3 Reasons International Business Travelers Need a Roaming SIM Card

The global financial crisis of 2010 has lessened and business people are roaming overseas again. Instead of sending an email and relying on the response they are heading off to have a face to face meeting just to make sure everything is okay. However, these travelers are now much more cost conscious. No longer will a bill with exorbitant roaming charges be acceptable to the company bottom line. Those who are again regularly travelling for business need a roaming SIM card and the purpose of this article is to explain why.

In most countries you won't pay to receive calls - Using your home phone means that you pay both exorbitant roaming rates for outgoing calls but you also end up spending a bucket load of money to receive calls. If you get yourself a roaming SIM card, you could cut this bill by 70% or more because you won't pay to receive calls. Even those countries where you do have to pay to receive calls will cost you a fraction of what you would pay with your home mobile.

You don't have to constantly change phone numbers - A few years back, some travelers recommended getting a prepaid SIM card in each country that you travelled to. This lead to unnecessary costs because you were constantly having to call the office, your family and your friends just to update them with your new phone number. At international call rates these costs could add up quite quickly. A roaming SIM card means you only have the one number no matter the country that you travel to so you will not need to be constantly updating people as to your contact details.

Roaming SIM Cards are generally prepaid so you can track your spending - It is easy to delude yourself if you are using your home mobile that you are not on the phone for that long when in fact you could quite easily have racked up call costs totaling hundreds of dollars or more. Even I, with many years experience in telecommunications, have been caught in this trap. I went to the US for a trip and ended up with a roaming bill of $2000 that was racked up in only two weeks. We've seen clients rack up bills of $20000 or more in less than two hours data roaming. With a prepaid roaming SIM card you will be told how much credit you have at the start of each call. You can easily tell how much money you have spent.

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