Intercultural Tips For International Business

In the last few decades International Business has rapidly increased making Intercultural communication crucial to effective, profitable business management. It has not always been fully understood that International business relies upon the trust and goodwill of those who conduct the business or that there are many Intercultural differences between countries and, indeed locations within a country relating to communication style. It is not enough to learn by trial and error regarding Intercultural styles, as to get it wrong can mean a negative impact upon business.

The following tips can aid effective International business communication and positive intercultural relationships:-

a) Tip - Conversation Interaction - it is crucial to understand intercultural concepts of relationships between parties and the manner in which business is conducted. It is important to know when to intervene in a conversation and when to listen. To interject into a conversation can be an unfortunate intercultural mistake affecting business negatively.

b) Tip - Beginning and ending a discussion - Again, there are diverse International cultural differences which need to be observed, greetings, the level of respect shown regarding social position, gender and age. There is often an accepted behaviour and it is essential in business to fully understand the intercultural aspects unique to each country.

c) Tip - In some Cultures it is regarded as offensive to interrupt a conversation. In another Cultural area however, it may be seen as a failure among equals, especially men, if they do not interject. In more Western societies culture often dictates that to interrupt is to be argumentative.

d) Tip -In some countries humour may not be a cultural means by which to relax any tension in new business relationships and can be viewed as disrespectful.

e) Tip - For some, the intercultural process of business conversation focuses around response. It is not acceptable in some areas to pause before responding and can be seen as rude, whereas, in other areas it is seen as respectful in business discussion.

The above are tips to consider before embarking on International business ventures. Remember, business and commerce on an international level requires a full knowledge of the intercultural aspects unique to the country in which you conduct your business

International Etiquette - The Key to Effective Global Networking

As businesses become increasingly more global and bringing people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds closer, learning the skills of proper etiquette on an international level is one of the most important elements for business success and growth. The ability to appreciate and respect cultural differences can be very helpful in understanding why people act in certain ways and gives you a better understanding on how you should act while conducting business or attending social events with them.

Each country comes with a set of rules and traditions. In recent news, President Obama was criticized by some critics for bowing to a Japanese Emperor. They argued that as President of the United States, he displayed an act of "weakness" because in America, all are considered created equal and therefore on equal playing field. While others said the bow was not the problem, it was that he bowed and shook hands with a Japanese Emperor. Sources at the White House said the President was following protocol. But the best etiquette approach in this case would have been to follow the lead of the host.

Examples like the above show how significant it is to know what to do and when to do it when dealing with diverse cultures. The last thing you want to do is offend someone you are trying to share ideas and conduct business. As a young girl, my lack of social etiquette knowledge resulted in several embarrassing hours, but turned into a lifetime commitment of striving to always put my best foot forward and to help others accomplish the same. Etiquette is not a fad that will go away over time. In fact, I believe that as we become more global in the way we do business and interact on a social level, knowing proper etiquette has never been more important.

One of the first things you need to understand is that culture includes areas such as a country's norms, values, behaviors, food, architecture, fashion and art. One area of culture that is important for international business people is etiquette.

The English dictionary defines etiquette as the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a specific social or professional group or situation. Basically, what is the common practice of behavior in which a person of another country greets conducts business and entertains.

As a business professional, part of getting prepared requires not only the details of the meeting or presentation, but also the social aspects of the meeting. For example, do you know the proper way to introduce yourself and or your colleagues? Introductions may only last a few moments, but they set the stage for the rest of your time with the person's whom you will be conducting business.

To get you started, here is a helpful resource. You can always contact the embassy of the country you are traveling to for more information.

Executive Planet- Guide to business culture, customs, and etiquette worldwide

International Business Degrees Could Help Grads Meet Global Demands

A university in Texas this year plans to add three new business degrees intended to help graduates fill anticipated job openings for the future. The institution's new degree programs include marketing, with an emphasis on data and analysis, and information systems, where students can learn how businesses can use computers to improve their work. The Texas University is also adding a global business degree that is to include foreign language and cultural studies, as well as study abroad programs.

This institution isn't alone. In Indiana, a university is introducing an international studies minor where students can learn about foreign cultures. The program is to focus on foreign languages, with a choice of Chinese, French or Spanish, as well as world and human geography, an Inside INdiana Business news item noted.

Today's global challenges demand international competence, according to the NAFSA: Association of International Educators website. Americans who study abroad for credit, engage in service and experiential learning, internships or research, or who study foreign languages, are far better prepared for the demands of the 21st century, the association's web site notes. NAFSA (originally named National Association of Foreign Student Advisers) is a member organization that works in part to promote international education.

Growing economies outside of the United States can influence business transactions and increase the value of an international business degree, according to a university in Tampa that also offers an international business degree. China has for some time been a popular subject of study, as well as a site where colleges and universities have expanded their presences. Now, some institutions of higher education are looking at India, Inside Higher Education has noted.

Georgia's business schools offer joint two-year master's degree programs with a management school in Channai, according to a recent report in Inside Higher Education. Students at a Texas university, on the other hand, have opportunities to travel to India as part of a Study Abroad program with a business focus. India is the second fastest growing market in Asia, presenting lucrative and diverse opportunities for United States exports with the right products, services and commitment, the U.S. Department of Commerce reports.

The concept of incorporating foreign language and culture studies into business degree programs isn't necessarily new. A university in Michigan in 1979 launched one of the first programs in the United States to combine requirements in foreign language proficiency with area studies, international business, economics and practical training that became a model for developing similar programs elsewhere, an ERIC Clearinghouse article reported. Yet a Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter addressing the expansion of a New York City art and design school's design and management program earlier this year suggested that a need still exists for undergraduate business programs to provide students with an understanding of and empathy for different cultures.

Study Abroad programs help in this respect and others, according to a study of institutions that are part of the University System of Georgia. The study found that the academic performance and graduation rates of study abroad students, including the academic performance of at-risk students, also improves, a recent report in Inside Higher Education noted. Students who have participated in Study Abroad programs have also reported the experience increased their self-confidence, helped them better understand their own cultural values and biases, served as a catalyst for increased maturity and reinforced their commitment to foreign language studies, a Transitions Abroad study shows. The United States Senate, citing the value of Study Abroad programs, designated 2006 the Year of Study Abroad, the Transitions Abroad web site shows.

The House Agriculture Committee earlier this year passed a reform law for travel to Cuba that is awaiting House review, according to a NAFSA news item. Foreign language programs, facing budget cuts, are working to collaborate with other institutional units as a means of strengthening their programs, an Inside Higher Education report noted. To help combat studies showing that students aren't able to articulate the value of study abroad experiences well enough in interviews that they can land jobs, a university in Michigan has established a workshop to train them in this area, according to a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report.

Business Magazine: The Right Choice

There are different kinds of magazines that you may read to enhance your information and knowledge levels. However, these may not always be for work or business. There are different kinds of magazines like entertainment, fashion and science and technology among many others.

There are also magazines dealing with business and trade information, data and analysis that are significantly important and can prove to be a contributing factor for your business or professional pursuits.

These business magazines can be your window to the world of trade and commerce from an international perspective even if you are located within a particular country.

Well Known Business Publications

There are several well-known international business publications that have been in circulation for many decades now. Their contribution has been immense over the years, as they have shown their expertise in journalistic skills.

They have reported objectively and with in-depth analyses that have helped the readers reach their decision with ease and confidence. The information that is provided within the pages of a business magazine enables a reader to make the right moves for personal and professional investments as well as for business ventures.

These magazines cover the latest details of investments and new areas of venture and projects of different companies and corporations of the world.

These magazines are available on a weekly, monthly or even a bi-monthly basis of issue publication.

Importance of Business Magazine

The reader may read a magazine for a large number of reasons, many of which are for personal interests. Whether you are an entrepreneur or even an investment banker, a business magazine is important to give you necessary insight into a number of issues.

The latest areas of venture by different companies.

The sudden emergence of a sector of industry or economic growth.

Countries with business and trade prospects.

The shift of currency values of important and powerful nations of the world.

The shifting trends of world economy and the emergence of international business leaders among nations.

Mergers and takeovers of corporate establishments and their consequences on world trade and economy.

Stock market reviews and analysis.

