Private Space Flight Enterprises Must Work Together - International Business Topic

Have you ever noticed that when the space shuttle is landing they often cannot land because of weather at Cape Canaveral, Houston, or in the desert in California? Well, what happens if you are flying in a private space enterprise spacecraft, and the weather in several locations will not let you land. You are going to have to come down eventually and chances are the private spacecraft/aircraft are not going to be large like the space shuttle and they will have limited resources and supplies.

You're only to have so much oxygen. This means you will have to find a time to come down and you are going to need to come down and land. But you may not be able to land in the country from which you took off. This is why it is important that all private enterprise spaceflight enterprises work together, as an international consortium, allowing other spacecraft to land at their facility, as a neutral zone.

Almost like the way we have set up international airport in the world. Spacecraft will need to work about the same way, and we must remember many of the spacecraft will be gliding in without power. They will rely on the skill of the pilot, and the computerized controls to guide them in. They will be dead sticking these spacecraft wherever they land.

So things are very critical, and in the interest of space flight safety, and in the interest of the industry that's just starting out, it only makes sense that everyone works together. One major tragic crash could hit the world media and severely hurt all private spacecraft enterprises. Please consider all this.

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