Liberty League International Business Review - An Overview

Liberty League International was launched in 2001 by its founders Brent Payne and Shane Krider. Liberty League International Business is a part of personal development industry. The company has its headquarters in Scottsdale. The company has more than five thousand active members.

The way to get started

If you want to join the Liberty League International business, cost of joining will be between $1, 495 to $12,995. After joining, in order to remain an active member, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95.

The product line

Liberty League International business mainly offers a three-tiered product line in the sphere of personal development. The Beyond Freedom Program is the company's first product. It offers an exhaustive multi- media course in the self development genre. The course is equipped with CDs, DVDs, journals and workbooks aimed at imparting you with the knowledge to work towards self-development. The application of effective means to perceive a steady personal growth and development can be well understood via the books and CDs.

The second product offered by Liberty League International Business is the Liberty Conference. The high-profile conference is held twice a year in great locations. The focus of these two conferences is to provide adequate guidance and training to the people seeking for help in the sphere of self-development. The conferences bring together many erudite lecturers who offer help and assistance to the people to imbue in them confidence, enriching them with knowledge about self development.

The Summit Conference is the third product and the biggest opportunity provided to the people to learn more about self development. They can also clear their doubts and queries pertaining to self development. This conference is held as the ultimate one arranged by the company. Scholars, authors, eloquent lecturers who are expertise in the field of personal development are the major attractions of this conference. They share their knowledge and expertise with the people.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan is well sketched out. To earn profit, you will have to purchase the products. To become the Advisor of Beyond Freedom, either you have to make and transfer 5 sales to your sponsor or buy the product. If you buy the product, you would just have to pass up two sales. After passing up the two sales, you will be able to make a profit of $1000 from every Beyond Freedom sale that you make.

To become a Liberty Advisor, you need to be Beyond Freedom Advisor first. Then you have to give two sales to your sponsor and buy the ticket of Liberty Conference to be the Liberty Advisor. The commission on the conference ticket is $5000.

The procedure to be the Summit Advisor is the same. Be a qualified Beyond Freedom and Liberty Advisor, and pass up two sales to your sponsor. Buy the ticket of the Summit Conference and be the Advisor. The commission offered on the ticket is $8000.

Customer assistance

Liberty League International business in order to ensure a satisfying bond with the customers provides help via telephone and e-mail.

The company has earned a good reputation and doing business with them can bring in fruitful results.

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