think this is an outstanding company and I think anyone who is willing to put forth the time and effort necessary to be successful, can and will be.

Jusuru International Business Review - Is Jusuru a Joke Or a Good Opportunity?

Jusuru is a health company that provides beverages with "super foods" that claim to help all sorts of physical issues and challenges. They are also a network marketing company, and allow distributors to partner with them and earn commissions on selling the product.

Is Jusuru a scam? Is it a great opportunity? We review that now.

Jusuru - Another Super Juice

Their product follows the line of Monavie, XanGo, and others who have developed a blend of antioxidants and fruits that can now be touted as a "super juice". The ingredients list does look impressive, and there are several positive opinions around the product, and the company itself is led by Asma Ishaq.

Their premier product is called Life Blend. It contains Resverotrol, Japanese knotweed, mangosteen, pomegranate, acai, blueberries, grapes and strawberries. The website states that just one serving of Jusuru contains as much Resveratrol as two bottles of red wine (resveratrol is supposed to help reduce the effects of aging).

The challenge with Jusuru is the marketing spin. The product is touted to "sell itself". This is categorically untrue. If products sold themselves, then companies would not need independent distributors to sell the stuff. Companies would also not need sales teams or marketing teams to sell the product.

Product do not sell themselves - they need people selling them. And that leads to the 2nd challenge: who do you sell to? Most networking companies recommend selling to friends and family, which works short-term. Long-term, the average distributor needs some additional skills to reach their target market, and build systems that target people who are already looking for the products and opportunity they offer.

To sum, Jusuru's product may work, but the business is not as easy as signing up and watching the money come rolling in. It takes skill and real marketing knowledge to succeed with any opportunity, and I strongly recommend building that skill-set.

iPhone or Windows Phone? Which One Is Practical and Good for Business?

High-end mobile phones, also commonly known as smartphones, are increasingly becoming relevant to businesses. It is not uncommon for companies to align their business and software strategies with the technology developments, of which smartphone use is one of the reigning trends. Given their greater built-in functionalities, smartphones make it easier for everyone in the business arena - from the primary decision makers to the working professionals - to do and accomplish things quicker.

Smartphones have become a constant companion of CEOs and workers alike who want to keep themselves organized without having to carry a bunch of bulky gadgets. These days, handsets are "smart" enough to offer flexibility with tasks such as taking and reviewing notes; setting appointments; or reviewing documents and contracts - all while its user is on the move.

Smartphone functionalities that have been proven to be highly usable for enterprises include map access, satnavs and information sharing features, all of which have become indispensable tools for international business marketing, while taking entrepreneurs a step ahead of their daily schedules.

Quite expectedly, smartphone use has seen an upsurge in recent months, indicating an unrelenting expansion of the smartphone market. Global leader in information and data measurement Nielsen reports that 62% of handset-using adults aged 25 to 34 own and use smartphones.

A related report fresh from research and advisory firm Gartner points out in the third quarter of 2011, mobile device unit sales reached 440.5 million globally, showing an increase of 5.6 percent from the same period in 2010.

The "Business-friendlier" Smartphone

With smartphone adoption in the enterprise gaining its momentum, dominant archrivals iPhone and Windows Phone 7 or WP7 are parading their capabilities, seemingly outwitting each other in terms of features and design.

The first iPhone device was by introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, and released on the same year. The smartphone's 5th generation - the iPhone 4S - was introduced on the 4th of October 2011. On the same week, Apple's OS for handheld gadgets - iOS 5.0 - was also launched.

Legions of enterprise-class users have been attracted to Apple, with developers making the iPhone much more durable and affordable. Apple's iPhone, especially its latest 4S device, offers apps for various business needs, while sporting a trendy design. It flaunts Siri, the intelligent voice recognition feature that has been integrated into the iPhone 4S core.

In an extravagant launch on November 7, 2011, Microsoft unveiled its very own Windows Phone 7 or WP7 in Manhattan, flaunting its capabilities. Seemingly targeting to follow the dominance of Windows in the desktop arena, WP7 is out to thwart the iPhone craze.

Tech research organization PCWorld notes that while Windows Phone 7 seems to be in "an underdog position" against competitors like Apple and Google, IT managers in the enterprise are gravitating towards the device simply because it offers compatibility with software and tools from Microsoft, the leader in enterprise software.

