A Review of the Freelife International Business Opportunity

Freelife International was started in 1995 by Kevin Fournier and Ray Faltinsky inspired by life events that had happened to Ray when he was younger. Though the company didn't really take off until 2003 when it announced the Himalayan Goji juice product.

Freelife International has a deeply personal mission, and that is that they believe the purpose of their company is to serve each other by promoting good health, well-being, and the opportunity for an abundant life. They meet this mission not only with the products that they offer but also the income opportunity they offer. The purpose is to provide a way for people to improve their lives from the inside out for their health to their financial state. They also takes a portion of their total sales each month and donates to various children's charities.

The products that they focus on are health supplies, from vitamins and minerals to shampoo to protein shakes. The sell consumable goods that are needed on a monthly basis, which helps their marketing executives build residual income. The compensation plan that they offer is unlike any other plan offered by other companies.

With Freelife International, you only need to recruit three people under you and it offers seven different ways for you to make money. You can earn a product rebate, there is also a fast start bonus and that can include a Value Pack and a Super Value Pack. They offer advancement bonuses, there is a ten level plan, with 20-60% matching bonuses. They also have an Ambassador Generational Bonus and a 2% Himalayan Goji bonus pool.

Let's take a closer look at this. If you decide that you want to purchase $70 worth of product, you will be paid down to four levels (remember the 10 level payout mentioned). As you business grows and if you or one of your enrollees orders $140 worth of product in a month you are then paid down to the seventh level. Now as you grow your business and your enrollees grow their businesses you become eligible for bonuses galore.

What can your maximum payout be? How does 60% sound to you? Their compensation plan has also made adjustments if your down line isn't performing. Say that one month someone in your down line doesn't make a purchase then the people that are under them are moved under you for that month. Freelife International has a terrific compensation plan.

As a company it worth taking note that they were the only company that was less then two years old to be a cover story on Success Magazine. MLM insider put Freelife International as one of their top 22 companies to watch in the next ten years and their top 5 when it came to compensation plans.

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