These are only some of the areas that are covered at length by business magazines all over the world. A subscription to any one will enable a complete knowledge and information on a regular basis.

Business Magazine Subscription

Various schemes and packages offer various numbers of issues of a magazine of your own choice. You can browse through websites for subscriptions that are available in your country and place an order as well.

The magazines will not only come with discounts and free offers but will also be delivered to your address at no extra cost.

Focusing on International Business

If you have always been fascinated by world cultures, exotic languages, international travel and foreign customs, you may want to pursue an Associate's Degree in International Studies. Unlike a Bachelor's Degree, an Associate's Degree only requires two years of schooling.

What does an Associate's Degree in International Business entail? Students who choose to enroll in a college training degree program in International Business will participate in intensive courses, focused classes and career preparation training that will prepare them for successful careers.

International business generally encompasses any subject or topic that deals with the function and operation of any businesses that are involved with or located in several different countries. These companies are often called multinational corporations.

Today, there are hundreds of multinational companies. Some well-known examples of them are Gillette, ALCOA, Procter & Gamble, Polo Ralph Lauren, Shiseido, DuPont, Citibank, DHL, Federal Express, Silicon Graphics, Sylvania Lighting, Hewlett Packard, Unilever, AT & T, Bacardi, Bank of America and Lockheed Martin International. These businesses typically have an interest or subsidiary over another company in the country of venture. International business is often substantially influenced by the factors outside of business, such as social, political, cultural, global and legal environmental standards of specific countries. Globalization has also powerfully contributed to the growing profit of international firms.

Everyday standards of living, legal regulations and government laws can vary from continent to continent. A person who wishes to professionally interact with international or foreign clients must face issues such as cultural differences, climate changes, language barriers, business practice variations and other possible conflicts.

Earning an Associate's Degree in international business give students a comprehensive education. Students will take business studies courses, general studies classes and cultural awareness program training. Associate Degree school degree programs provide students with skills in information technology, business management and international studies. Students will acquire skills that incorporate business strategies and smart tactics that will lead to the development of a culturally-educated, knowledgeable
business leader.

An Associate's Degree in international business can lead a college graduate into many different types of careers. A graduate can go on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management or International Business or can go and work directly in the corporate world. By learning a second language, a person can become an even more valued asset to a company. Many companies seek out college graduates who are fluent in Spanish or Chinese and also possess a background in international business.

There are many different routes that a student can take with an Associate's Degree in international business. A graduate can explore the areas of exporting and importing foreign banking, tangible goods and world-servicing nonprofit organizations and international business empires. By pursuing an education in international business, a student can:

  • Study business ideals, practices, laws and standards in a multicultural or international environment
  • Familiarize oneself with the legal practices and procedures of various cultures and countries
  • Gain experience in the spheres of international business that are continuously evolving
  • Learn about cultural differences that may potentially impact an cross-cultural relationship among clients

An MLM International Business Online - Discover What it Can Offer You

There are many businesses online that offer you millions of dollars within weeks and success in 24 hours. Of course to many of us this sounds very ridiculous and completely bogus. But you will be surprise how many people who are new to the Internet fall for these kinds of thinking simply because they are always looking for the quickest way to be successful and get things done fast. My suggestion to you is to pay attention to this article and begin to learn about and MLM international business online and discover all the great things that it can offer you.

One of the many things that an MLM international business can offer you is that you won't be limited to the amount of people that you can promote this opportunity to. The reason this is possible is because the business is eligible to be promoted worldwide to anyone because anyone in the world can utilize its service. This is great because by using the power of the Internet you will come across many people from different countries and you can tell them about the great business that you are in.

Another great thing that this MLM international business can offer you is a free trial for you to check out the business and have full access to all the features that it has. This is very important not only because you will be able to check out the business before making a final decision but also because when you promote your business someone is most likely going to be part of it since it offers a free trial.

These are just a few things that and MLM international business can offer you so you can just imagine how much other amazing things are still waiting for you to discover.

The Future of e-Business - Revamping Your Website to Modernize and Revolutionize Your Business

Are you at a crossroads in your business and thinking about the best way to redevelop your website using Web 2.0 technologies? Has the arrival of social networking got you interested in exciting ways to operate your business online? If so, then you're naturally at a positive junction in the growth of your business; I have several solutions that will both modernize and revolutionize your business at the same time - to get your website to the next level in every way!

First, let me provide an overview on my history and knowledge in this field. I am the President and CEO of Hudson Horizons, an e-Business product, solution and marketing company specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized websites and providing e-Marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses. The mission of our company is to develop websites for our clients in a way which will streamline their internal business processes and effectively position their business in their industry online.

Each website we create for our clients includes a highly sophisticated and comprehensive back-end system to completely manage and control their business online. Such administrative functions encompassed by our solutions include: Content Management, e-Invoicing and Online Payment Solutions, Custom Workflow Processes, Customer and User Management, Social Media Capabilities, SEO and e-Marketing Tools; the list goes on. Everything we do for our customer is 100% customized by us for their business. By doing this, we are able to supply our clients with solutions that increase sales, simplify their business tasks, offer online collaboration with their users, clients and employees, and offer a cost-effective solution that provides an immediate return on their investment.

Now that you are familiar with my background in this industry, let me offer several suggestions to revamp your website. If implemented, your website has a great chance to get to that next level - ultimately turning your business from an "ordinary business" into a "competitive e-business."

Content Management

Content Management is a system that allows your business to easily manage certain components and areas of your website. Such areas that a Content Management System allow you to control include: page content, page names, images, pictures, news events, frequently asked questions, articles, blog posts, and other website areas of importance. Most quality Content Management Systems are form-based and require no HTML coding experience to manage these elements.

Content Management offers a cost effective way to make changes to your website without having to hire a web developer or designer to make these changes for you. My company foresees all e-businesses eventually benefiting from a CMS component, which will effectively manage their website on a routinely basis. A solid Content Management System is the foundation to any productive website in today's Web 2.0 world. If you want to compete with the best then you have to utilize the finest tools. Implementing these advanced features will permit you to manage all areas of your website while keeping your overall operation costs down.

e-Invoicing and Online Payment Solutions

If your business focuses on product sales, would you benefit from collecting client payments through online means? If so, then an e-Invoicing or Online Payment Solution would be a great way to facilitate this process for you. There are various ways to setup an e-Invoicing and Payment Solution to process payments online. A few of the most popular methods include: Credit Cards processing, ACH and EFT transfers, Direct Deposits, PayPal integration, Google Checkout integration, and the list goes on.

Having a solution like this could truly bring your business up-to-date and allow you to focus more on growing your business and less time trying to manage the collection of payments from your clients and customers.

Here at Hudson Horizons, we use e-Invoicing to bill our clients via email. Our customers simply click a link in the email and complete their credit card details through a secure online payment form. Our system then processes their credit cards and the payment is deposited directly into our back account - it's that simple. e-Invoicing isn't all about making it easier for us as a business; it's also a more convenient way for our clients to make payments since they no longer need to write checks and mail payments to us.

Custom Workflow Processes

If your business has specific internal business processes that are performed everyday, you might consider having this process completely automated through your own website. If this process takes time and requires documents, contracts or other materials to be created and distributed, consider setting up a dynamic web-based workflow process that does all this for you on-the-fly.

Turning a specific business task into a dynamic workflow process will inevitably save your business time, money and simplify your operations in a very short period of time. We've had much success doing this for our clients. Recently, we implemented such solutions for a client's website, taking their wedding and event entertainment business to the next level. We set up a custom workflow process that now allows them to generate comprehensive event plans and contracts and electronically submit them to reception halls, bands, and clients in a few simple steps. This process now joins all the various parties that relate to an event in one simple-to-use system. This saved our client thousands of dollars per month and, because they require less time to manage daily operations and internal business processes, enabled them to take on more customers.

Customer and User Management

Having the ability to easily manage your customers and users in the back-end of your website is extremely important to the success of your business. Having this control within your website will enable you to: activate/disable accounts, reset passwords, view contact information, email users, track changes, view profiles, manage payments and view order history all in one centralized system.

Social Media Capabilities

Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media themselves.

Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. The social media sites typically use tools like message boards, forums, podcasts, bookmarks, communities, wikis, blogs/weblogs etc.