In a differing review, InfoWorld, a leading info resource on emerging business technologies, notes that while WP7 has a stunning and intuitive user interface, it falls short of its competitor iPhone - which amasses a world of capabilities. The review points out that the WP7 does not support Adobe Flash Player and websites that are HTML5-based, which are essential platforms and tools for businesses. On the other hand, the iPhone 4 supports nearly all except for Flash. As such, the said InfoWorld review underscores that WP7 may be a slick gadget, but it cannot be as business-friendly as the iPhone is.

The battle of smartphones, as unofficially dubbed by tech watchers, is still in its infancy. Game-changing as they are, these devices are revolutionizing business and software strategies in the enterprise environment with features that elevate the way people do business.

Risks in International Business

Just as there are reasons to get into global markets, and benefits from global markets, there are also risks involved in locating companies in certain countries. Each country may have its potentials; it also has its woes that are associated with doing business with major companies. Some of the rogue countries may have all the natural minerals but the risks involved in doing business in those countries exceed the benefits. Some of the risks in international business are:

(1) Strategic Risk
(2) Operational Risk
(3) Political Risk
(4) Country Risk
(5) Technological Risk
(6) Environmental Risk
(7) Economic Risk
(8) Financial Risk
(9) Terrorism Risk

Strategic Risk: The ability of a firm to make a strategic decision in order to respond to the forces that are a source of risk. These forces also impact the competitiveness of a firm. Porter defines them as: threat of new entrants in the industry, threat of substitute goods and services, intensity of competition within the industry, bargaining power of suppliers, and bargaining power of consumers.

Operational Risk: This is caused by the assets and financial capital that aid in the day-to-day business operations. The breakdown of machineries, supply and demand of the resources and products, shortfall of the goods and services, lack of perfect logistic and inventory will lead to inefficiency of production. By controlling costs, unnecessary waste will be reduced, and the process improvement may enhance the lead-time, reduce variance and contribute to efficiency in globalization.

Political Risk: The political actions and instability may make it difficult for companies to operate efficiently in these countries due to negative publicity and impact created by individuals in the top government. A firm cannot effectively operate to its full capacity in order to maximize profit in such an unstable country's political turbulence. A new and hostile government may replace the friendly one, and hence expropriate foreign assets.

Country Risk: The culture or the instability of a country may create risks that may make it difficult for multinational companies to operate safely, effectively, and efficiently. Some of the country risks come from the governments' policies, economic conditions, security factors, and political conditions. Solving one of these problems without all of the problems (aggregate) together will not be enough in mitigating the country risk.

Technological Risk: Lack of security in electronic transactions, the cost of developing new technology, and the fact that these new technology may fail, and when all of these are coupled with the outdated existing technology, the result may create a dangerous effect in doing business in the international arena.

Environmental Risk: Air, water, and environmental pollution may affect the health of the citizens, and lead to public outcry of the citizens. These problems may also lead to damaging the reputation of the companies that do business in that area.

Economic Risk: This comes from the inability of a country to meet its financial obligations. The changing of foreign-investment or/and domestic fiscal or monetary policies. The effect of exchange-rate and interest rate make it difficult to conduct international business.

Financial Risk: This area is affected by the currency exchange rate, government flexibility in allowing the firms to repatriate profits or funds outside the country. The devaluation and inflation will also impact the firm's ability to operate at an efficient capacity and still be stable. Most countries make it difficult for foreign firms to repatriate funds thus forcing these firms to invest its funds at a less optimal level. Sometimes, firms' assets are confiscated and that contributes to financial losses.

Terrorism Risk: These are attacks that may stem from lack of hope; confidence; differences in culture and religious philosophy, and/or merely hate of companies by citizens of host countries. It leads to potential hostile attitudes, sabotage of foreign companies and/or kidnapping of the employers and employees. Such frustrating situations make it difficult to operate in these countries.

Although the benefits in international business exceed the risks, firms should take a risk assessment of each country and to also include intellectual property, red tape and corruption, human resource restrictions, and ownership restrictions in the analysis, in order to consider all risks involved before venturing into any of the countries.

What Businesses Could Learn From the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street (OWS), a series of demonstration that are ongoing in New York City, has been making Wall Street the headlines for weeks. Calling itself a "leaderless resistance movement" among people of all races, genders and political principles, OWS is mainly built around anti-corruption sentiments, and is protesting against corporate greed, economic and social inequality, and corporate influence.

Amid criticisms for making imprecise and informal demands, OWS is relaying its message by the catchphrase "We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%."

