International SIM Cards Are Great for Business and Not Just As a Cost Reduction Tool

Every business owner that needs to travel overseas for work needs an international SIM card. Apart from the obvious benefits of saving anywhere between 60 and 90% on what you would have spent had you used your home SIM card I outline three less obvious benefits below as to why you need one of these SIM's. They have three less tangible but no less important benefits for you as the end user and international business person. They are a great branding tool, they make it easy for you to keep in contact with family, friends and contacts and they are great for cash flow management.

These SIM cards are great. Here's why:

Good for branding- If you have an international SIM mobile numberon your business card as well as your home mobile number people will see you as a bit of an international jet setter. There will be an aura about you and people will think of you more highly. I mean, who doesn't want a James Bond style aura? I know I do!

Great for keeping in contact- I keep hearing people espousing the benefits of buying a prepaid SIM from whichever country you travel to. I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. I mean, how much time and effort will you have to waste updating people with your new number each time you change country and phone number. Reclaim this time back by getting an International prepaid SIM. People will always be able to contact you on the one number.

Great for cash flow management- In my opinion, this benefit of an International SIM card is one of the greatest benefits. The best value international SIM cards are all prepaid. This means that you know exactly how much money you are spending at all times. You will not need to worry about exorbitant roaming charges when you get home. These have been immense pain for many a business and an international SIM card removes these problems. Even in a country where the savings aren't huge when you compare the costs with your home phone, being prepaid you can still keep better track of how much money you are spending.

You really need to do yourself a favour and get one of these SIM's before you head off back overseas. Don't waste your time and money, make sure you look bigger than you are and make it easy for business colleagues, family and friends to keep in touch with you whilst you are travelling.

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