According to Wikipedia, a few prominent examples of social media applications are:

  • Wikis: Wikipedia
  • Social networking: MySpace and Facebook
  • Presence apps: Twitter and Jaiku
  • Video sharing: YouTube (video sharing)
  • Virtual Reality: Second Life
  • Events: Upcoming
  • News aggregation: Digg and Reddit
  • Photo sharing: Flickr and Zooomr
  • Livecasting:
  • Episodic online video: Stickham, YourTrumanShow
  • Media sharing: Izimi and Pownce
  • Social bookmarking:
  • Online gaming: World of Warcraft
At Hudson Horizons, we develop customized online social media and networking websites for any industry. Providing a social networking community for your members, clients and customers to interface, network, collaborate and obtain information is the future for every business. SEO and e-Marketing Tools

Everyday, millions of people use search engines to find information on products and services. However, most people generally only visit the first few results of the search, causing helpful yet poorly-ranked sites to go unnoticed. Without top positions, your site could be overlooked as well. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that your site has every opportunity to be discovered.

As the Internet continues to dramatically increase in the number of users and websites, companies face more competition everyday. In order to keep your website competitive and its ranking as high as possible, you must execute what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and continually perform e-Marketing Services to keep your website fresh and in the eye of your target audience.

Three of the most important and easy-to-implement SEO tactics are: content and keyword development, updates to META Tags, and search engine friendly URLs. You can find many SEO tools on the Internet to help you ease the process of SEO and e-Marketing.

Using FREE or paid SEO and e-Marketing tools and services is a great way to generate more exposure, ultimately increasing traffic to your website. It's extremely important to not only build a "kick-ass" website but to also market and perform SEO on a consistent basis. I recommend speaking to a professional e-Marketing and SEO Company to help increase the awareness of your website online.

So as you can see, there are many things to think about when revamping your website and this is just a preliminary list to get you headed in the right direction. As the Web becomes increasingly important for every business to survive and compete with their competition it's important that you not only focus on creating a new design but also think about ways to simplify, modernize and revolutionize your business with a custom back-end system. You'd be amazed what can be done with your website... All you have to do is dream it! As our company saying goes, "If you can dream it, we can do it".

I hope this article opens your eyes and provides a little insight to help you get your business to that next level. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me as I will be glad to help. I wish you all much success!

Doing Business in the Netherlands & Company Formation

Whether you are starting up your business, or you own a slightly established business, you will more than likely be looking for that next step which will help take your business further. For many, the main aim of their business is to provide a specific service for their desired target market, in the hopes to make a good level of profit, which in turn will aid in developing their business further. Some may only have dreams to keep their business local or regional to their country but for some, the real dream is taking their company further-with the possibility of making it a global success.

Starting a business and promoting it to the consumer in the hopes of making it a success, can be a very time consuming and frustrating process which can also cost a great deal of money; and unfortunately for some, not all businesses survive. In order to make the most of your business and push it to the limits you desire, you should look into getting some help from an expert source which excels in making a thriving businesses. These types of companies work by establishing your business, whether you are looking to propel it into every household within your area, or for those with bigger dreams-make it an international business.

By establishing your business in Holland, your business will benefit greatly, due to saving you time, money and frustration by helping you achieve all of your business needs, and ultimately help you in getting those much desired targets for your business. If the main aim for your business is to crack into the European market, beginning within Holland could help you greatly which could then aid in helping you break into the international market also. Within Holland, there are many fantastic companies which work primarily to help you break into these markets, offering your business a wide range of services-no matter what your service requirements may be. They work by helping you establish your company and make it a well known name in the business world and to potential customers, both within Holland, and wherever else you see your company being targeted towards. They may also provide management services, acting as a local agent for your products and services, promoting them aggressively on your behalf, whilst still maintaining strict professionalism and keeping their focus on the ultimate goal. For many starting businesses, one of the main issues they come across is being able to find a suitable space in which to begin the life of their company. If you do not have a business space, or a suitable place where you can be contacted from and customers can visit you at, this does not create the right impression to an outsider. Starting your business in Holland is a great place to start, as there are many businesses who can help find the perfect space for your business to grow from, and also provide you with the necessary facilities you will require, including secretarial services. All in all, they will provide you with absolutely everything you will require to start off your business if it is new, or aid in fixing your existing business and making it more attractive to potential customers and leads.

One of the main factors which stop many businesses from attempting to break out internationally is their issue with language barriers. Thanks to the internet and emails, it is now easier than ever for us to communicate with someone on the other side of the Atlantic. However, unless you are able to converse coherently with a lead or customer, the conversation can lead to mixed messages and confusion. Within the Netherlands, you will find companies who employ people from all nationalities. This not only makes the Netherlands a multilingual place, but also has aided in making their businesses successful due to being able to communicate with unknown territories

Many businesses have discovered for themselves just how taking a chance by incorporating within Holland has helped them expand and start their business. By providing you with a tailor made solution for your needs, you will be provided with services you will not find anywhere else. If your aim is do whatever possible in order to make your business a success and help take away any woes which you can experience when starting a business, Holland is the destination for your business. If your dream for your business is to make is a European success, look into how these fantastic businesses can help your business grow.

Microsoft Great Plains Customization: Project Organization - International Business Example

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains fits to majority of horizontal niches and clientele in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, U.K., Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East. If you are project organization: Real Estate, Law Firm, Placement Agency with permanent clients, Construction or Freight Forwarding company - you probably use or plan to deploy Project management or Project accounting extension for Microsoft Great Plains. If you have your business in one country - this work relatively simple, however we see clients, involved into international business, when your headquarters is located in the US for example and offices and locations are in Mexico. Let's look at your options:

o Localized version of Great Plains. Former Great Plains Software, who created Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise/Dynamics C/S+ back in 1990th had serious international expansion plans and realized the majority of them. Currently you can purchase Spanish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese and other local versions of Great Plains. When we are talking about localization - we mean not only translated into local language, but also tuned to local taxation regulations. You can have users working with the same company in Great Plains - some of them will use English and others Spanish version.

o Project Automation options. When you are doing business internationally - you are dealing with multi currency. In the case of Great Plains you can have unlimited number of currencies and for the specific company you select so-called functional currency. If you have branch in Mexico - you can setup US Dollar as functional currency and have invoices issued in Peso. Then you will have gains or losses on currency revaluation posted to your General Ledger. However you should know that multicurrency works with limited number of Project Management extensions. If you use third party extension in the US - you should check with its vendor if multicurrency is supported. Chances are that it isn't and in this case you should consider using standard version of Microsoft Great Plains Project Accounting.

o Great Plains hosting. Most of our clients are hosting the system in their headquarters. However you could get your software price discounts if you host in the main facility abroad. Let's say - you have production facility in Brazil and distribution offices in US. If you place your system in Brazil and have remote connection for US-based users - you can purchase the software by Brazilian price list.

Good luck with implementation and customization and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577!

Professional Document Translations - Must for an International Business

Twenty years back, if you had to get some documents translated from one language to another, the least you could do is to find someone with a good understanding of both the languages and ask him to translate your documents. Not surprisingly, this worked quite well at that time. However, twenty years back, the future of business was not really dependent on the accuracy or quality of your translations. Today, the internet has made it possible for different countries of the world to remain interconnected with each other, resulting in incredible growth in the international markets.

So, professional services for document translations are a must for those running an international business. Irrespective of how simple and easy the documents that you need to get translated are, to make a mark in the international market, you just cannot afford to overlook the competency and expertise of the professional translators. The current age of computers have also made it possible to get this work done through machines, which is not more difficult than just copying and then pasting the content. However, sometimes the outcome is barely readable and thus you cannot afford to rely on the results produced by the machines. Therefore, such incomprehensible translated documents aren't acceptable in the real business situations as well.

Businesses must resist the enticement to go for machine translations just for the sake of saving a few bucks. This way of getting your business documents translated eventually costs more in comparison to what it actually saves. The fact of the matter is that although professional services would mean a slight expenditure for your business, but when comparing the money spent to the money made from having a professional do the work, it can really pay off. The best is to seek the services of reputed translation agencies. The prices might be a percentage higher for professionals, but the quality is certainly worth the price.

