Reliv International - An Honest Reliv International Business Review

How Does Reliv International Live Up To Its Promises?

This is perhaps what comes into our minds when we do a research about Reliv International. What is apparently obvious is you are looking for more details about this company. That is the sole purpose of this full unbiased review. Besides being just a nutritional producer, we will get to look inside this company a little deeper before your final decision.

1) What Is Reliv International All About?

You just have to know the true beginnings of Reliv International. It is started by a gentleman named Robert L. Montgomery. He became Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Reliv International Inc. on February 15, 1985, and President on July 1, 1985.

Found in 1988, Reliv International Inc, became fixated to the development of essential nutritional supplements and functional foods. These foods were designed to enhance performance, protect against disease and relieve discomfort. Their have the benefits of plants such soy, herbs, antioxidants and other botanicals to the daily diet.

2) A Little Bit About Compensation

In order not to spoil the milk. I'm going to give this a little simmer then turn the heat off. It is an unbiased review anyway. You can choose to start off by paying between $300 - $3600 as a distributor for Reliv International. At first you will earn 25% of retail sales.

Then, when your sales or group sales volume increases you will be paid 5% to 20% on your downline sales. You leverage on a network marketing system. Reliv International also pays you Overrides, for the leaders that will recruit more members from your own team.

3) One Disadvantage That Stood Out

There is one plan that was quite cumbersome. Its the breakaway element towards you as a Reliv International distributor. Since the most successful distributor "breaks away", you must expect to continue to recruit new distributors on your team on a regular basis. Are you hardworking?

In closing, Reliv International surely has quite a compensation plan. However, if you really are serious about making sure you profit wildly from any venture it has to be your element of marketing. You can choose to invest in a good online marketing package for self advancement.

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