The Internet CEO - The Purpose of Doing Business on an International Level

In any business venue, you must first ask yourself, what is the sole purpose of my business? You have to set goals for your business and have a clear picture on where you want your business to go. Here are some questions that you must ask yourself when building a profitable online business:

1. What am I trying to achieve or accomplish with my online business?

2. Who are my customers and what exactly do they want?

3. How can I reach out to them?

4. What makes my business different from all the others?

5. How can I capitalize on what my competitors are doing or are not doing?

6. What is my long term goals with this business?

7. What are my short term goals with this business?

8. How can my short term goals build up to long term goals?

These questions will help get you started in figuring out a unique profitable strategy. A lot of individuals build online businesses for different reasons. From consulting to selling products or services, or simply expressing their ideas. Some talk about their lives or interests. But all in all, a website is really a means of networking.

The purpose of why the internet ceo, carael knight does international business online

The whole purpose of why I do business online is to show independent business owners that they can be just as successful as the major online internet marketing companies. Also, I wanted to show them how they could create a brand name and build a buzz on a global level. More and more independent online business owners are becoming multi-millionaires through market their own products and services as well as marketing other people's products and services as affiliates. The internet really is international business and an extremely profitable means of networking globally.

To me, this is why I push small business owner to take their business online. I have found that there is no other cheaper way you can reach a massive amount of viewers around the globe simultaneosly than through the internet. I know you have radio and television but this can get very expensive. But when you have a website, all you have to do is drive traffic to your site and doing international business will be "childs play".

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