Translation services aren't just swapping the words. The professional translation service providers translate meanings of the words, which isn't an easy job for sure. In fact, when it comes to quality translations, it is something which only human beings can do. Losing human factor implies losing meaning, which further may result in ineffective communications and therefore lost opportunities. Just like English language, other languages too are full of phrases and words which may sound similar but mean different. Given this, as well as the intricate cultural factors which should always be considered, you can make out why document translations are so complex and why they should be entrusted only to the professionals.

How to Find and Choose International Business Opportunities

Some business opportunities you can start are only open to you in your own country, others allow you to sponsor long distance and build an international team. Often it is helpful as a new business owner to start local and learn your business close to home. Then when you get more confident and have built a track record with proven systems supporting your business you can branch out and go global.

One of the main things to look for is the age of the company you are joining, Often new start ups under 5 years old are risky, so I would avoid anything being sold as "ground floor opportunity". it's too early for most people to be confident you're investing in something that will last.

Another critical element for a local, national or international business opportunity is a proven business building SYSTEM. Systems are what automate your business growth. Systems are what allow you to be sponsoring new customers and representatives worldwide even when you are asleep in your time zone.

A third key element is a sponsor who has a way to teach new members how to get started on a fast and proven track. A sound initial 30-day plan would be something I would look for.

Because some businesses do change over time and may, on occasion even fail, you also want to be looking for a system that is building MULTIPLE sources of income. Personally, I like to have 5 or 6 sources all integrated to make the most of my advertising investment. One of the affiliate programs I work with has members in over 130 countries including India, Brazil, China, Mexico, the Philippines as well as the United Kingdom and of course the USA. Good hunting and let me know if I can help you!

International Business - Can Americans Cope

The world may be flat and international companies may believe that they know all there is to know about business overseas. Nonetheless, the recent "lead paint" problems with China would suggest otherwise. Mattel may be saying "sorry" to the Chinese, but the real question is "where was the on-site management in the first place?" Most likely enjoying their "perks" instead of minding the store.

Establishing an international operation or assigning personnel to an existing one requires planning and development that is generally overlooked. Having spent the past 25 years watching American companies fumble overseas, I've been fascinated with the trials and tribulations of expatriate living. International assignments require both savvy business acumen coupled with the knowledge and understanding necessary to live and function successfully in a foreign environment. A compensation system based on performance rather than greed might also be useful.

There are several reasons for this:

1. American companies continue to think of themselves as American, not multinational, thus assignments overseas are not viewed in a strategic totality, but rather as a nuisance that must be dealt with from time to time.

2. The majority of the literature on the subject appears in personnel and/or training development magazines, thus the key decision makers in a company are not exposed to the problem on a regular basis.

3. The cost of establishing an in house development program is a visible budget item and considered high, relative to the numbers transferred each year. Thus picking consultants (one from column A, one from column B) to present a less than integrated approach is seen as a quick and cheap fix.

4. Then there is the attitude displayed by company and individual alike that" no one tells me how to act overseas, I'm an American, I'm great, I know all there is to know, they need me and if they don't like it they can lump it."

5. Lastly, compensation programs not tied to performance but linked to in country costs and keeping up with the "Jones", defeats any real incentive to produce.

Succeeding in the international marketplace is not as difficult as the statistics would make it appear. American companies need to look at expatriate assignments in terms of a strategic long term focus - not as an extended vacation.

Ashworth College Online Master's Degree in International Business

Ashworth College combines low tuition fees with accredited online programs that allow you to earn your degree with flexible schedules in the comfort of your own home. Their accredited international business MBA program is made to help you excel in your field with the knowledge of administrative and leadership roles you need in today's evolving business world. Some of the courses you will be taking include accounting, finance, sales, economics, marketing strategies, and organization. At Ashworth, you will learn the techniques used in international business from professors with real life and hands on experience, mapping out the road for a challenging and rewarding career ahead of you. They also have unlimited tutoring with learning guides online as well as relevant textbooks. With an accredited online degree in international business, you will be qualified for career advancement, promotion, and a larger salary. Ashworth has an excellent online program that allows you to take courses online, saving you large amounts of time as well as money.

A master's degree in international business will put you in a position of a wide array of business opportunities abroad. If you love traveling and foreign languages, you should truly consider an online degree in international business. With the flexibility offered from online courses, you won't have to worry about going to a class or spending money on food everyday. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals earned an average pay of $72,000 per year, while managers of individual companies saw about $60,000 per year. These job opportunities are growing faster than average with all the new businesses emerging.

If you love to travel and want to make a rewarding career out of your passion, you should earn your international business degree online. Feel free to request more information from Ashworth College and they will contact you shortly.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

How to Overcome Cultural Issues When Building Your International Business

When you are coming to a new country, for work or vacation, you will for sure find things that will cause you to react. I am no exception, I still recall when I first came to Bangkok and witnessed the business women heading for their offices sitting on the backseat on two-wheeled motorcycles.

For an overprotected Swede it was so different to see and initially I considered it as totally mad.

But then I started to ask myself two questions every time I faced similar situations. These questions have helped me accept and enjoy the international environment and today things have to be completely dangerous before I react. These two questions are:

Is my home country (in my case Sweden) so perfect about everything?

As long as it works, and apparently it does, isn't it OK then?

Beside these questions I have also the consciousness that in a new country I am always guest and regardless from my level of tolerance, I should not expect to understand exactly everything.

Another useful knowledge is that you have to say things in different ways to different nationalities. What means one thing for one nationality can mean something completely different to someone else. "Put on the life-jackets and jump into the water," said the captain of a ship that was about to sink and no passenger obeyed his order. The passengers where namely international businessmen and for them the order meant something else. Slightly frustrated the captain returned to the bridge and explained the dilemma for the crewmembers. "Captain, I will take care of it," said one of the officers and left. Some minutes later he returned to the bridge and reported to the captain that all the passengers had now put on the life-jackets and jumped into the water.
"Well done," said the captain. "But what did you say to them?"

"To the German I said that "it's an order, to put on the life-jacket and jump into the water."
"To the Englishman I said "it's a sport," to the Frenchman I said "it's a fashion," to the Russian I said "it's revolutionary,"and to the Italian I said "it's forbidden."
"Ok," said the captain. "But what did you say to the American?"
"You are fully insured."

With this article I have given you some ideas how to deal with international business. As a member of an international business community, I have seen many evidences that these ideas works. Similar to the passengers on the ship, we use the same tools and achieve similar goals while we say things in different ways. And the most important difference is that our "ship" doesn't sink. It's is sailing safely and successfully over the ocean of success.

International Business Travel - Dos and Don'ts

My first business meeting in a country where English was not the native tongue was in Germany. I was terribly nervous. I didn't know German, and no one was with me that could speak it. I fell all over myself trying to make apologies for speaking in English and not knowing their language. They brushed it off as no big deal. It turns out that English is widely accepted in Germany as the language of business and most Germans are taught it as a second language throughout their early school years.

So began my journey into the new world of international business travel. I made many mistakes along the way, but eventually I was able to make these trips and hold business meetings routinely without all the drama. I'll spare you the learning curve and share these international business travel Dos and Don'ts with you:

  • Do use the buddy system. It's very important to have someone with you when you travel internationally. Making your way in an unfamiliar country can be bewildering and is more work than you realize. It usually takes two sets of eyes and ears to do things that you would normally do on autopilot when you're at home.
  • Do find local help. If you can have someone meet you at the airport, get you settled at the hotel, help you with logistics, and join you for your meetings, then don't pass up the opportunity. It simplifies things greatly. And even though English is the language of business, don't take it for granted. There are important points that will be missed in a meeting just because it's too hard for your hosts to think of the right words to say in English. A helper who knows the language will pick up on this nuance and take the time to get everything on the table and make sure you understand.
  • Do speak slowly. You need to slow it down and pause frequently so that your hosts have time to translate in their heads. This way of speaking will feel unnatural, but if you don't do it they will either stop you repeatedly so that they can catch up, or they'll give up altogether and tune you out.
  • Don't cram too much into a meeting agenda. You need to cut your expectations in half at least. It takes twice as long to exchange ideas when there are translations going on.
  • Don't be an ugly American. Keep the mindset at all times that you are a guest and that their time and company is a gift to you. Try to learn a few phrases of their language for little things like, "thank you", "pleased to meet you", "good morning", and "good bye". Show an interest in their culture and history, and be respectful of their traditions and past.
  • Do be prepared for culture shock. Total immersion in another culture will take it's toll on you. Between this and the jet lag your mental energy will run out and you will crash hard the first couple nights. Don't be surprised if you are dying for a cheeseburger and all you want to do at night is hide in your room. But resist these urges and get out and see the world. Your chances to do this are few and far between, and the memories will last you a lifetime.

