Jusuru International Business Review - Is Jusuru a Joke Or a Good Opportunity?

Jusuru is a health company that provides beverages with "super foods" that claim to help all sorts of physical issues and challenges. They are also a network marketing company, and allow distributors to partner with them and earn commissions on selling the product.

Is Jusuru a scam? Is it a great opportunity? We review that now.

Jusuru - Another Super Juice

Their product follows the line of Monavie, XanGo, and others who have developed a blend of antioxidants and fruits that can now be touted as a "super juice". The ingredients list does look impressive, and there are several positive opinions around the product, and the company itself is led by Asma Ishaq.

Their premier product is called Life Blend. It contains Resverotrol, Japanese knotweed, mangosteen, pomegranate, acai, blueberries, grapes and strawberries. The website states that just one serving of Jusuru contains as much Resveratrol as two bottles of red wine (resveratrol is supposed to help reduce the effects of aging).

The challenge with Jusuru is the marketing spin. The product is touted to "sell itself". This is categorically untrue. If products sold themselves, then companies would not need independent distributors to sell the stuff. Companies would also not need sales teams or marketing teams to sell the product.

Product do not sell themselves - they need people selling them. And that leads to the 2nd challenge: who do you sell to? Most networking companies recommend selling to friends and family, which works short-term. Long-term, the average distributor needs some additional skills to reach their target market, and build systems that target people who are already looking for the products and opportunity they offer.

To sum, Jusuru's product may work, but the business is not as easy as signing up and watching the money come rolling in. It takes skill and real marketing knowledge to succeed with any opportunity, and I strongly recommend building that skill-set.

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