Using an International Business Degree

International business involves combining sales and marketing on a global level, rather than centralizing business locally. Individuals who pursue this career are typically prepared to immerse themselves in this position, as they will be most likely be required to travel and put in long hours. However, there are many other areas open to those who hold this degree that may require less travel time. Exploring all available options is important when considering a career in this field.

While an associate's degree can be earned, the majority of employers are seeking candidates with at least a bachelor's degree in international business. Master's degrees and doctorate degrees may also be earned. Degrees are offered at colleges, universities, and accredited business schools. For students who wish to apply to top ranked companies after graduation, choosing a program that is highly respected is essential.

One position available to those with this degree is an interpreter. In international business, exchanges are made daily between individuals or groups that may not speak a common language. The role of an interpreter is to bridge this communication gap so that both parties are able to do business. Interpreters must be well-versed in their area of business; medical interpreters may not understand vocabulary about the market or economy, and vice versa. These individuals must also be able to understand style and tone, as inflection also plays a large role in language and communication.

Management analysts are also very prevalent in international business. Usually working through a contract basis, management analysts are experts on ways to improve a company's efficiency. They are usually hired to be consultants on a particular issue or project. These individuals may work with financial records, current procedures, company staff, and any other relevant documents. While some projects can be completed independently by the management analyst, others may require putting together a special team to pinpoint a particular problem and develop solution strategies. The average salary for this position is approximately $78,000 per year, although the actual number may vary depending on education and expertise.

Those with an international business degree may wish to pursue a career as an international sales representative. These professionals work either through a manufacturing company, or an independent agency, and demonstrate products to a certain area or territory. Selling the products will produce a commission payment for the representative. Those in this career should be especially goal oriented, persuasive, outgoing, and have great communication and people skills.

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