International Business May Be For You

It is a big world out there and your small business could find a way to capture some of the customers that are just waiting to hear about you and your products. Do your products or services lend themselves to "overseas" trade? If they do, then maybe it is time for you to find out how you can take advantage of all the opportunities, just waiting to be won.

International trade is one way to find new and exciting markets for your business and a way to expand and find new customers or suppliers. Over the years, I have worked with many businesses that have seen their sales skyrocket because of the new markets they have found in other countries. Some of the products they import have helped the business owner reduce costs, by doing away with the middleman.

There are a number of government programs to help the small business owner with export business. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has workshops and loan guarantees that can help you figure out how to get started and even finance your sales. There is also the Export Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM Bank) which offers various direct loans to exporters. A large number of banks have International Banking departments that can help you get started too. Banks offer products like, commercial letters of credit, trade finance, foreign exchange and international wire transfers, which all can help you execute your foreign transactions. Most states, and many municipalities, have foreign trade offices to help facilitate trade with local business and foreign buyers and sellers. They sponsor trade missions to specific countries and workshops about international trade and other related events, to help build awareness of the State or City in which they are founded.

If you have any interest in this kind of business expansion, you should begin to ask questions of others who already have an overseas component to their business. Make a visit to your bank's international department to find out what they offer. The bank will also know what resources are available in your city, county or state. Get on the internet and do as much research as you can and then begin to speak to your sales team and suppliers to obtain further information and input.

Once you have obtained as much information as you can, develop a marketing plan to take your business to the world. If you want to export, find only one or two of the most promising countries and focus on those markets to begin with. Then expand as you find success and gain familiarity with the idiosyncrasies of doing business globally. You may find it fun and rewarding to expand your business outside your established market. Be prepared to travel, however. Like any customer you already have, most foreign business owners want to meet and greet their suppliers or customers. Most business people in the world operate very much as we do here in the USA. International business may not be for you, but it can be a fun challenge and very rewarding. Good luck.

International Business Success

There is a lot of talk today about being "global". What does global mean? A person of the world? Every country is as different. So is every locality and city or town. The skills a business person needs to be successful in international business go beyond being global. While not comprehensive, this list based on over a dozen years of international business experience should help.


For the international business person, travel is a way of life. Long distance air travel can be especially brutal. The best advice is to arrive one day before any important meetings or conferences to adjust to any time difference. In the air, eat, sleep, work and read but do all in moderation. Air travel gluttony is common among international travelers. The on thing you cannot do is exercise on an airplane.


Stay where your host, whether a local office or a client recommends. While cost is a consideration, so is safety, convenience to meeting locations and services provided. This is the home away from home so chose it with care.


Eat in moderation. Business travel is not the time to make up for every diet that one has ever been one. There is the temptation to eat more than usual. On the other had, when with people who live locally, whether colleagues or clients, ask what they recommend when dining together. Apart from allergies, one should be open to eating local cuisine.


Some cultures drink more than Americans. Some drink less. And some not at all. The best advice is to drink in moderation or not at all. Similar to eating, international business travel is not the time to beat ones college drinking record. It is not healthy and it is insulting to clients and colleagues.


Most American business people, even after the business casual trend, still dress much more casually than business people internationally. Find out from local colleagues or even clients what attire is appropriate. If you do not know, dress in traditional business attire (suits for men and for women). This can always be dressed down if appropriate. Dress like you mean business but more importantly, dress appropriately. The same applies to evening dinners and functions outside of business hours.


Be at meeting early. Do not leave until the meeting is over. Even if others leave to take calls, do not do so except at scheduled breaks. Eat in moderation if lunch is brought in. Do not drink too much coffee but bottled water is good. Clean up after yourself after the meeting. And do not sit in the meeting with your laptop and read your email. That is rude. Do make sure you bring plenty of business cards. Introduce yourself to everybody. Do not interrupt, raise your voice or swear. If you have other calls, schedule them for the evening when not meeting with the clients or your colleagues.


In the evenings it is common to have dinner with clients or colleagues. After dinner is often a time to relax, exercise and catch up on some work before the next day. If staying over a weekend or taking a day off, visit local historical sites, museums, cultural events and also shops and restaurants. Staying in the hotel doing work is not healthy and it does not make one more internationally-minded or cultured.


Find out how your clients and colleagues prefer to communicate when not face-to-face. E-mail is common today. Conference calls are important too. Video conference calls can be very effective. Snail mail and faxes are less and less common today but are still necessary from time-to-time. Keep all communications clear, crisp and to the point. On international conference calls, listen more than talk. And do not interrupt. Ever. Take notes or minutes and make sure they are distributed within one business day of the call. Never e-mail jokes, gags, anything obscene or off-color. Do not swear or raise your voice on calls or video calls. Listening and patience are valued in most non-US cultures.


While most non-US business people speak 2-4 languages most from the US speak 1 or perhaps 2 and not well. To this end, speak clearly in English. Be patient if asked to repeat or explain. This is especially true on conference calls. It is acceptable to pick up local words or phrases. Make sure they are appropriate and that they are pronounced flawlessly. Do not make a joke out of local words or phrases. This is insulting to clients and local colleagues.

While business has a lot to do with finance, technology, human resources, research and development and law, it has more to do with people than anything else. To that end, doing business internationally is about people. By traveling and working with dignity and respect for customers and local colleagues, one is taking the first step toward the extensive skills needed to be successful in international business.

Internet Marketing For International Business

International business is all about reaching out to a global audience and targeting the worldwide populations. Managing a multinational business can prove to be hectic and if not done with precision may prove to be a disaster and loss of huge amounts of money. Now where do the managers go to ask support for their international businesses? Simple, to the Internet. Through the Internet one can target a worldwide pool of potential customers and go global without the real world hassles of crossing borders. The Internet and online Business-to-Business (B2B) ecommerce are the most powerful business tools known to mankind. These are some of the benefits of Internet marketing for B2B ecommerce websites:

o These are easy to operate, in some cases they can even be operated automatically
o Very inexpensive as compared to the real world investments - as one website caters to customers all across the world
o The customers are provided with a non ending list of products and their varieties
o Provides dynamicity, i.e. each customer is handled individually and thus they get a-value-for-money services
o All the business processing and database processing is easily managed through a single administrative dashboard
o The websites can be customized to match the business processing and policies

It's been seen that Internet marketing is bring in more business than its real world counterparts. This is because of the reasons that make Internet marketing a must have strategy for any International business. These are:

o Reach. The Internet has a global reach so it is expected to bring in more customers than the local businesses are.
o Scope. The scope defines the niche that the business would target. Being online a business could target a wider niche by offering multiple products and varieties that may not be possible in the real world.
o Immediacy. The big benefit of Internet marketing is that it is immediate. The customer likes the product, he clicks "buy now", and you are done.
o Close Loop Marketing. The power of Internet allows the reputation managers to continuously trackback their sales and the reviews. This way you know what is being said about you.

Now we shall talk about strategies of Internet marketing. This is a step-by-step Internet marketing model. This is not comprehensive information about the marketing strategies as each individual has a unique methodology to pursue Internet marketing.

1. Online research is the point of start for all Internet marketing. You must know what you are promoting so that your product can give a stiff competition to the current rivals.
2. Plan a promotion strategy including which population to target and how to go through with the marketing.
3. Optimize your ecommerce websites for best search engine ranks using legitimate Search Engine Optimization techniques.
4. Make the best effective use of Email Marketing.
5. Dominate your targeted niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs.
6. Publish, article, Press Releases, blogs, and classifieds about your brands and get listed in news stories and web directories.
7. Interact with your visitors and ask for reviews.
8. Keep a trackback record of each sell and customer review.
9. Continuously monitor performance of the business processing.

