Staying Up To Date Crucial For Success in International Business

With nearly 500 million people speaking 23 languages in 27 member states, the European Union is home to a broad array of corporations and industries, including some of the world's leading multinational companies. Allianz, the largest financial service company in the world by revenue, Airbus, which produces about half of the world's airplanes, Air France-KLM, the world's largest airline, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's biggest beer company, beauty products company L'Oreal Group, mobile phone maker Nokia Corp, and Royal Dutch Shell all call the EU home. Industries as varied as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, construction, and finance are strong drivers of the EU's diverse economy.

With the variety and complexity inherent in an economy as large as the EU's, keeping up with news, current events, and upcoming meetings can be a daunting task. Promoting an event to these diverse constituencies can be equally intimidating. On any given day, in Brussels and throughout the EU and the world, multiple meetings, conferences, seminars, hearings and networking events that could affect you and your business are taking place. With regulatory agencies, NGOs, government agencies, and corporate entities all sponsoring and attending events, something is bound to slip past your radar. And in this increasingly difficult and competitive business environment, attending relevant meetings and publicising your event to appropriate audiences is key to getting ahead.

There are many solutions to this problem. You could spend hours every day reading newspapers, magazines, trade publications and NGO's websites. And if you have your own event to publicize, you could spend hours and scarce resources producing marketing materials, sending emails, and making phone calls. Fortunately, there is a quick, innovative solution to this problem. There are several websites out there that allow you track upcoming EU events and contain all the information you'll need to register for them.

These sites allow you to create a customized profile and will alert you when upcoming events match your interests. This saves you the time and effort of scanning dozens of websites, newspapers and magazines to find out what events are happening in the EU and around the world. And the site doesn't just keep you up-to-date on upcoming events, it also provides all the information you need to attend any event - nearby hotels, maps and driving directions, nearby airports and transportation hubs, and it can automatically translate listings to many major EU languages. These sites can also be the solution to promoting your conference or meeting - registered users can often post an event quickly and easily for no cost.

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