Spearheaded by Adbusters, a Canadian activist group, OWS touts the empowerment of real people to make real change. It insists on a world that needs neither Wall Street nor politicians for a better society. Upholding non-violence, OWS uses the Arab Spring strategies to ensure that all participants are safe.

From its starting point in New York City, Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are spreading to 70 cities and at least 600 communities in the U.S. On the global front, OWS-modeled demonstrations are also simultaneously being held in more than 900 cities - all keeping business leaders speculating, deliberating and trying to find the right way to respond.

In a benefit-disadvantage analysis of the situation, The Harvard Business Review puts emphasis on actuality of the high percentage of CEO pay vis-à-vis its employees' salary, which is a telling sign of persistent economic inequality. It is highlighting the need for businesses to reevaluate their business and software strategies, and include a determination of their existing compensation models.

According to The Harvard Business Review, protests occurring outside the Wall Street offices can be an opportunity to reevaluate their management of anti-business sentiments, while responding to protesters on an equal footing as is the case with public discourse.

Identifying opportunities for business development, Business Finance Store is noting that businesses can learn from the way OWS is successfully expanding itself on a global scale, which it practically did with heavy reliance on social media. Businesses are able to leverage social media as no-cost and low-cost tools for their own global expansion, with international business marketing strategies factored in.

Ordinary people participating on the Occupy Wall Street movement are now getting comfortable with modern technologies such as video conferencing on computers, webinars and interactive programs of the same kind - in order to reach out and share common knowledge. Small and medium business enterprises, as well as the world's biggest corporations, can learn a lesson or two from that.

The rapid increase in the number of OWS protesters is becoming more and more phenomenal. This may be attributed to the kinds of information they are able share through the modern technologies, as well as powerful methods and tools they employ to achieve their own vision and version of success.

Case in point: wide reach through online coverage, as well as the value of the Internet for expansion purposes cannot be overemphasized. Protests can become the next big world story; and so can any business that takes advantage of the power of modern media.

Internet Marketing In Asia - Creating A Real International Business

Do Not Seek International Partners Until You Read This!

Okay... I apologize if that sounded melodramatic, but the truth is that this article could save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions, when it comes to creating a real international business.

Most of you might have already started a website, and think it is "international". Well, think again! Every new person from a culture or nationality you encounter online alone may shun you simply because you have no presence in the country that the visitor comes from. Don't be surprised by these interesting concerns:

#1 - No local telephone number, no business!

If your site doesn't have a number that someone can reach you at, it's already a disadvantage. What blows many people off is the fact that they can't reach you in their own country. This is particularly so when there is a high level of skepticism with online purchases - and you probably have already taken that for granted that everyone is willing to buy online.

#2 - No support during local hours, no business!

If you can't provide support during local business hours, you are also going to lose out. Particularly in places like Singapore, where customers are discerning enough to make checks to safeguard their business interests, you'll be expecting a higher level of scrutiny amidst the skepticism on the internet.

#3 - Only an autoresponder? No business!

Gee. Is this really so difficult to understand? Get yourself an international number. If necessary, open up a representative office when you decide that your business is serious enough to go far.

But for many people, they will balk at the idea of doing this. It's tough, knowing that there are a lot of people who don't really have the financial means. However, there is a better way of doing this - strategic business partnerships.

Are You Really Talking About JVs?

Nope. Gone are the days where JVs really means anything. Don't get me wrong - they are indeed very important people, and you shouldn't consider is 'passe'. It's merely part of an overall strategy. You really have to create a strong alliance with people who are willing to bring money to the table, not just a super affiliate. If there is something that you want to build in a region you are not familiar with, or a place where you can't really leverage, consider rewarding partners to get things done.

These partners have to be able to help you either with culture, infrastructure, resources or presence. In either case, the ability to create this will undoubtedly generate more synergy than you think. Our own partnerships have rung up the tune of millions of dollars, and we are constantly looking at ways to maximize the business we have created further.

Finding Partners

On my blog, I talked about finding partners and how difficult it can be. Here are my considerations when looking at partners.

#1 - a clear win-win benefit

It doesn't make sense if someone is not giving exceptional value. There are so many people who could walk up to you and say "let's do business". Why should you? You really need to consider the value of a win-win relationship because both of you need to be making money in order for a business to sustain itself. Yes, it's important, but it's NOT the only thing!

