Procard International Business Opportunity - Review

Procard International has emerged as a company offering work-from-home-hungry men and women an opportunity to earn some substantial extra money from working part-time.

Is this something you too should get involved in? Let's dig into the pros and cons!

History - facts

Procard International (PCI) has to this date been around some 10+ years. Their original idea was to provide discount possibilities at the dentist, the physician and when buying prescription drugs or glasses. People buying the Procard services can enjoy substantial savings on family health care needs whether they have insurance or not.

Along with the internet explosion more services are offered, such as significant discounts at restaurants, movies and theatres, coffee houses, some retail stores, dry cleaners and much more. At this point there are discounts at more than 1,000,000 professionals and businesses for Procard International card holders. Many Americans have found this idea a good one, in fact more than 10,000,000 Americans take advantage of the PCI discount card.

The Pros

* Becoming a Procard International associate doesn't require any investments or deposits
* You will get a personalized business website

You will get free downloadable marketing materials. There is a 24 hour free support. You work whenever and as many hours as you like. There is an online tracking system for you to see your sales. You earn money on sales. You earn commission on new associates you involve and on their sales.

The Cons

You are on your own and have to dig deep to make it happen. You are among over 10,000 trained Procard International associates and need to stand out to meet the competition.

There is no real up-to-date marketing system that teaches you how to market online automatically. With only a limited time to invest as an associate you should need help to be "seen" even when you're not actually working

Procard International Business Opportunity - Review - Conclusion: There is no doubt PCI is a legitimate corporation offering a legal business opportunity. With services that many would want the "product" is probably hot for many years to come. For you to make this work as a thriving business, though, a good product is not enough. The company offers help for you to succeed but probably not for you to become as wealthy in as short a time as you'd like. For this you need to acquire excellent business marketing skills and an automated system that promotes you and your business 24/7.

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