Dealing With The Language Barrier In International Business

More and more often in business we find that companies spread divisions of themselves across the planet and you may well find that as you go from talking to one English speaking part of a company you hit a Urdu speaking part of a German speaking part, it's times like these that good quality translations in anything from user manuals to private documents can become incredibly useful.

My story began a long while ago, I was working as CEO of a medium sized IT repair company, taking orders from across the planet and trying to explain my company's procedures to clients across the planet with the help of our good friend Google Translate. Not only did this produce emails with hideous typos but also game my entire company an air of unprofessionalism that I had fought hard to battle ever since taking over in a senior position in the company. So I set about hiring people for positions they weren't qualified for just because I knew they could speak and translate documents into foreign language. Needless to say, this was a costly and time consuming error.

So I set about trying to find myself a translation company who could guarantee me complete transparency, and could inspire the confidence I needed to pass over many sensitive documents to be translated in a timely professional way. But after taking a lot of advance and reading around online I managed to find a company that fit my needs perfectly and they've been handling my business for the past 2 years now, it's all about research in the end.

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