I've seen many small-time competitors repeating the things we do, and it doesn't seem to make sense financially when we work out their numbers. They aren't making enough money to create a joint venture relationship that is truly sustainable. If I want to get a seminar speaker to the region, or a published author on an Asian book tour, I want to make sure that I don't go broke, and neither does my partner!

#2 - a stable business foundation

If you are seeking a business to work with, they should already have a proven business foundation. Obviously, it is better that they have a vested interest in doing this jointly, and that there is going to be some kind of commitment to going into partnership. Does your current partner know how to handle the finances? Does your partner have the capability to handle worst case scenarios in the business venture? Eventually, you must also see a track record of them working with other people. The last thing you want to do is to have people who know absolutely nothing about working with partners!

#3 - innovative and time tested

Did I say time-tested? Ooh. That probably eliminated 95% of your list of potential business partners. Again, I'm talking about the physical investment you intend to put into your strategic business partnership. Your partners must have demonstrated their ability to run their business in a fairly innovative way. You'll recognize this from their failures and their ability to bounce back from them.

#4 - open communication

A strategic business ally must be willing to open up communication. This one is particularly important because without it, assumptions accumulate and this creates a much better working relationship over time. I've worked with partners who do not communicate, and those who actually do, but there's little doubt that communication facilitates solutions, even in the face of problems.

This means you have to get someone whom you can really be honest with - and this is a commodity that's not really for sale. You can't buy a good partner: you can only get connected with people whom you are going to be able to comfortably build a decent business with.

#5 - not overloaded with current responsibilities

The worst that can happen is that the business you are working with is filled with a series of their own responsibilities and unable to focus their priorities on you. This will be quite detrimental! I'd recommend that you ensure that resources are allocated as part of your agreements, so that you don't get involved in a 'dud' agreement where you end up doing all things on your own.

Usually, all these things are ignored in the face of the excitement of a project idea. Listen - project ideas are a dime a dozen. Don't just jump into a joint venture simply because you are hyping yourself up. Get yourself grounded so that your project idea can create fruits based on solid foundations of partnership.

Typical Concerns You Should List

You ought to assess this on your own or with third parties whom you trust.

#1 - does your partner pay quickly and promptly?

If a partner delays payment, I'm not suggesting that he is an evil person. I'm just wondering how much of his operational capabilities are actually optimized. After all, you have to be worried that this person might be doing the same thing to the end customer.

#2 - does your partner focus on profits or service?

I know a whole bunch of people who profess to hate customer service on the internet. They do not want to have anything to do with it because it's tedious. Well, why wouldn't it be? It's about the human relationship. If people are afraid of providing good aftersales service, it may also mean that they won't be willing to sustain a conversation with you.

#3 - does your partner know key performance indicators other than just profit?

I like to ask this question because it tests your ability to remain focused on your partnership outcome. If you are a strong partner, you will find ways to maximize your relationship rather than just make use of another person's relationship to create profit. You might focus on total number of subscribers. You might focus on testimonials that come in. Whatever the case, if you are in a starting relationship, you might want to build a set of performance indicators for each other and commit to this in writing.

In writing? Yeah - in writing. A breach of contract, honestly, is something that happens every time in the world of business. However, if people are willing to take to the contract and commit to this means that they will be more committed. These are people I take in. If the people whom I work with do not fulfill the contract, I don't write them off. I just approach the next venture very, very cautiously.

#4 - is your partner willing to put in commitment effort/money?

Okay - I definitely value people who are willing to put their money where their mouth is. In other words, your potential partner has to be willing to do certain things to earn their keep. What is that? Are they putting in some kind of effort? How is this measured? How will a partner know that he or she is actually living up to this?

If I were a partner, I would like to know what kinds of expectations my partners have of me, and communicate this. Often, when a venture is worthwhile and the assessments have been made, then a business proposition is made to invest resources into them. Once this is done, you do whatever it takes to make your targets happen.


A strategic business alliance is difficult in these times. There is jealousy, backstabbing and lying that happens in the background of any business. However, if you are able to establish the reputation, credibility and trust within a group of people, it will be highly likely that you will build far more than just a joint venture relationship. Taking an alliance to the next level requires a lot of "getting to know", and I hope that you will consider this in a manner that goes beyond just a "special promotion". Trust is one of the most important things that makes the biggest difference in any business that wants to scale massively.

What Careers Are Available With a Major in International Business?

