The Rise of China's Small Business Class - International Business Topic

It turns out that the Chinese are very good entrepreneurs, and one would have thought living in such a stressed out and strict society in the past, would have prevented that from happening. But times have changed and the Chinese are actually often considered better capitalists than the people of the United States of America. There have been many entrepreneurs rise from rags to riches and become billionaires in China.

However, the greatest thing that is happen now and coming faster than ever before, growing at an exponential rate is the rise of China's small business class. They are starting small businesses online, small businesses on the streets, and many are fearless in their pursuit of profits. This is a great time for China to capitalize on their small business strength.

Many people do not realize it but in the United States of America 75% of all the people are employed by small-business and 10% of our population owns a small-business. America is small-business, and it really is the backbone of our economy. Some people believe that the large corporations are the ones that make our economy so strong, but that is not really true. It is the small businesses that make the difference.

Any time you want your economy to be strong US foster small business. And small local-businesses keep the money circulating locally, unlike many large corporate multinational conglomerates. China is doing a very wise thing by promoting its small-business-class and as they grow, so too will China's economy until one day China surpasses United States of America a GDP. This will be in about 20 years or less. Please consider all this.

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