Reliv International Business Review

Reliv International was set up in 1988 with the aim of improving the lives of the people by catering to them different health and nutritional products. The founder of this network marketing company was Robert Montgomery. The company promises to give a new lease of life to the people with their top-quality products. Reliv International which has already established its credibility also provides a business opportunity. People can enter into a business relationship with the respective company as distributors of Reliv International's products and services for the overall development of the company and to earn a potential income.

A wide market

It's been twenty years since Reliv International has stepped into the business domain. The business has flourished and the company has its main office in USA. The business has expanded globally and has a host of corporate offices in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, UK and other places.

The array of products

The very popular products of Reliv International are the Reliv Classic and Reliv Now Series. The range of products that the company offers is chiefly health and wellness products. The health related issues can be kept at a safe distance with the help of these products. The health and wellness products act as a shield protecting the heart, joints, ensuring proper blood sugar regulation and reducing the effects of aging. Reliv International has also spared a thought about the specific needs of women and children, and they have high-quality products for them. The ingredients that the products contain ensure that the nutrients are well absorbed by the human body. The company ensures that the products must always be of top quality.

In order to satisfy the potential consumers with the best services, Reliv International has walked an extra mile and has established a Scientific Advisory Board in 1992. The board was set up to carry out the research of the ingredients used in manufacturing the products. The members of the Advisory Board probed deep into the constituents of the products, gave important suggestions and advices to enhance the quality of products.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan provides for paying the distributor in five different ways like retail profits, wholesale income, cash bonuses, ambassador bonuses and overrides. You have to join the company as a distributor by paying the start-up cost. Then as an active distributor, it becomes your duty to maintain an autoship order of products on a monthly basis. There are perks and allowances for top producers as they are provided with the opportunity to go for luxurious trips.

The way to be successful

You have to generate leads online as there is no alternative way to taste success. You have to put in your best efforts t to reach out to people who are looking for a good home-based business opportunity on the net. You have to absorb in the marketing strategies and qualities so that you can help your business to flourish. With time and experience combined with the accelerated rate at which you generate leads, you can perceive a steady growth in your business.

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