Do you love to travel? Are you fascinated by exotic cultures, people whom are different from you, foreign languages and world customs? If so, you may be the ideal candidate for a college degree in International Business.

Students who are interested in an International Business college degree should enroll in a specialized degree training education program at a college or school. This program should consist of focused courses and hands-on training classes that prepare students for a successful career.

International business is a term used to collectively describe any topic or subject that relates to the operation and function of organizations that are involved or located in several different countries. These organizations are often called multinational corporations.

Popular examples of multinational companies are Toyota, McDonald's, LG, Verizon Wireless, Siemens, Yahoo, Sprint, Google, Hyundai, Dell, Microsoft, L'Oreal, Revlon and Honda. Such companies usually possess an interest or subsidiary over another company in the country of venture. International business is powerfully impacted by the political, socio-economic, cultural, global and legal environmental standards of individual countries. Globalization has also greatly contributed to the increasing success of
international businesses.

Laws, regulations and standards of living can differ substantially in a multitude of countries. A person who wishes to work professionally with international clients must address issues like language barriers, cultural differences, climate changes, business practice variations and many other potential conflicts.

A college education in international business will focus on business studies courses, general studies classes and cultural awareness training programs. College degree programs provide students with training in information technology, international studies and business management. Students will develop in-depth skills that utilize business strategies and intelligent techniques in an international context. They will also acquire a general liberal arts education that will eventually lead to the development of a well-rounded, knowledgeable and worldly business leader. The program will also include basic courses that address the economic aspect of business.

Why do some college degree programs incorporate a liberal arts approach to the areas of international politics and culture? Many colleges believe that this type of knowledge can dramatically improve a person's cultural understanding. These programs survey the dynamics and various aspects of the global business setting. They focus on the international economic, historical, political and cultural foundations of the modern business climate, ideal multinational corporate functions and the general successful management of a corporation in an international environment.

There are many paths that a student can take with a degree in international business. A graduate can explore the fields of importing and exporting tangible goods, foreign banking, world-servicing nonprofit organizations and international business empires. By pursuing an education in international business, a student can:

  • Explore business practices, ideals, standards and laws in an international or multicultural setting
  • Familiarize oneself with the legal practices and procedures of various cultures and countries
  • Grow knowledgeable in the areas of international business that are constantly evolving or changing
  • Learn about cultural differences that may strongly impact an international relationship among clients

How Web Conferencing Can Provide an Advantage in International Business

Business travel will always be a part of a professional's life, no doubt about it. But nowadays, modern technology provides solutions that provide alternatives to traveling for business in many instances. And that is great news, since business travel can be very time-consuming and inconvenient, and not always cost effective. It is good if a business trip can lead to drumming up more profit for your company, but wouldn't it be even better if you could do away with the trip altogether and still get that big client sale? That is where the technology of web conferencing comes in.

If you are not familiar with web conferencing, basically it is a technology that allows you to have meetings between two or more people who are in different locations, by conducting the conference over the Internet. A web conference happens in real time, so that its attendees will be able to view a single presentation simultaneously, getting the information just as well as if they were all viewing it together in one room--when they are actually sitting at separate computers that may be many miles apart from each other.

The great thing about web conferencing is that it gives you a lot of communication options, though what these are may depend on the specific web service or software client that you use. The most basic web conferencing setup will allow live shared presentations and text-only instant messaging. A more advanced option would be to use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows participants to have voice call conferences on the web--at very low rates when compared to long-distance call costs. Web conferencing platforms may also allow the option of video conferencing, so that the participants can see not only the information presented, but the faces of their co-attendees. Video conferencing is very helpful in imparting a more human feel to such online communications.

Web conferencing usually offers the ability for people to share applications. Application sharing allows the participants to perform edits on files or input new information on someone else's computer during the web conference. Participants also have the ability to share their files with one another.

Web conferencing is especially useful for those who have to communicate with clients and colleagues from miles away on a regular basis. It is especially time-consuming and expensive to have to take a lot of international business trips. Web conferencing will allow you to reduce your business travel expenses. Basically, you will only be paying for a broadband Internet connection in addition to the price of the software or web service.

Merchant Accounts for High Risk International Businesses

The world has seen a tremendous growth in the volume of trade and commerce between nations over the past few decades. The nature of quick decisions and huge payments that are usually involved has also made it imperative for the banks to provide high level services for their business clients and especially in the realms of international trade.

