Nutronix International Business Review

If you are a great fan of the health products chances are you have heard about the Nutronix business opportunity. Finally, you will be able to enjoy a full unbiased review in record reading time. So, grab your favorite beverage and come with me.

Surely, you're not just thinking about health alone when it comes to Nutronix. You want to make an informed decision as to whether this opportunity is right for you by getting to know some facts. Here are 3 areas for your overview convenience.

1) The Nutronix Establishment

Just like all dynamic business opportunities there are great people behind the establishment of that business. In this case, Nutronix was founded by three gentlemen namely Bob Bremmer, John M. Moates and Harrison Nesbit.

Bob has been in network marketing full time since 1989, and has built very large organizations with several companies. John brings 10 years worth of marketing experience to Nutronix International. Harrison is responsible for overseeing in terms of the company's financial direction .

Nutronix is a 7 year-old health & wellness network marketing company with a space of working out of Mechanicsville, VA. It currently has an international distributor force of more than 16,000 located in more than 60 countries.

2) The Products And Your Compensation

Do you know how you will be compensated? If you become a distributor with Nutronix, you will be selling its flagship products of 'The New Silver Solution', Cellfood products and O2 alkalizing products through its international distributor base.

You will be working on a network marketing system for your compensation plan. Your residual income begins when you sponsor a Nutronix distributor in your 'Powerline'. Additionally sponsored members will fall onto lower levels, one under the other, creating "spillover". As members spillover under you, you can earn Powerline Residual Income on them, even if you didn't sponsor them.

3) Truth About Nutronix

Even when you are a hard worker your leverage really comes from your powerline members in the Nutronix system. You can recruit massively but the real rewards is the residual income that your downline creates for you. Hence, your goal would be to have a large group volume.

While you could always train your team to duplicate your Nutronix recruiting success, it creates a sense that you will always need to depend on your team growth. Your best chance of a higher level of success is to develop an effective online marketing plan.

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