Things to Include in Making an International Business Plan

Starting your own business is never easy. If you are planning to start a business that entails international setting such as having it through the internet, then a good international business plan should be involved. If you want to expand your business, then you must exert more effort too.

To have a good international business plan, you need to do the following:

1. Make a feasibility study and start with the nature and scope of the business. You have to include a particular country that will be part of your target market. Study all the requirements needed and study how to get your return of investment faster.

2. Create your business description with the history included. In the history, you have to place the founders, milestones achieved by your business from local settings including all your products, process, technologies and services.

3. Obtain all the requirements needed for your license and all permits to pursue your international business.

4. Create a detailed description of your products to provide information to your clients.

5. Conduct a thorough research on all your possible expenses regarding your overhead cost which includes all your marketing expenses.

6. Study your current market in regards to volume of products purchased, geographical location, social changes that would affect your business.

7. Make a price strategy for all your products. If possible, include promotions and bonuses in your calculations.

8. Include the foreign Market and its Environment in your study plan. You need to be familiarized with it and should know the proper procedure for it.

Making an international business plan is not that easy as you think it is. You have to make sure that you are ready to take another step higher and should be equipped with all the information in regards to legalities. Use this as your guide in making your own plan, and then have your way towards success.

Preparing To Go To The International Business Scene

The reason why some people carry out international business is to obtain the goods that they don't possess. In exchange with what you have, you will get possession of different commodities that are scarce in your country.

International trade has forced the most influential men in the world to organize meetings in which they have to settle the growing conflicts between countries which have carried out international business together in the past.

Many points have to be put into consideration if you are willing to carry out international business. The way you are going to communicate with your foreign business partners should cross your mind because the cultures are different.

Your brain should be working most of the time because the people you are going to deal with have been in the business for some good time. You must be able to balance your books perfectly because any slight mistake you make, you will lose out completely.

Nowadays the government has no say concerning the number of people who are supposed to trade outside the boarders. This has been brought about by the internet which has many sites dealing in international business. This makes it easy for the people to carry out their business without the knowledge of the government.

The different sites make it easy for the people to find out the number of products available on the market. This means that an individual finds it easy to make the best selection from which they make the deal and the goods are shipped into the country as soon as possible.

You can't just jump into this sort of business when you have no experience at it.Thus, you will profit from it as long as you have good connections with the best international business people on the globe.

International business will benefit you if you take some time to check out more information concerning the world markets and the different countries taking part. This will kick start you as you head for glory.

The Importance of English in International Business

The major factor involved in the importance of English in international business is the acceptance of English as the international language of the business community for the purpose of uniformity in communication. Accepting English eliminates the need to explore an alternative language. If not English, then what language works better for the international business community?

English as an International Language

Perspective of English as Global Communication

If English as a global language "means that English has the widest distribution on the most continents, it is true. If it means that English is the language most utilized for international communication between and among language communities, it is true. But if it implies that English is the language of all the peoples of the globe, it is manifestly false" (Harris, 2001, 685). What may be good for the functionality of business may not be accepted as being good for the non-business community. With any new project or venture, research and development of the product or service should be done so that words used to communicate with the new market are not received with offense. Be sensitive and respectful concerning the decisions made in regard to the ways communication is used and worded.

Perspective of English as Learned Communication

"It is crucial that students are equipped with-and be aware of-both the linguistic and strategic repertoire that they can draw from in situations where they use English to communicate with those who do not share their first language and culture. In addition to the development of strategic competence, students also need to be reminded that communication is a two-way road. That is, making one's own message clear and trying to understand others is not the sole responsibility of non-native speakers or speakers of 'less standard' English varieties (however that is defined). Everyone is responsible for overall successful communication, whether it is international or not" (Matsuda and Friedrich, 2011, 340). Be mindful that words can have different meanings in different parts of the same country. Therefore, having words that have different meaning in different parts of the world is a reasonable possibility. There can also be different versions of English in different locations. Business English could also be different from the native English of an English-speaking country. Do not assume; technology has been made available to know for sure what is involved in any given business project or transaction.

English in International Business Communication

"In thinking about the impact of English on international business, there will be two effects: the intra-language effect and the inter-language effect. The intra-language effect would relate to the impact that English has in stimulating international business activity between English-speaking countries" (Hejazi and Ma, 2011, 153). If the native English of each of the two countries is slightly different, it still could have the feel of dealing with a non-English speaking country if time is not spent coming to an agreement defining business English. Business professionals new to a market will benefit by finding out how things work and use the same language the other market stakeholders are using.

"The inter-language, commonly referred to as "lingua franca", effect refers to the impact English would have on stimulating FDI activities between countries which have different official languages. The inter-language effect would have two dimensions: the first involves the use of English by a non-English-speaking country when carrying out international business with English-speaking countries; the second involves the situation in which English is used as a vehicle language between two non-English-speaking countries that use different official languages" (Hejazi and Ma, 2011, 153). Even though cooperation in using English in both cases may result in positive benefits for the countries involved, sensitivity in communication should be exercised to avoid miscommunication that may offend members of the markets involved. Good judgment with word choice is very important.


The importance of English in international business will depend on the purpose of the communication for which English is involved. Since the importance of English will vary depending on whether its use helps to complete business transactions, the deciding factor will depend of the opinion of the users concerning that fact. The success of communication in business will involve other factors. The more English works in communication for international business, the more it will be used. It will then be used because it is used by the people for whom businesses want to communicate.


Harris, C.D. (2001, October). English as International Language in Geography: Development and Limitation. The Geographical Review, 91, 4, 675-689.

Hejazi, W. and Ma, J. (2011). Gravity, the English language and international business. The Multinational Business Review, 19, 2, 152-167.

Matsuda, A. and Friedrich, P. (2011). English as an international language: a curriculum blueprint. World Englishes, 30, 3, 332-344.

How to Earn Over $1000 Weekly As an International Business Affiliate Marketer

This is one sure way you can join the millionaires club. You can earn a full time income doing a part time business which does not require much money, time and effort. Anyone with interest can successfully venture into this industry and excel like a professional.

It only requires a one-time capital investment of $150, this covers the labor cost of designing, uploading and hosting of your website, including credit and debit cards payment facilities.There are lots of manufacturing companies all over the world that are looking for honest and genuine business partners to do business with.

Take advantage of this to improve your financial status, this industry is large enough to accommodate virtually everyone that may be interested in becoming a key player,. This is different from the conventional way of doing business you are use to.

In international business affiliate program,what you do is quite simple.You sign up as an agent or representative to a foreign company after which you will be given a website (online shop).You will be selling products for foreign companies via the internet and you earn a certain percentage as commissions after each sale that comes through you.That is the whole concept of an international business Affiliate program.

How this system works

The manufacturers design and sets up your online shop,you are at liberty to set your selling prices,for example maybe you buy a product from them at $2.10 and sell at $9.98,the manufacturer will pay you the difference between your buying price and the selling price.In this case your profit will be $7.89 on every single product sold.Picture this happening lots of time each week,you can now see the vast profit potential you have on your website and all of this happening without lifting a finger.

When customers visit your online shop (website) and places an order for products,the manufacturer processes the order on your behalf including credit and debit orders.Some fast selling products for International business affiliate marketers includes;laptops,computers,Home theaters,mobile phones,multimedia projectors,Unisex designer clothes,shoes, jewelries,toys,cars trucks,buses,motorcycles,electronics,etc

Advantages of this program over others.

1. It is easily run from home or office.
2. It takes a few hours of work daily.
3. Easily run alongside existing businesses ,there is no need to alter your lifestyle.
4. Your online shop takes order 24hrs a day,imagine you waking up with more money than when you went to bed,you can achieve up to seven hundred percent.
5. No stocks to hold,all products are sent by the manufacturers to the end customer and product quality comes with 100% warranty.
6. The manufacturer handles all order processing,all payments and even the delivery of the product to your customers doorstep.
7. You get paid weekly on sale made through your website.
8. On your own part , no office ,no risk no inventory ,no staff,no capital,no stress is involved,the entire system is fully automated

The Global Domains International Business - Will it Work For You?

