How the Internet Has Changed the Business Landscape

When the first internet servers were connected back in 1969, I'm sure the US government had no idea of what they gave birth to. The 'net started with only 4 connections between selected US Universities as part of a defence network but eventually grew to hundreds of "nodes" in the late 70's. This grew to Four Million users in 1994 which, as I recall, was the first time I ever heard the word INTERNET. I stumbled through using one of the first search engines and marvelled at the speed of my 28k modem (OMG).

As a business owner now, I fully appreciate what the Internet means to me and my ability to connect with people all over the globe. I run an international business from whatever room in the house I choose. In fact, with wireless broadband these days I can be absolutely anywhere. Plugged into the WWW with my 3G stick and my mobile phone I can be speaking to people everywhere who have enquired with me about my business. In fact I think thats a selling point in itself. If I get a phone call through the computer, or on my mobile phone, and i'm out enjoying life rather than being stuck in a business office or even at home, that speaks volumes to a potential business partner. That's why I do it often. I even plan to make calls back to prospects and leads when i'm out somewhere so they get a feel of the life I lead. That is part of the power of the internet and our truly mobile society these days.

Especially as I work within the network marketing industry, the internet has changed the face of what I do forever. No more meetings and presentations in person. I can have people looking at my business, what I do, how they can get involved AND very importantly they can find out who I am. They can even do this while I'm sleeping - WOW. Traditional businesses, small ones at least, used to be tied down to where they were geographically and locked into the opening hours they were told by local authorities to abide by. Not any more. All those rules can be thrown out of the window by harnessing the power of the internet.

This is incredibly exciting for any entrepreneur and there are millions of people around the world who are fully embracing this technology to turn their laptop into a licence to print money. If they can, and I can, then you can too. The internet fully levels the playing field for entrepreneurs; those who wish to start, or already have started their own business. Mainly because you can be seen and heard by anyone, anywhere. You can have customers, distributors, mentors and new enquiries on all the continents. Your shop front is your website and that is open 24/7.

SO what is it that YOU can do, sell, promote or offer to benefit others, to give value to their lives. You don't have to limit your business to your geographical location any more, as small businesses were financially forced to do years before the internet. The global market was limited to those with the resources to get their message out to the international masses back then - but NOW, anyone can tap into that Global Marketplace and reap the rewards. Even stay-at-home dads like me.

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