How to Earn Over $1000 Weekly As an International Business Affiliate Marketer

This is one sure way you can join the millionaires club. You can earn a full time income doing a part time business which does not require much money, time and effort. Anyone with interest can successfully venture into this industry and excel like a professional.

It only requires a one-time capital investment of $150, this covers the labor cost of designing, uploading and hosting of your website, including credit and debit cards payment facilities.There are lots of manufacturing companies all over the world that are looking for honest and genuine business partners to do business with.

Take advantage of this to improve your financial status, this industry is large enough to accommodate virtually everyone that may be interested in becoming a key player,. This is different from the conventional way of doing business you are use to.

In international business affiliate program,what you do is quite simple.You sign up as an agent or representative to a foreign company after which you will be given a website (online shop).You will be selling products for foreign companies via the internet and you earn a certain percentage as commissions after each sale that comes through you.That is the whole concept of an international business Affiliate program.

How this system works

The manufacturers design and sets up your online shop,you are at liberty to set your selling prices,for example maybe you buy a product from them at $2.10 and sell at $9.98,the manufacturer will pay you the difference between your buying price and the selling price.In this case your profit will be $7.89 on every single product sold.Picture this happening lots of time each week,you can now see the vast profit potential you have on your website and all of this happening without lifting a finger.

When customers visit your online shop (website) and places an order for products,the manufacturer processes the order on your behalf including credit and debit orders.Some fast selling products for International business affiliate marketers includes;laptops,computers,Home theaters,mobile phones,multimedia projectors,Unisex designer clothes,shoes, jewelries,toys,cars trucks,buses,motorcycles,electronics,etc

Advantages of this program over others.

1. It is easily run from home or office.
2. It takes a few hours of work daily.
3. Easily run alongside existing businesses ,there is no need to alter your lifestyle.
4. Your online shop takes order 24hrs a day,imagine you waking up with more money than when you went to bed,you can achieve up to seven hundred percent.
5. No stocks to hold,all products are sent by the manufacturers to the end customer and product quality comes with 100% warranty.
6. The manufacturer handles all order processing,all payments and even the delivery of the product to your customers doorstep.
7. You get paid weekly on sale made through your website.
8. On your own part , no office ,no risk no inventory ,no staff,no capital,no stress is involved,the entire system is fully automated

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