Nothing Brings Countries Together Like International Trade

You know what is great about international trade and international business? We can help bring nations together, and keep peace in the world. If we are able to do business with other nations regardless of their nationality or religion, or even their socioeconomic methodology then we can all be friends and do business deals. These long-lasting business relationships that we make with our international friends, vendors, and partners help bring the world closer together. Okay so let's go ahead and talk about this for second shall we?

You see, often headstrong egocentric political leaders of various nations have a tough time getting along with each other. If it wasn't for the business community helping smooth things over, and prevent these politicians and leaders from running amok, there would certainly be more world wars. Nothing brings nations closer together than international trade, if it isn't a forced endeavor, as people trade and do business with each other of their own free will. If someone can buy something for a cheaper price in another country, they can order it, and it gets shipped to them. If one party doesn't pay their bills, or if the shipment has faulty parts, then the business relation often ends.

However when things go right, a mutual respect is reached, an element of trust. But that trusts could have never been earned, nor that respect ever have been garnered without the transaction, without taking the risk, and without doing business. It is my firm belief that we should do business with every nation around the world as long as they have something to sell us, or as long as they wish to buy something that we produce. We should produce those things we are good at, and we should buy those things that we can't produce as well, or don't have the natural resources for.

It seems we ought to do less bickering on the open stage of international politics, whether the microphone is on or off, and we should be doing more trading, and encouraging free-market participation around the world. Let's not let our egomaniac leaders, from any country destroy the goodwill that is brought through international trade and commerce because nothing will bring this world together closer, or keep it together longer than businesses doing business of their own free will around this globe.

I hope you will consider all this on a philosophical basis, forget your preconceived notions, perceptions, or animosity to those of a different nationality, region, country, continent, or religion and just agree to do business when and where it makes sense, let the trust and respect build on its own, don't force it, and I think you'll see what I'm saying. Think on it.

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