International Business Thoughts - Setting Up Or Selling Franchises in Costa Rica

With so many ex-patriots moving to Costa Rica in retirement, it does make sense that American Style franchises with recognizable brand names will do well there. Interestingly enough, it is not necessarily the brand name that is as important as the way in which business is conducted. In fact, locals that cater to this increasing American population there now are finding how to do business with these new immigrants into their country and many are making a very solid living at it.

So, what sorts of businesses do American Ex-patriots want? Well, how about Dominos Pizza, Subway, mobile service companies, and western style coffee shops for starters? And if you are an ex-patriot that wants to live in Costa Rica and run a business why not set up a franchise there in partnership with a local young up and coming entrepreneur? They can help you find labor, work within the community and you can help market to other expatriates?

In fact, if you were really on the ball and wanted to build a little empire you could even buy the master franchise for the whole country, and hook up with a well connected Costa Rican family there and sub franchise the concept throughout that nation. There are so many franchises that would do well there, and it is a beautiful country, I am surprised that there are not more people jumping on this opportunity, but all good things come with time, the question is are you going to get in or left behind?

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