Liberty League International Business Review

Claims of wealth beyond dreams are what Liberty League International is all about. They are also well known for their grandiose presentations of these claims and the products that each business owner receives upon joining this program. So what is this program and what are these products, and can you make any money with Liberty League International?

Liberty League International is a direct marketing company which uses the efforts of independent contractors, associates and advisors to market their products using any means they choose. This system for income is based upon recruiting others into Liberty League. This is a two up system which means you have to give up the first two sales to your sponsor in the program, which personally was one of the downsides and reasons for not joining. Giving up pay on ones hard work makes no sense in the slightest.

All three products are seminars including the first which comes at a price of $1,495. This is a 90 day home study course to help you establish goal setting in your life. The Liberty Conference is the next step for the price of nearly $8,000. This is a live seminar that lasts three days touting what it is like being wealthy. The third product is the Summit Conference and the cost for this is nearly $13,000. For this price you receive your invitation to some exotic locale and again you will be taught how to accumulate wealth and the life that it creates.

The compensation plan is a direct sales plan based on the three products above. This is a pass up plan for the first two sales you make. After those two sales you can receive the commission on any sales after that and the first two of those you sign up in the program.

In further examination of Liberty League International I find that success will be determined by you and you alone. Marketing strategies will be necessary for you to learn and it seems that because you will break away from those that sponsored you, there will be no reason for them to guide you into your success. Many things are important in succeeding in your own business and teamwork is the basis to that success. A better system would be matching overrides for this system. This would mean that each time you made $500 your sponsor made $500 this would create a win-win situation for your success and the teamwork to see you make this goal.

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