There are several ways by which banks with which you are dealing or otherwise are providing assistance in your international trade. These are available for both making as well as receiving payments.

A merchant account is one that is always pertaining to the receipt and payments that you make for your business deals. These are always regarded as high risk account especially when there are payments with credit cards involved in case of online transactions.

Despite the high risks involved in certain aspects of merchant banking, there are banks that provide specialized services in these areas. This not only facilitates your international business growth but also allows you to continue trading through credit card payments among other means.

There are standard e-commerce accounts that are available for international and online business as well. But in case of products like online casinos, medicines and related products, arms and ammunition dealers, lotteries and online debt services among several other categories there is a term that is used to signify this area of trade - high risk merchandise.

Account Fees

There is a fee applicable for the account holder. The charges for this type of account are usually much higher than the charges of a standard e-commerce or international business account.

There are banks however that make attractive offers of excluding upfront fees for the high risk account holders. Other types of attractive offers are also involved in the transaction and other process of the account.

Off Shore Merchant Accounts

Now consider this. If you own a high-risk merchant account, it implies the importance of a convenient and quick payment clearance for all your transactions too. However, you may have a high-risk merchant account in your country while there is a payment from another country that may be withheld for some transaction or technical difficulties.

These types of problems can be averted if you have an offshore merchant account. There are accounts that you can maintain in different countries other than your own. Thus there will be an easy and quick clearance of all kinds of payments through the deals and transactions in those countries.

This is also an alternative that you can approach when you are unable to procure a merchant account in your own country. There are banks that offer their services to other nationals as well against their professional charges for the same.

There are several advantages of an offshore merchant account that allow you the freedom of bulk international trade that has acceptable and easier terms and conditions as well

Will the Global Domain International Business Work For You?

One of the questions that many people ask themselves regarding GDI is if the global domain international business will work for them. I am sure you have come across this article wondering if this business can actually help you and the truth is that this business can help anyone who is willing to put in the time, hard work and dedication.

If your fear is that you might join the business and it will disappear the next day you have nothing to worry about because this is a legit business that is not going to go anywhere. Instead of worrying about the company what you should do is focus on your daily habits and evaluating yourself to see if you have the right mindset to take on the responsibility of having your own business.

There are so many people looking for different businesses on the Internet and come across global domain international as just another way to make money. Of course everybody in business is in it to make an income but you have to understand that you are going to have to develop yourself and become better. If you go into the business just thinking about money and not dedicating time to becoming better then there will be no future for you.

The question shouldn't be if the global domain international business is going to work for you but instead it should be if you're going to be willing to work the business. If you truly have the desire to be successful by having your own business and understand that is going to be a huge responsibility then global domains international is going to be one of the best businesses that you can join and start with.

Wall Street Dreams Come Alive With International Business Grants

Do you consider yourself to be an upcoming entrepreneur with the innovation and perseverance to make it to the Forbes List? Or are you the CEO of a small company that has stumbled upon a revolutionary fibre that you would like to market around the globe?

Yet, do you find yourself prevented from achieving your dreams, because you don't have the financial resource to take the world in your stride?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then may be you should know about a number of international business grants that are lending support to budding businessmen and women, around the world, in their times of need.

For starters, The World Bank can be considered the most trusted agency that is disseminating numerous international business grants to people, each year. Usually, these grants encourage developmental projects, which exhibit tremendous societal foresight.

Some of these World Bank's business grants, deriving sponsorship from the bank's clerical budget, operate independently. Also, the Bank runs several partnerships with eminent funding trusts, around the world.

If one is keen on availing the highly competitive grants of the World Bank, then they can get information, about the same, from the Bank's comprehensive Development Grant Facility (DGF).

The federal and state governments also run grant schemes for non-profit and research-based trades. However, if you happen to be someone, who is simply looking for some cash to start up a profitable small-scale business for yourself, then procuring a governmental grant may be difficult for you.

Rather, you might look into the option of availing free management consultations from the Government, while approaching non-governmental associations with all your business needs, while also. The finance programs, of these venture capitalists and foundations, are especially easy to avail, if one belongs to a minority group of the society.

For instance women entrepreneurs can more easily avail funds for their start-up projects. However, one must be cautioned that availing any sort of international business grant is a highly competitive process. Thus, all potential recipients are advised to approach the entire procedure with utmost patience and inner strength to face more, than one, failures.

