Think Twice Before Jumping Into International Business

I have traveled to a number of countries around the world, without a doubt China and India offer an excellent opportunity for new business start-ups. BUT, those who travel to Asia without doing serious homework on business ideology and cultural relationships will find themselves at a great disadvantage. To be successful, you will need to 're-learn' almost everything you thought you knew about business.

The old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans" is very true in Asia. The only real advantage you have is the fact that there are more sellers today than buyers. This gives you some room to negotiate price, but very little on terms. The few 'bad apples' found in both buyers and sellers, has built up a level of distrust on both sides.

Entering the Asian market without at least some experienced people behind you does put you at a greater risk of failure or at the very least, lowering your profit substantially.

Seek the assistance of an experienced foreign business when ever possible.

Relying on media to give you a clear insight to the issues you will face while in Asia, will never be as useful as a visit in person. There are many success stories out there, but there are even for stories of failure.

Most are a result of poor planning and a lack of knowledge about the people you plan to do business with.

So think carefully, seek advice from those who have been both successful and those who have failed, and seek help while you are there.

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