Become a Greener Business and Save Money at the Same Time

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of businesses across the UK could find themselves saving money if they were to become a 'greener' business. Making small changes to the everyday running of your business - regardless of sector - will see significant if not dramatic changes to your monthly outgoings for electricity, heating and phone bills. Becoming a greener business will not only help you to save money in the long run but could also improve the image of your business and thus increase turnover.

The easiest way to save money on your heating bill is to set up a thermostat so your office or business premises is not being heated out with working hours. Heating your place of work unnecessarily is a pointless exercise that only runs up bigger bills and damages the environment in the process. Upgrading your heating system all together can be a costly process for save you money in the long haul so looking at what kind of heating system you currently have is also advised. Investing in some traditional means of preserving heat is an alternative, short term fix that includes having windows insulated and a draft excluder fitted to the bottom of every door.

Lighting and poor use of electrical devices such as computers are the two main components that are thought to contribute to expensive electricity bills. Installing occupancy sensors to control lighting in offices, copier and staff rooms will help reduce the amount of electricity being consumed unnecessarily. Switching regular light bulbs to long life, energy savers is another good tip as is replacing fluorescent strip lighting with some more economical and environmentally friendly. Making sure yourself and your staff take a moment to switch off computers and copiers before leaving the office will also help to reduce the amount of electricity being used.

The final piece of advice for businesses that want to become greener is to look carefully at your suppliers. When and where you can opt for suppliers that are energy efficient themselves and recycle. If your phone supplier offers a 'paper-free' billing service this is another way in which you can reduce on paper consumption when getting your phone bill for cheap international business calls and regular landline use.

Once you've established your business as a 'green' company there's nothing from stopping you from telling your customers about the good news! Asserting yourself as an environmentally aware and eco-friendly business could do wonders for your image and draw in more customers who, themselves, are wanting to support the environment and save money along the way.

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