Think Twice Before Jumping Into International Business

I have traveled to a number of countries around the world, without a doubt China and India offer an excellent opportunity for new business start-ups. BUT, those who travel to Asia without doing serious homework on business ideology and cultural relationships will find themselves at a great disadvantage. To be successful, you will need to 're-learn' almost everything you thought you knew about business.

The old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans" is very true in Asia. The only real advantage you have is the fact that there are more sellers today than buyers. This gives you some room to negotiate price, but very little on terms. The few 'bad apples' found in both buyers and sellers, has built up a level of distrust on both sides.

Entering the Asian market without at least some experienced people behind you does put you at a greater risk of failure or at the very least, lowering your profit substantially.

Seek the assistance of an experienced foreign business when ever possible.

Relying on media to give you a clear insight to the issues you will face while in Asia, will never be as useful as a visit in person. There are many success stories out there, but there are even for stories of failure.

Most are a result of poor planning and a lack of knowledge about the people you plan to do business with.

So think carefully, seek advice from those who have been both successful and those who have failed, and seek help while you are there.

International Trade and Its Barriers

First we will discuss the concept of trading. The trading concept is centered on the simple activity of the exchange of good or services or both. These exchanges may be the ones that simply take place between two parties within the country or between two different countries. The simple trade, which takes place between two parties, is known as bilateral trade and if these exchanges take place between more than two parties, is known as multi-Lateral trade.

Now let us deal with the issue of what International trade is? It is defined as exchanging of goods and services or both, between two or more partners from different countries (an exporter and an importer).

The country for the purpose of importing and for doing international business, generally uses the following three barriers:

1. Tariff Barriers

This is the barrier put on imports in the form of duties, tax and quotas etc. Due to which the imports are less and the price level of imported products rises and the demand for them decreases.

2. Non - Tariff Barriers

This is the barrier put by the country on imports by restricting quantity of importing. A fix quantity is defined for the importing products that make the price level of the imported goods high and the supply of foreign goods become limited.

3. Voluntary Constraints

This is the last kind of trade barrier in which the country itself voluntarily stops the incoming products. Due to this barrier the country has power to stop the imports coming frequently into the country and limiting the competition with the foreign goods with the local industries.

These three types of trade barriers should be taken into consideration when deciding to trade internationally. Mostly lower developed countries and the developing countries uses these kinds of trade barriers for their international trade and international business. The advantage of these barriers is as follows: -

  • Country earns foreign exchange by putting Tariff and non-Tariff barriers.

  • The local industry of the country is protected by the foreign competitive industries.

  • Less imported goods are brought into the country due to which consumer also buys local products.

  • The currency remains in the country due to which government gains benefit in the form of revenue.
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    Cross Cultural Solutions for International Business

    Globalisation, the expansion of intercontinental trade, technological advances and the increase in the number of companies dealing on the international stage have brought about a dramatic change in the frequency, context and means by which people from different cultural backgrounds interact.

    Cross cultural solutions to international business demands are increasingly being viewed as a valid and necessary method in enhancing communication and interaction in and between companies, between companies and customers and between colleagues.

    Cross cultural consultancies are involved in aiding companies to find solutions to the challenges cross cultural differences carry.

    International and national businesses are ultimately the result of people. As with incompatible software, if people are running on different cultural coding, problems can occur. Cross cultural consultancies therefore concentrate their efforts on interpersonal communication.

    Different cultures and cultural backgrounds between a highly diverse staff base brings with it obstacles, challenges and difficulties. Cross cultural differences manifest in general areas such as in behaviour, etiquette, norms, values, expressions, group mechanics and non-verbal communication. These cross cultural differences then follow on through to high level areas such as management styles, corporate culture, marketing, HR and PR.

    In order to overcome potential pitfalls, specialist attention is required in the form of a cross cultural consultant. As one would approach a doctor for a medical diagnosis or an accountant to examine finances, cross cultural consultants offer the expertise, experience and know-how to diagnose problems and provide solutions to interpersonal cultural differences.

    Within companies there are many facets in which cultural differences manifest. Some key areas which cross cultural consultants deal with include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

    Cross Cultural HR: HR covers a wide range of business critical areas that need cross cultural analysis. Consultants may offer advice on a number of areas including recruitment, relocation, international assignments, staff retention and training programmes.

    Cross Cultural Team-Building: in order to have a well functioning business unit within a company, communication is critical. Cross cultural consultants will provide tools and methods to promote staff integration, reduce cross cultural conflicts and build team spirit. This is essentially done through highlighting differences and building on strengths to ensure they are used positively.