I have heard many things about the global domains international business. Some great things and some bad things. It seems like there are tons of people interested to get involved with them but at the same time, may be scared to lose their money or wonder if the company is going to even last that long. Are you in that situation? If so that's fine and I am sure you are going to find this article beneficial.

After doing some research though I realized they have been around for more than 10 years now. That is pretty rare and you will not find that with most other companies that are on the net. Also, I hear people saying that they will be gone, but that's just a plain old lie! There have been no signs of anything slowing down with the global domains international business so if you hear otherwise...just look the other.

So is this business going to be right for you? That is something I believe no one can figure out except yourself. Every business out there will fit an individual the same.

The people who succeed with this company are highly motivated. They don't let little things get in the way of their success. If you quit easy, then no home business is for you! Yeah I think you need to read that line again. Also, in order to make money you must not be afraid to invest. What business can you name that doesn't invest some money to make it grow? Not many.

But this doesn't mean you should be paying huge prices to get involved with companies also. GDI is capitalizing on this big time by keeping it affordable for all, and staying that way throughout the years. Most companies raise their prices and fees, but I do not see that happening here at all.

International Business Program

Apparently, on the international arena, the international business involves the transactions between two nations. Most of the time economic resources are the primary goods of transactions such as skills, people and capital for several purposes such as finance, construction, banking and services. In the 21st century where technology, corporations and communications are vital, many are claiming that our world is now a global society with plenty of international issues related to business, even causing hot debates and controversies.

The international business career is entirely different from the domestic trade as it involves the understanding of diverse cultures. From there we can conclude that it is now a desirable skill in the market so it should be your ideal field of study or occupation if travelling, understand foreign cultures, and cultivating new languages are your interest forte. Besides, due to the need to deal with numerous different people, you should be well equipped with some math skills, brilliant communication skills as well as some passionate creative thinking.

Upon the implementation of international business, the current economy contains no strong national boundaries and they are constantly diminishing. It does not come with one primary factor; it is caused by the massive electronic communication, particularly the internet. The great sharing and transfer of immediate knowledge from one corner to another opposite side of the world allows the proliferation of information thus triggering the collaboration of marketing, sales, outsourcing and manufacturing. Besides, the wide networks of most financial institutions have helped in addressing currency problems as aid can be delivered almost instantaneously.

No doubt, the international business career is one potential field to develop. But of course, one who intends to specialize in this area should comprehend will the intricacies of establishing a strong business association with partners from other nations. The difference in culture, political systems, understanding and language is definitely a challenge in the business collaboration. Always perform sufficient research beforehand and carry an open mind to make the deal a success.

International Business Site - Get Help With International Business Negotiation

For many business owners the prospect of trading internationally for the first time can be a very worrying experience. The choice to locally source products has always been a favoured method of conducting business however in today's day and age there is simply so much money in international trade that businesses often cannot afford to miss out. Due to lower labour costs, lower tax and generally lower production costs countries such as China, as a small example, manage to produce high quality products at a fraction of the price; something which could seriously increase your businesses profits.

The first thing that many people have to realise is that international business negotiation is never going to be exactly the same as local business negotiation. As you travel around the world various different countries and business communities have various different business principles. Being able to adapt to these principles is therefore a must if you wish to trade in those regions of the world.

An international business site offers a very in depth look into the cultures and business principles of the most common countries where international business takes place and aims to help those new to international trading get a head start. It will teach you not only about the culture and common practices in the country, but also about the business etiquette and how you should move towards international business negotiation.

Common things you need to know about the country before you start international business negotiation.

The chances are that if you wish to conduct international business negotiation you will be flying out to your country of choice. Even if you find a company you would like to trade with online this is a certainty. Here are some of the things you should know before you make your initial visit:

1. The business practices for greeting / meeting a new person such as handshakes and hellos.
2. What the general business attire is in any given country. Some countries will keep the idea of wearing a suit whereas some may be more relaxed on what you can where to a business meeting.
3. Different countries have different practices when presenting business cards or exchanging credentials. For example in Asia you are meant to treat a potential partners business card with the up most respect, meaning that you receive it in two hands and place it careful in your inside jacket pocket.
4. You should learn about the rules when eating in said country as the company you are negotiating with may take you for a meal. This is important in places such as China, where cleaning your plate is considered an insult; very different to countries such as the UK where it would be a compliment.
5. Look into the countries culture and what they like to do for business entertainment.

Using the international business site will help to learn all of the things mentioned above about various different regions of the world. This will give you a head start when it comes to travelling abroad when looking to kick start some sort of international business negotiation.

What is the Best International Business Opportunity on the Internet?

In recent times the world of the Internet has grown to a very massive amount and each day someone learns about the Internet and decides to look in to it. For the massive growth of the Internet there are many opportunities that are now available on the Internet. What this means for you is that if you are looking to make a descent income is time to take advantage of what an international business opportunity can offer to you. This article will give further details on what this opportunity is and how it can benefit you.

An International business opportunity is a business that can be promoted all over the world. Also everyone around the world can use the service that they offer as well. There are many kinds of these businesses that you can choose from but the best one is the one that is affordable. You can find the businesses by doing a search on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This will be an easy task and you will be able to find the different businesses and actually compare them both.

Once you are able to find an international business opportunity you will see the benefits of it first hand. The good thing is that you will be able to take a free trial and not have to put any money up front. This way you will be able to check it all out for yourself and see if it will be a good benefit for you.

Carico International Business Review - How to Succeed With This Income Opportunity

What Is Carico International?

Carico is a network marketing company that distributes a wide array of products and services including cutlery, tableware, stemware, fine China and health and wellness products. Carico International has worked alongside the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the National Wellness Foundation.

Accompanied by the product line is the business opportunity allowing distributors to earn commissions on product volume sold and new distributors sponsored. Carico has targeted a few segments of the population that are buyers and I see this company going places. Plus they have partnered with some reputable organizations.

Typical Marketing Approach

Most network marketing companies do not always provide their distributors with the best marketing advice. Usually you will be told to create a warm list of family and friends, cold call leads, buy leads, hold home meetings, pass out free samples, pass out fliers and even prospect strangers. The only problem with these methods is that the majority of the people you talk to never had the intention to purchase products or start a business. Plus people hate to be sold to.

A Smarter Approach

What if you could position yourself in a way to be found by people who are actively looking for what you had to offer? Don't you think you would have an easier time sponsoring people and selling more product? Of course you would. This is accomplished by using the leverage and power of technology, more specifically the internet.

By following the online formula you can attract only the most qualified and serious people into your Carico International business. Also, by taking this approach, you can fill your team up with motivated business builders, who will help you get to where you want to be. Thousands upon thousands of network marketers have finally experience success because they built their business online.

Aim, Facts and Career of MBA in International Business

Technology has converted the world into a global village. Like other things, it has benefited the business as well. Gone are the days, when the business was restricted to a specific place and geographical boundaries were hurdle in expansion of business. Trend of business expansion across the boundaries is on the rise and a lot of competition has been seen in international business.

As international business is a bigger perspective therefore more professionalism, efficiency and skills are required to fulfill its requirement, as compared to domestic business. MBA in International Business has been specially devised to train professionals to meet the challenging demands of international business.


This MBA degree is focused upon multinational business needs and designed to produce a lot of professionals which can understand the sensitivity of worldwide relations and multicultural concerns.
Every business company wants to expand itself as much as they can. After success at domestic level, next goal is to start global trade, for which they need experts who can handle the business at that higher level. Therefore, to meet the demand of international professionals in the market, this significant master's degree has been started.


After successful completion of the degree program, the graduate has to complete initial interim ship in some renowned company in order to gain working experience. This can be a paid or unpaid interim ship. After having requisite experience one can apply for the job in various organizations. As the level is high therefore salaries are also better than domestic business employees.


Although it is a demanding and tough job but the reward it pays back is so high that one is always ready and motivated to work harder. With such a good degree like MBA in International Business in hand, one can get job in banks, manufacturing companies, government agencies, aviation services, shipping and import export firms.

International Company Formation and Common Characteristics of International Business Companies

An international business company or international business corporation (IBC) can be regarded as an offshore company that has been formed under the laws of specific jurisdictions as a tax-free company which does not have the permission to engage in business within the jurisdiction it is incorporated.

