How to Stay Safe During International Business Travel

When you go on business travel, are you so caught up in why you are going and the job at hand that you forget other important things or find yourself looking for something at the last minute?

When preparing for international business travel you should prepare just as you would for an important business meeting. Find out about the country you are going to. One thing that is very important is to find out what the weather will be like when you get there. This will help you when you are thinking about the type of clothes to pack. Nothing is worse than getting somewhere only to find out you have packed inappropriate clothing. In addition, women take note of local customs on what women are and are not allowed to wear in the country you are going to. Learn about any local customs that are used in and outside of business circles. Just knowing a bit about the country and showing knowledge or appreciation while you are there can go a long way to help conduct smooth business transactions.

Time difference can also play a big factor in international business travel. Will you be traveling somewhere that is say 8 hours behind your local time? This may seem great as with the flight you are actually gaining time however your body clock will be in flux and you may find yourself wanting to sleep in the middle of a meeting or wanting to eat at times that are inconvenient. Try and adapt your habits for a couple days before your travel. Adjust by 2 hours each day your sleeping and eating habits if possible and that should ease the jet lag suffering. Also, make sure you don't have meetings booked for as soon as you get off the plane.

Now let's talk about food! Sometimes even the smallest change in diet can affect people. So just be aware of what you are eating and what foods you may be susceptible to. You normally can't go wrong with fresh fruit and vegetables along with lots of water. Trying local foods is a great adventure but not worth it if you spend the rest of the trip with a bungee cord to the bathroom. Use common sense and if anything taste a little to please your hosts.

Always have backups of everything! Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and finding you have forgotten that super important presentation or paperwork. I would advise keeping copies of everything in a virtual space.

ALWAYS keep scanned copies of your passport and other visa documents in your email. You never know when you might lose them or need to provide them in triplicate to immigration. Use the hotel safe for your documents and laptop when you are not in your room. I would also advise not unpacking and keeping zip ties handy for your luggage if you don't trust the maid service.

Getting to travel internationally for business is a privilege not a right be gracious and leave a good impression on your hosts.

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