    Cross Cultural Synergy: international mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures require people from different cultural backgrounds to harmonise in order to succeed. Cross cultural consultants counsel on group mechanics, communication styles, norms, values and integration processes.

    Cross Cultural Awareness Training: working with colleagues, customers or clients from different cultural backgrounds, with different religions, values and etiquettes can occasionally lead to problems. Cross cultural awareness training is usually a generic introduction into a culture, country, region or religion. The aim is to equip the trainee with the adequate knowledge to deal comfortably with people from different cultures, avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes.

    Cross Cultural Training for Expatriate Relocation: staff that travel overseas need to understand the cultural basics of the host country or region. Knowledge of the country's history, culture, laws, traditions, business practices and social etiquettes all help to minimise the impact of culture shock and hence smooth their transition overseas.

    Cross Cultural Negotiations: equipped with their knowledge of the two or more cultures that can be meeting around the negotiation table, a cross cultural consultant advises on areas such as negotiation strategies, styles, planning, closure and etiquette in order to increase the chance of a successful outcome, free from misunderstandings, suspicions and general cross cultural communication breakdown.

    Cross Cultural PR Consultancy: brand image, public relations and advertising are all areas companies must be careful of when moving out of the national context. Tastes and values change dramatically from continent to continent. It is crucial to understand whether the brand name, image or advertising campaign is culturally applicable in the target country. Cross cultural consultants examine words, images, pictures, colours and symbols to ensure they fit well with the target culture.

    Cross Cultural Language Training: Language training is an area where little investment is made by companies, but where the business advantages are great. Linguistic knowledge goes a long way in bridging cultural gaps and smoothing lines of communication. Cross cultural consultancies provide language training to business staff, moulding their learning to the business environment in which they work.

    In conclusion, clearly the role and expertise of cross cultural communication consultants is important for today's international business. The potential pitfalls cross cultural differences present to companies are extensive. In essence a cross cultural consultant's primary objective is integration. This integration, between colleagues, clients and customers is crucial for business success. Equipped with experience, knowledge and above all objectivity, a cross cultural consultant creates bridges of understanding and opens lines of communication.

    Global Domains International Business Opportunity and Video Marketing

    One of the excellent ways to market your products or services on the Internet is through videos. A lot of people use the medium of videos to showcase their products to prospective clients. A visual is always more effective in communicating the benefits of a product than a text. It also holds the viewer's attention till they understand the concept.

    People who are a part of one of the highest rated work-from-home program the multi-level marketing or MLM use this marketing strategy to generate sales and more profits. Global Domains International is an excellent business opportunity for those looking to earn a good income from the comforts of their homes. As an affiliate of this opportunity, you will be required to sell one of the most popular and sought after product - domains. Every business, every service, every individual, artists, sportsmen, scientists....the list of prospects for domains is endless.

    Though the product is in demand, a good marketing strategy helps boost your sales and profits. One of the powerful and effective strategies to improve domain sales is video marketing. Videos can be posted free on many sites and can be viewed by target audience from anywhere in the world.

    It is important to analyze the mentality of viewers as you publish videos on the internet. Shelf life and optimal length of a video categorically depends on the online content which in turn depends entirely on the requirements and needs of the niche market you are targeting.

    Whether you are marketing a brand, advertising for a media company or just a retailer, it is important to understand in detail how you can communicate strategically with the help of effective videos.

    One way to do this is by extending media events and coverage of news. Channels can be created for this purpose on any website. Detailed information related to the product, explaining its various benefits must be provided. As you do this, you can strategically link with partners related to the service or product. For example, as you are marketing the forums Global Domains International, you can link in ads related to web designing, content development, etc.

    Placement of products in the videos is therefore of utmost importance. Try to partner a video series that ensures highlighting of your products and reaches it to your target segment.

    Products have to be portrayed in a real environment. This will give a good idea about what they are looking at and also holds the interest of prospective customers. Videos can be made more effective by including infomercials like honest reactions of customers regarding your product.

    Free videos about the excellent business opportunity namely the Global International Domains can be posted by affiliates on free and popular websites like YouTube to generate curiosity, interest and inquiry from prospects. Make use of video marketing, one of the most effective and powerful marketing strategies. This is sure to help you power the Global Domains International Business opportunity to success and generate unlimited income potential. Use video marketing strategy for successful marketing of domains.