CEO-Senior Executives-SVPs - A Franchise Versus an International Business Working From Home


Many well-established employees due to this economic climate have had to pay the price by losing out on their J.O.B. After numerous surveys conducted by external agencies these interview surveys have identified that senior professionals in the 200k to 450k brackets are reluctant to go back into the workforce and have to re-establish themselves yet again. They are not prepared to have the same thing happen to them all over again and in some cases most where on their second or third time being laid off. Professionals who have made these high paying positions are looking to take control of their personal lives and be in control of their destiny. The question is what is the alternative they are looking at?


Many professionals have researched investing into a franchise mainly because if a franchise is a franchise it has a history of success behind it. They're either across the 50 states or they are International. Therefore it would suggest a safe bet to invest in a franchise being that there are a number of franchise's available. Actually, you have a selection to pick and choose from depending on the amount of investment one would like to invest. Choices, where would you like to start, a top end coffee shop, which can and maybe, be situated inside a Mall, plenty of traffic to sell your top end coffee to right? Along with your franchise costs, your return percentage that goes back to the franchise company and the lease costs for the shop window inside the mall. Starting off in a franchise can be expensive, actually very expensive in relation to the amount of profit left over. The more research conducted into this field it has been identified that the more up front capital invested the better the monthly return for the investor however, the question again how much does one want to invest? In some cases some of these franchises are asking over one hundred thousand dollars as a start up investment and that is a middle of the road franchise investment. A top end coffee shop in a prime location can start at 250k working 60 to 80 hours a week for a maximum of up to 80k a year return for you first 3 years. There's got to be something better out there right?

International Home Based Business/Internet Business:

It seems that a lot more research from top executives is going into opening up an Internet Business working from home and in particular an International Internet Business. The concept alone tends to be very attractive an International Business working from home. It's already a known fact that the Internet is producing more millionaires annually due to the fact that this moneymaking tool, which practically most households have i.e. the Internet, if used correctly is a money making machine providing you clearly understand Internet marketing. Additionally, no such tool has ever been available ever in our society and many people have benefited from this amazing piece of technology. More jobs, more business opportunities and more millionaires. Admittedly, there have been people who have lost money but this has to be put down to poor research, lack of Internet marketing education and more importantly lack of advertising dollars to promote the business venture.

Research however is first and foremost in relation to delving into any type of business. Albeit, it can be said that the investment into an Internet Business versus your traditional business, and what is meant by a traditional business is your restaurant, boutique, type business, which requires a typical storefront. An Internet Business storefront is the screen of your computer and the method of payment is obviously done through this wonderful tool the Internet. Typical questions that should be asked are: what type of Internet industry do you want to be involved in? How long has the company been established? The compensation plan and how do you get paid? How much is needed to invest in this business? The support system in place for new business owners? These are just some of the questions that need to be posed before venturing into an online business. Any person can thoroughly research a real online business and be able to identify a company's integrity. Highly referenced in Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump recent book, We Want You To Be Rich. Kiyosaki actually states that if he was to start all over again Network Marketing would be the arena that he would seriously investigate into due to the power of leverage that network marketing is able to give you at practically no cost.

Anyone and I mean anyone who has the desire and passion to start their own International Home Based Business can certainly do so. The key is identifying an established company, which has a product or products that can be distributed worldwide and they are in demand. Companies where you do not hold products and have a magnificent compensation plan so you can easily identify your earning potential based on what you personally produce. Lastly, and most importantly, the key to any successful Online Internet Business is your online marketing education, how to advertise on the Internet. Let's repeat that again, the KEY to being successful in your online business is getting educated on how to advertise on the Internet. This is Deka and Michele signing off, To Your Success.

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