International Business Advantage to Outsourcing Administrative Service to Opposite Time Zones

Imagine a workforce in your business that can work around the clock and never sleep, one where all the administration duties would be done in the middle of the night? This of course is one of the reasons that we have computer systems, and they back up all their data and download everything in the middle of the night. It used to be that computer systems ran IBM mainframes in the middle of the night at the largest corporations, and they would do all the work and then in the morning the work would be done.

Of course, some work actually takes the physical presence of a human but rather than running your corporation in the middle of the night, you can outsource to India or China and let them do the work during their business day, and then e-mail all the information back to you.

This is already happening and we're finding that in Hollywood they are sending their outsourced animation work to India where a whole bunch of people work on software CAD/CAM machines in the animation field, and complete their work and send it all back by the end of their business day. It arrives US time in the morning. The work never stops, and this is a clear advantage to getting things done.

There is an incredible international business advantage to outsourcing administrative services, and certain business activities that require an actual human to be present and working on it; to locations that are on the opposite side of the planet and exactly opposite Time zones.

Indeed, I sure hope you will consider this in the future, and it also has a diplomacy value, in that if countries are working together through corporations they also rely upon each other for trade and are less likely to have a war between the two countries. In essence they are allies in business, and allies in trade, and money is a big motivator to keep people working together.

Please consider these future efficiencies and see how you can integrate them into your own Corporation. Please think on it.

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