Ultra International Business Review - How to Have Success in Ultra International

What Is Ultra International?

Ultra International is a network marketing company that distributes a wide range of products including liquid nutritional and other supplements designed for health and wellness. Paired with the product line is the business opportunity where distributors can earn commissions per product volume sold monthly and new members sponsored in their respective organization.

From someone who has a thorough knowledge of the network marketing industry I feel Ultra International is going to do great. They have taken a wise approach with health and wellness because this is a very popular trend, especially in the United States.

Marketing Your Business

Sure, being a member of Ultra International is great because of the products, but how will you market your business and add the right leaders onto your team? First, let's look at the traditional marketing approaches that most companies employ. Since networking is based around word-of-mouth marketing you will probably be told to do the following:

- create a warm list including your family, friends, coworkers and everyone you know who would be 'good' for the business
- purchase leads and call them using call scripts
- pass out pamphlets, CD's, business cards or fliers
- prospect whenever and wherever
- hold home meetings to try the product
- repeat

This approach can work, but you have to understand the amount of time and energy you will have to invest. There are much smarter ways of building your business. Plus, most of the people you will speak to will not be good prospects because they never had the intent on starting a business. So how do you attract qualified prospects to you?

Your Ultra Marketing Tool

The internet. Yes, the internet! More and more struggling networkers have finally found success by going online. Using the internet you will be able to position yourself in front of people who are interested in Ultra International.

The online formula, if used properly, can put your message in front of thousands of prospects and will work for you 24/7 giving you serious leverage. The formula can be found below.

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