A Critical Review of the Wowgreen International Business

The name of this company speaks for itself. Wowgreen International, LLC is an MLM company that promotes green products. Wowgreen manufactures mainly cleansing products. The difference between their cleansing products and the others in the market is that; Wowgreen products are made mainly from Enzymes. Enzymes are naturally found in the body whose job is to break down complex compounds. Their product will allegedly clean without leaving a toxic residue. Wowgreen International, LLC states that their desire is to free the world from toxic materials. I would think that is a big dream, which is very achievable. So far, everything about Wowgreen is good.

A factor that we consider when we are reviewing a company is their leadership and management team. For Wowgreen International, their main leaders are Dave Deal, Rick Birndorf, Owen Stern, and Allie T. Mallad. All these gentlemen have very good impressive resumes. Their successes are also documented. One simple truth though that you must take a note of is that; they are business men. They are in to make money. If you decided to partner with Wowgreen in your business venture, you should understand that it is a business and it is your job to make money.

With Wowgreen International, you get paid in 5 different ways. You will get paid up to twenty percent of the retail price of their products. This is usually the difference between the retail price and wholesale price. You will also get paid anything between $20 - $100 bonuses for all your new representatives that you personally brought into the business. Other ways that you can get paid are Executive matching bonuses on green starter packs and Awards, Binary Bonus, Incentives and accolades (like car allowance and trips).

Many MLM companies and distributors out there still do not understand that you can build your MLM business faster by leveraging the internet. There is nothing wrong with the traditional way of building your business. But you should understand that the traditional techniques work for only 1% of the MLM professionals out there. Wowgreen is primarily teaching the Old School ways. However they are acknowledging the internet revolution also. You can build your Wowgreen business relatively quickly if you leverage the internet.

Should you join the Wowgreen business opportunity? Well, that depends on one major factor. Are you influential enough? If not, are you ready to do whatever it takes to be influential? People will join you and do business with you only if they think that you are a leader that can lead them to the promise land. This truth is the same for both online and offline methods. How many people are you impacting on a daily basis in a positive way? You need to learn that concept called branding. You need to brand yourself.

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