The characteristics of International Business Company do vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, some common characteristics of International Business Companies are:

  • The International Business Companies are exempted from local corporate taxation and stamp duty, with the condition that, it should not engage into any local business. However, the fees for the annual agent and registration taxes are not included in the exemption.
  • They help in reserving the confidentiality of the beneficial owner
  • The International Business Companies do have corporate powers to engage in different businesses and activities
  • The International Companies can issue shares. That can be either in the registered or bearer form.
  • They have a provisional place for a local registered agent
  • It can abrogate the requirement to demonstrate corporate benefit or appoint local directors or officers.

The process of an International Company Formation involves the following steps:

Approval of company name

The approval of the name is the first step in the setting up of an International Company. The Registrar of the Companies only approves the proposed name when it is not identical or almost identical to the name of any company that is already existing. When it comes to the name, the words like bank, insurance, and group are used only if the company has a special requirement for that or functions in particular sector/sectors related to those.

If any existing has any problem with the name of a new company, it can object the same, however, within a span of six months.

Registered office

Another integral requisite is the address of the company. The address which is recorded in the Companies Registration Office is the registered office of the International Company. This is a very important part of company formation as the official mails or correspondences need to be sent to the address which is recorded as the registered office. Please note that the registered office address can be different from the trading office address.


In the International Company Formation, the shareholders and stockholders play a very important part as they invest into and hold shares in the assets of the company. They have also specific rights like voting at general meetings of the company.

If the company is making considerable profit, they have the right to be awarded a considerable dividend. If it is liquidated, they can also make claims to get back the money they invested. What's more, the shareholders even have the power to remove the Directors of the company.

Authorized and issued share capital

The authorized capital signifies the total numbers of shares that can be issued among. This plays a key-role in the International Company Formation as shares are allotted to different share holders which is known as the issued share capital of the company.

Memorandum and Articles

The objectives are, main and subsidiary, are together referred to as the Memorandum of Association. It describes in a nutshell the name and the limited liability of the members of the company. The internal operations and the management that sets the meetings and the number of directors for a quorum are governed by the Articles of Association.
International company services

Corporation or limited liability Company like Offshore Incorporation is set up outside the country where the particular company is already set. Some examples are the Nevis LLC, British Island, Belize Company and Panama IBC. The owner is given a financial confidentiality like, an offshore bank account, which also aids in providing easier traceability to account holder.

International Business Concepts - Will 3D Holographic Projection Change Business Forever

Anyone who has done much business out of the country realizes that cultures, time zones and communication are critical components of a careful and consistent international business strategy. Indeed, the incredible international logistic networks and the Internet have made doing business around the world extremely easy. Many folks do business now without ever meeting their vendors in other nations. Occasionally, business people do meet, but sometimes after many years of doing business with their overseas partners.

The smaller the companies the less chance of a personal face-to-face meeting ever taking place. In the future however, 3D Holographic projection technologies might change all that, as you would be able to meet face to face in a VR or virtual reality environment. In other words you would be sitting down for a discussion with a full-size view of the other party, interacting in near real time. Imagine that, why? Well, because all this is coming faster than ever expected.

Already cad-cam 3D renderings and prototypes are being worked on by teams across the ocean, where critical pieces that have tolerances of less than millimeters work together in collaboration on the exact same unit. This is only a start and in the future you can expect business meetings to be real-like in augmented reality or virtual reality.

Heads of states will meet with each other rather than gathering together and business people will increase productivity, save travel time and really do business at the speed of thought. Such international business concepts will change the climate of commerce forever. Indeed, someday this wonderful tool we call the internet will actually come alive, and that day will be very soon.

Global Domains International Business Opportunity - Ezine - Solo Ads

Among the highest rated work from home program, the Global Domains International Business opportunity is one of the most lucrative and successful. This is a multi level marketing initiative which requires you to market one of the most popular and fast moving products - domains. Every business, every service, every art, every individual is today looking to buy domain space.

For every referral you bring in, you will get $1 deposited into your account every month. For a minimum of five referrals, you get $5 a month. As your downline start building a network of referrals, you get $1 for every person introduced by them. For example, if five of your downline refer five people each, you will be credited automatically an amount of $25 into your account every month.

However, you require some smart marketing to convince target, niche prospects about this most wonderful scheme. Ezine/solo ads are a wonderful method of explaining the benefits of forums global domains international to prospects. The first step is to create a professional and content rich website. The website must detail every aspect of your business in a clear and crisp manner in such a way that the reader does not have any doubt about the effectiveness and lucrative possibilities of the global international domains opportunity.

The next step is marketing your domains. Ezine solo ads are an excellent and effective marketing option. These ads are usually of 500 words and all ezine subscribers receive a copy of the ad. The most important factor here is that solo ads are sent separately and are not combined with other ads or matter which may distract the reader's attention. Therefore you are ensured of a huge subscriber base where hundreds and thousands of people view your ad thereby enhancing your sales tremendously. You may have to however invest a little more on solo ads on ezine to promote your MLM Global International domains. The returns here are however assured if you ensure the ads are effective and are designed in such a way as to avoid spam filters.

Displaying your solo ads on ezine ensures interest from loyal ezine customers. Prospects are more likely to trust your services or products as they are advertised on a reliable source. Generating more prospects mean more business enquiries and sales and subsequently more profits.

The main trick here is to write effective, informative and punchy ads that make every reader sit up and take notice, in fact, take immediate action. Making use of an ad tracker is an excellent way of keeping track of visitors to your ad, especially if you have advertised on different ezines.

Subscribers can be skillfully navigated to the name squeeze page. This will ensure long term subscriber base and not just short term, one time sales. Make use of this wonderful marketing opportunity to promote your Global international domains website and lure a huge number of prospective customers and ensure maximum sales. You are very close to being a successful home based business entrepreneur.

International Business and Communication

How overcoming cultural differences in communication benefits business.

Today companies trade goods and provide services to global customers. Many companies have facilities in different countries and most companies, small and large, work already with a highly diverse, international workforce.

Communication is clearly the enabler of any kind of cooperation and business activities - nationally and internationally. Different cultures have particular business communication styles, well accepted and adopted by their population. Other cultures have different ways to conduct business and with that, use different styles to open, discuss, negotiate and close business deals and maintain business relations.

What is the best way to communicate for people of different cultural background? The potential customer's style or the one that relates to the language used during the communication? Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this question.

Specific communication styles have developed over long periods based on cultural values. Even with the wish to "speak the language of the customer", these values cannot just be set aside when writing or talking to people of other cultural influence.

Two little anecdotes show the difficulties in communicating internationally. A Japanese corporation hired a professional trainer to teach their people how to communicate with Western customers. The Japanese style uses passive wording, perceived by Western customers "as if they do not want to make business with us". Nothing was further from the truth; the Japanese corporation was of course very interested in Western business. I witnessed another case of misinterpreted correspondence first hand, when a colleague received an email from another colleague in Europe. When reading it he suddenly murmured: "Why is he yelling at me?" I asked him what he meant and he responded that the colleague's use of exclamation marks would be equal to yelling at him. A look at the email confirmed what I thought: the exclamation marks underlined great importance - not to scold the reader. Using the exclamation mark that way is common practice in the country of the writer. But the author wrote in English - so should it not be natural using Anglo-American writing styles and rules?

We will have more fruitful interpersonal and business experience, if:

  1. Individuals writing in their second or third language, avoid phrases, formulations and special punctuations that are common in their language but might be unknown or sometimes even offending in other cultural regions. Keep it as simple as possible.
  2. Receivers of emails not written in the writer's mother-tongue should read them with extra tolerance. The writer took great efforts to learn this language, but do not expect impeccable wording. Try to understand what the writer had in mind.
  3. Openness and willingness to understand different cultures and how they express themselves in business communication, bears a huge potential of additional possibilities. There is benefit in learning the ways of other cultures. Adapting some of them may even give the own company a head start.
While we should adhere to a minimum standard and etiquette in international business communication, it can never be perfect. Good ideas and intentions should not be paled by a curtain of ignorance and limitations. With the global reach of the Internet, every company can present itself as an international player. Let's play by international rules - and win big. Deiton